Y U NO LIKE WhiP? – The WhiP #76

Feedback on the guest edited WhiP:

“I can’t say whether I enjoy it or not. It’s change. Whether it is good or not will only become evident in retrospect.”

Yes, indeed, it’s change indeed. But as the WhiP’s older sister used to tell it in no uncertain terms, it’s her record collection, so get your greasy paws out of it, um, yeh.

And next week it’ll all be back to normal, let’s apply retrospect then :)

Oh, and in WordPress news & rants…

WordPress Podcasts? Really? Why?

The WhiP

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Guest Edited WhiP Is Annoying – The WhiP #75

Aloha & Welcome to a Bran Nue Day at the WhiP, this week mystery-guest-edited-for-your-entertainment.

So, prepare yourself for missed days, sporadic delivery times, poor spelling, worse punctuation and a general drop in quality… hurrah!

So elegant? So intelligent?

Go on, tell me it hasn’t piqued you interest that Elegant themes have been stepping up the posting game like a nine year old prepping for Xmas pressies. Vast numbers of new authors (happily, many being of the non-regular WP gender), posts flying out left right and center, monthly reviews (what’s wrong with daily, huh, huh? ;) and post images that remind me of… hmmm.. let me think… lol.

The WhiP

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Stop Guessing, Start Testing Your Content For A Successful WordPress Site

There are 2 approaches to making sure that your content is helping your WordPress site achieve its goals.

The first is to guess what works and keep your fingers crossed. The second is to test versions of titles, content, calls-to-action and see what what gets your audience to behave the way you want them to.

If you are serious about your WordPress site’s success then you need to stop guessing and start testing your way to better engagement on your WordPress site.

Content developers need to develop a culture of testing to keep sites productive

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How To Improve The Effectiveness Of Your WordPress Post Titles

Just as there isn’t one simple trick to look 20 years younger or one surprising food that will give you a flat tummy in just 3 weeks, there isn’t a sure-fire method to writing headlines that guarantee click-thrus.

The inconvenient truth, just like dieting, is that writing effective headlines takes time and effort, in this case to find out what catches your audience’s attention. And key to that process is testing. Trying out different approaches and analyzing what works.

In this Weekend WordPress Project, I’ll show you how to set up title experiments that will help you work out what grabs your visitors.

Weekdn WordPRess Project featured image

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How To Backup Your WordPress Site To Google Drive

We all know that backing up a live WordPress site is a mandatory task for any site owner.

Storing backups in a remote location available from anywhere, is a sound strategy and anyone with a Gmail account has a cheap and easy solution.

In this Weekend WordPress Project, we’ll walkthrough how to use Google Drive as the remote store for those critically important site backups.

Weekend WordPress Project featured image

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The Quick and Easy Guide to Migrating a Local WordPress Installation to a Live Site

Using a local server environment will save you a bunch of time if you regularly develop new WordPress websites. Local development has many advantages – it’s faster and more secure than constantly uploading files to a server.

The only problem is migrating to a web host can be a headache. No one likes to mess around with database tables.

Fortunately, migration is simpler than it sounds and will take you not time at all if you follow the steps below.

Duplicator feature image

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