105 Weird and Wonderful 404 Error Pages


404 error pages are important. In fact, for some visitors, they are the most important pages on your site.

When someone lands on a 404 error page, there is only one of two things they can do. They can either give your site ANOTHER shot. Or they can just back out and disappear. Most just disappear.

But a good 404 page just might convince them to stick around.

If you have a run-of-the-mill 404 page, then you can pretty much forget about it. But if you have a creative 404 page, then there’s a possibility you might just get your increasingly frustrated visitor to stop for a moment and say, “What’s this?”

If nothing else, the creativity of the following 404 pages should get a visitor’s attention. Perhaps these examples will offer a little inspiration. If you can couple a little creativity with a 404 page that can actually help your visitors find what they’re looking for, then you up your chances of turning a frustrated visitor into a happy surfer.

In alphabetical order …

1. 45Royale

2. Abduzeedo

3. Afeedapart

4. AListApart

5. AmCharts (animated)

6. Amorphia- Apparel

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7. Apadeloup

8. ApartmentHomeLiving

9. Bdsm-Berlin

10. Bellaminettes

11. BlackMoonDev

12. Blizzard

13. BlueDaniel (animated)

14. CarolRivello

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15. Carsonified

16. Centerd

17. CentreSource

18. ChelmsfordLibrary

19. CheshireScouts

20. Chi.mp

21. ChrisGlass

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22. ChrisJennings

23. CubanCouncil

24. D20srd

25. Dainese

26. DDZ

27. DeliciouslyCreative

28. DesignFusions

29. DeviantArt

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30. DMCloud

31. Dribbble

32. Etsy

33. Flurther

34. Forrst

35. FromMyBottomStep

36. FryeWiles

37. FutureOfWebDesign

38. Gdzl.la (animated)

39. GitHub

40. Gog

41. GriffinTechnology

42. Heinz

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43. HenrikHedegaard

44. HermanCain

45. HomeStarRunner

46. Huwshimi

47. Iamww

48. iFolderLinks

49. ILoveTypography

50. IrrationalGames

51. JHuskisson

52. JTBullitt

53. JustCreativeDesign

54. Kochatelier-Berlin

55. KrystalArchive

56. LarkNews

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57. LeapAnywhere

58. LightPostCreative

59. LimpFish

60. Livadaru

61. LiveJournal

62. LookItsMe (animated)

63. Lumino.us

64. MailChimp

65. MakeMedia

66. MarkDijkstra

67. MergeWeb

68. Mozilla

69. MuirSkate

70. Nclud

71. NewsPond

72. Nosh (includes YouTube video)

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73. Notaniche

74. ObjectAdjective

75. OddComments

76. OdoPod

77. PatternTap

78. PopScreen

79. ProductPlanner

80. RealMacSoftware

81. Reddit

82. RetardZone

83. Retechtv

84. SendCoffee

85. ShelfWorthy

86. Slonky

87. SouthParkStudios

88. Spore

89. StlToday

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90. SuspendedAnimations

91. Swiss-Miss

92. Tele2

93. TheWebMotel

94. Tinsanity (animated with VERY annoying sound)

95. ToyMania

96. Turbomilk.ru

97. Twurn

98. Unitinteractive

99. UrbanOutfitters

100. Vasamuseet

101. Vod.Shaw

102. YepLike

103. Zanami

104. ZapD

105. Zeldman

>> Do you have any favorites?

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Photo: Woman Frustrated with her Computer from Bigstock.  Some sources used for this post: blogmarks, smashingmagazine, hongkiat, patterntap.