12 Free Services for Monitoring Your Website’s Uptime

When your hosting fails and your site is down, you could be losing potential new customers and sales. Maintaining 100% uptime is critical to your business’ success. That’s why it’s a good idea to sign up for a service that will monitor your uptime and notify you the minute your site is down. This will enable you to get your site back in business as soon as possible to minimize the downtime. We’ve selected a few of the top services for monitoring website uptime. Browse a few and get your most important sites signed up for 24/7 monitoring.


Pingdom offers a free package that lets you monitor one website or server and includes 20 free SMS alerts as well as free email alerts.

Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot lets you add up to 50 websites to monitor for free. You’ll get alerts by e-mail, SMS, Twitter, RSS or push notifications for iPhone/iPad.

Tag Beep

tagBeep lets you monitor up to 50 sites for free. The service checks your site every minute and sends free email and SMS alerts to notify you of errors. When errors are detected the service takes a snapshot of the page and saves the HTML.

Service Uptime

Service Uptime alerts you within seconds via email or SMS whenever your website becomes inaccessible or returns incorrect data. A free account lets you monitor one service and will check on your site or server every 30 minutes.

Site Uptime

The free plan at SiteUptime allows you to monitor one website. Their software tracks site failures and logs detailed reports of the uptime/downtime of your website each month.

Site 24×7

The free option at Site 24×7 allows you to monitor two websites at a 60 minute poll interval.


Monitor.us offers unlimited monitors and email notifications for free.

Uptime Dog

Uptime Dog checks the availability of your website every two minutes to see if it is online and working. It will notify you via email if your site is down. The free account requires you to put a link to their site at the bottom of your site.

100 Pulse

100pulse lets you monitor two websites for free with a minimum interval of 15 minutes.

Internet Seer

Your free account at Internet Seer will notify you of downtime email. The services checks your site once every hour.

Binary Canary

The free service at Binary Canary lets you monitor up to five websites at a 15 minute frequency.

Uptime Spy

Uptime Spy is a free service that provides all of the functionality, quality, and performance of monitoring systems that one might normally pay for. The service checks your website at 1/5/15/30/60 minute intervals and offers TCP monitoring, ping sensitivity control, monitor periods, contact management, and node selection.

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  1. Fantastic resources thank you, I found your site through Haroun’s great tweets. As a webmaster we need to be the first one to know about hosting downtime, so these tools are just great. I use pingdom and love it. I am eager to try a few of the others too.

  2. Very nice. I wrote a script in Google Docs to do the same thing and store the data in a spreadsheet. I won’t post the link here but if you Google “StalkMySite” it’s the first result. Check it out if you’re interested. :)

  3. A nice presented list, I must say! I would like to also personally recommend PushMon. It’s a free tool for monitoring applications, scripts and background jobs. All you have to do is call a URL. If PushMon did not receive the ping, it will notify you at once!

  4. If your an entrepreneur, designer, or have a small business and need to simply monitor a few sites with reliability and frequency, check out http://letsmonitor.com.

    Its simple and user focused, without filling you up with the same speech you see from every other enterprise monitoring service.

  5. Hi Sarah, please add http://www.uptimedoctor.com to the list.

    Most companies do not offer enterprise-grade (1-min interval) monitoring for free. For those who do, usually only 1 URL is allowed. Uptime Doctor is the only company that lets you monitor 5 URLs every minute, completely FREE. This is more than enough for small businesses, developers and bloggers.