10 Responsive Slider Plugins for WordPress

With all of these free and commercial responsive WordPress themes floating around, it’s important to remember that not every plugin is going to be compatible. If you’ve put forth the effort to implement a responsive theme, then you can’t afford to break your visitor’s experience with a clunky old slider that doesn’t respond to devices. All of the slider plugins we’ve selected here will showcase your content in a mobile-friendly way. Grab a cup of coffee and see if you can find a more elegant replacement for your old slider.

WP Orbit Slider

WP Orbit is a responsive jQuery slider that uses a custom post type for each slide. Check out a live demo at: Zurb. Install this plugin and you can easily insert a slider by pasting a shortcode into your content or echoing the shortcode into your theme template.

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Flex Slider for WordPress

This is a tutorial will show you how to incorporate the FlexSlider into your WordPress blog as a plugin. The Flex Slider includes keyboard shortcuts and works with swipe on touch screens. Follow the steps in this tutorial to create the plugin or simply download the source files.

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Genesis Responsive Slider

This plugin is for those of you using Genesis child themes. It will automatically adjust for the screen size and allows you to display posts or pages. You can select what category to pull from or list specific post IDs of the posts you want to show in the slider. Please note that this plugin only works within the Genesis framework.

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Theme Blvd News Scroller Widget

This plugin rotates through posts of a specified category. Because it incorporates Flex slider, the display is responsive. It also includes tons of options for post dates, excerpts, scrolling, height, maximum number of posts, and more.

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Arconix Flex Slider

The Arconix FlexSlider is another variation of the FlexSlider jQuery plugin. It supports user-selected post types in addition to posts and pages. When customizing your slider you can select the image sizes, among several options and place it on your site via a widget or a shortcode.

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The Slyd plugin is built to scale with its container. It can pull in all of your latest posts or you can create a new category or use an existing one to limit the posts. Use the built-in shortcode or the template tag to display the slider. Slyd includes more than a dozen options that make it easy to customize the display.

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Gallery to Slideshow

Gallery to Slideshow is another plugin that uses the FlexSlider jQuery image slider. The great thing about this plugin is that it requires zero configuration. It’s different in that it converts the built-in WordPress gallery into a responsive slideshow. See the plugin’s screenshots for an example.

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Style My Gallery

Style My Gallery includes both FlexSlider and Imageflow and it supports multiple galleries per page. It pulls images from the media library to display in the slider. View the live demo to see how it works. This plugin is a great option if you need multiple galleries on a single page.

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GPP Slideshow

The GPP Slideshow plugin is one of the most attractive responsive sliders available for WordPress. It creates a minimalist image gallery on your post or page using a shortcode. You can also drop its built-in widget into any widgetized area. Check out the live demo to see it in action.

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Portfolio Grid

Portfolio Grid displays portfolio items in a grid with an interactive filtering system and an optional responsive slider. When the slider is enabled you can showcase your portfolio items so that visitors can easily scroll through them.

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  1. Hey, Sarah! Great list as always. Finding a decent slider that works for MULTIPLE projects has been really tough for me over the past year. But then I found Meta Slider last week: it’s responsive, has an awesome backend, and it’s basically Nivo Slider, Flex Slider, Coin Slider and Responsive Slides all rolled into one package. Check it out. Might change your life. ;)