12 New All-Purpose BuddyPress Plugins For Customizing Your Social Network

BuddyPress plugin developers have been busy bees in the past few months. Most of these plugins offer small, helpful features that would be well-suited to nearly every BuddyPress community. Not all are hosted in the WordPress repository, so grab a cup of coffee and check out all the latest from the BuddyPress ninjas.

BP Custom Background For User Profile

This plugin was created by Brajesh Singh of BuddyDev.com. It gives your BuddyPress site members custom background images for their profile pages. A user can upload a new image and set it as his profile background image.

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BuddyPress Default Data

This plugin enables you to test BuddyPress on your own hosting and instantly add lots of users, messages, friends connections, groups, topics, and activity items. The best part is that it also comes with a “Clear BuddyPress” button to truncate all the tables when you’re finished testing.

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BP Community Activity on Profile

This plugin shows all the community activity on a user’s profile. It also adds a sub nav in user activity titled “All Activity” so that a logged in user can click on it to see what is happening across the network.

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BP Auto Login On Activation Plugin

This is another plugin from Brajesh at BuddyDev. It changes the default behavior of BuddyPress so that when a user activates his account, he’ll be logged in. Once the user is logged in, it will redirect him to his profile.

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Custom Admin Bar

The new Custom Admin Bar plugin will work with any BuddyPress theme that supports the WordPress admin bar. It allows you to customize your admin bar with your own logo and select important links that you want to highlight. Easily re-order the drop-down links via drag-and-drop. It even works with multisite!

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BP Username Changer

Make it possible for your users to change their usernames. The plugin first checks to see if the username is already reserved and then allows the user to input a new username in the settings.

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YD BuddyPress Feed Syndication

This plugin lets you syndicate external RSS feeds into your site’s BuddyPress activity feed. It enables each BuddyPress user to select as many external RSS feeds as he wants. Those feeds will be aggregated (mixed) into their activity feed automatically, with a title, an excerpt and a link to the original post.

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BuddyPress Message Privacy Plugin

This plugin lets each user control who can message him. It offers several options: a user can opt to receive messages from everyone, friends only or even specify a custom list of users from whom he want to receive messages. He can also create a custom list for other users who can send him a message, as well as a blacklist of users who will never be able to send him a message.

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BP Labs

We’ve featured BP Labs several times on wpmu.org. It offers three unofficial BuddyPress experiments: @mentions autosuggest, Quick Admin, and Activity Stream Spam. Install this plugin if you want to try out some of these new features while they’re in process.

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BuddyPress Group Suggest Widget

Help your BuddyPress members find groups to join by installing this new plugin. It suggests groups to a user based on his friends’ group memberships.

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BuddyPress Simple Google Map

The BuddyPress Simple Google Map plugin uses the static Google map API to add the maps to groups. It also includes a widget to showcase the map in the sidebar.

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BP Export Users

This really should be a core BuddyPress feature. It’s on the roadmap, but in the meantime you can use this plugin to export all user data from WordPress and BuddyPress to CSV.

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Comments (11)

  1. Great list, I already use the auto activate plugin (with a tweak to direct to a welcome page as it skips the avatar upload and added security questions at sign up) and username changer – both Brajesh Singh’s plugins.
    There are a couple on your list I’ve not seen before and am keen to try out.

  2. Hey.. I would like to see a plugin where in a user can import all his friends list of facebook to the buddypress site..

    This would help a lot to expand the buddypress site..

  3. Hi Sarah – another one for your list.
    I just came across this plugin U Buddypress Forum Editor – which gives you a visual editor for forums with an admin panel that let’s you choose what people can use. I was using Mark-it-up before which was a bit confusing to users that don’t know code, but U Buddypress Forum Editor is a must-have for buddypress.
    – Emily

    @karan you should try invite Anyone which you can integrate with cloud sponge to do that really well – but it isn’t free

  4. Just want to say a huge thanks to Sarah. I am setting up my 1st BP site & have used so many tips, articles & info from Sarah I’ve lost count!
    All of it super useful and made an enormous difference to my site.

    Thanks a lot Sarah!

  5. I may have to consider a few of these on my list for a few of my sites that run BuddyPress. It’s an excellent list, and I really love the RSS Feed Importer one – lets a BP-powered site act like a feed reader for it’s members (if I hadn’t changed Leet Link, I’d grab that one for it as a feature for my members).

    Now if there was a plugin that allowed users to create pages that other users could ‘like/subscribe’, then I could use it and WordPress for my upcoming social networking site. As it currently stands, that’s why I can’t consider it for that project.