10 Responsive WordPress Plugins to Complement Your Theme

So, you’ve finally made the plunge to get a responsive WordPress theme so that your site will look great on kinds of mobile devices. Now when you’re adding new features, you’ll want to take care to only incorporate plugins that will support your site’s responsive design. We’ve put together a list of some of the best responsive plugins for WordPress, including sliders, images, videos, layouts and more. Make sure to bookmark your favorites.

WP Orbit Slider

WP Orbit is a responsive jQuery slider that uses custom post type and taxonomies. Check out a live demo at: Zurb. This plugin lets you insert a slider by pasting a shortcode into your content or echoing the shortcode into your theme template. The slider will respond to all different kinds of devices.

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RSS Responsive Caption

Have you ever noticed your blog’s images looking funky in Google Reader? The RSS Responsive Caption plugin improves WordPress caption elements so that captioned images in RSS feeds will responsively adjust to fit within Google Reader’s screen on Android devices.

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WP Resolutions

This plugin is still in beta. It will make sure that image files are never bigger than what a device is able to use and will resize images to suite varying resolution requirements, helping to keep your site responsive.

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GPP Shortcodes

GPP Shortcodes is a plugin created by the team at Graph Paper Press to assist users in creating responsive customizations to their blogs without touching the code. GPP Shortcodes is a plugin that allows you to easily create fluid, responsive column layouts and add boxes and buttons to your Posts and Pages without modifying CSS, HTML or PHP. View the live demo of all the shortcodes in action.

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Responsive TwentyTen

This plugin gives any site using the TwentyTen theme a responsive, fluid layout. This makes it viewable across a whole range of devices and screen sizes (i.e iPhones, Android, iPads) and uses CSS and media queries to enable the fluidity and responsiveness.

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WP Fluid Images

WP Fluid Images removes the fixed width and height attributes from the image tag from images that are uploaded to posts and pages. Normally these images are uploaded with fixed values for the width and height attributes. This plugin loads a jQuery script that examines the .post or .page divs for image tags and calculates the image’s width as a percentage of the .post or .page div. It then removes the width and height attributes and adds a style attribute with a width value set to the calculated percentage.

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FitVids for WordPress

FitVids for WordPress is a plugin that will make your videos responsive. The settings page gives you the option to add your selector and turn jQuery on and off.

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Gallery to Slideshow

This plugin converts the WordPress native gallery into a responsive jQuery slideShow. It uses the FlexSlider jQuery image slider and the best part is that it requires zero configuration from the user.

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Sencha.io Src for WordPress

This plugin uses the Sencha.io src service to dynamically shrink your images to a suitable size, according to the device accessing them. It replaces all image tag src’s within your content with the tinysrc src. All of your images are passed through the tinysrc service in order to optimize them for mobile display.

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Flex Slider for WordPress

This tutorial will show you how to incorporate the FlexSlider into your WordPress blog as a plugin. This slider includes keyboard shortcuts and works with swipe on touch screens. Follow the steps in this tutorial to create the plugin.

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  1. That’s a great resource – thanks. I wonder if you – or anyone reading this – may know of a responsive Twitter widget. I’m building a responsive site for a client, but haven’t yet found a responsive Twitter widget.