120 Free Premium WordPress Themes

Whether you’re just getting started with WordPress or you’re looking to try something new, setting up your site with a new theme can make all the difference. And while the very best themes come from premium developers, you might not always want to shell out the bucks to try one on for size.

There are plenty of really great free themes available in the WordPress directory, don’t get me wrong. But it’s undoubtedly a mixed bag and unless you know what you’re looking for, you could wind up with a subpar theme at best.

That’s why it’s such a good idea to use free themes that are made by premium developers. Some of these themes can then be updated to a premium version—freemium, anyone? But even if you decide to forego the premium features, these free themes stand well on their own and can be used to build just about any kind of site you can imagine.

Let’s not delay the excitement any longer. Surely one of these 120 free themes from premium developers ought to suit your fancy?

  • 1. WooThemes — MyStile

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    This free theme from WooThemes is built on the WooFramework, offers a responsive design, and compatibility with all the best WooCommerce widgets. It doesn’t include support but you can customize the color scheme, create a custom homepage, and make use of two custom shortcodes—one that adds a sticky note message and another that adds a sale banner.

  • 2. WooThemes — Artificer

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    Artificer has a great look to it and is perfect for setting up an online store in a hurry. It works with all the best WooCommerce goodies—think widgets like product descriptions, checkout, and the like. It’s responsive, and you can customize the color scheme to match your brand. It also features the same custom homepage options and shortcodes as the MyStile theme.

  • 3. WooThemes — Wootique

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    If you’re just itching to set up a boutique online store quickly, you could make use of Wootique. It works with all the standard WooCommerce features and widgets, of course, and lets you customize several visual components like the background color, menus, background images, footers, and more. Other features include a featured slider, custom homepage, a widgetized sidebar, four footer regions, and eight custom Woo Widgets.

  • 4. Templatic — WP Premium

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    WP Premium is a free responsive theme built on Foundation that lets your content speak for itself. It includes several homepage widgets like those for author bios, advertisements, newsletter signups, tabs, and social media. You can also customize site colors, logos, favicons, headers, and more. Other features include share buttons, video embed codes, a custom CSS editor, a full-width template, image optimization, contact forms, and more.

  • 5. Templatic — Coming Soon

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    If your site hasn’t launched yet, you may want to check out this one-page theme, Coming Soon. It lets you display a featured image, some text, and a few other details to announce the launch of a new site or product. It’s used for app announcements quite often. Add a newsletter signup to build your list before the site launches. Customize design settings like colors, backgrounds, and more.

  • 6. Theme Junkie — BiancaA

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    Like to blog, include some photos, but keep things simple? Then BiancaA from Theme Junkie ought to suit your needs. This minimal theme includes an advanced control panel, search engine optimization, ad management, support, custom page templates, and custom widgets for social sites like Twitter and Flickr.

  • 7. Theme Junkie — Delivery Lite

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    Start a magazine quick with Delivery Lite. This theme offers a simple design that won’t detract from your content, a mobile-friendly layout, and the ability to customize the logo and favicon if you want. It also includes a featured posts slider, pagination, four widgetized areas, two menus, and breadcrumbs.

  • 8. Gabfire Themes — Quickstart

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    As its name suggests, Quickstart lets you get set up on WordPress quickly. The design is simple and functional. The theme itself includes FontAwesome, and a Big Picture Post Template for showing off your very best photography.

  • 9. WPShower — Readly

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    It’s all in the name, really. Readly is designed for reading, making it the perfect free theme for blogging. It’s responsive, fluid layout make it readable on any device and it includes smart typography that’s large and easy on the eyes. It also includes customization options for navigation and social media links. Most popular post formats are supported.

  • 10. WPShower — Portra

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    The Porta theme offers horizontal scrolling for displaying your best artwork or photography. It’s responsive and very simple, letting your work speak for itself. You can customize the fonts, colors, and more. You can also use a standard gallery to insert a portfolio on any post or page.

  • 11. Graph Paper Press — Business

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    The Business theme from Graph Paper Press is designed with agencies and small studios in mind. It’s responsive and you can customize the logo, header, background color, menus, and more. It also includes a drag-and-drop slideshow interface.

  • 12. Graph Paper Press — Onesie

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    If all you need is a one-page site, Onesie is a stunning choice. It’s a landing page that can be used for a business or event site. It’s responsive and easy to customize to include your logo, background image, and fonts. You can’t create posts or pages with it but it does the one page thing really well.

  • 13. Themify — Basic

    themify-basicZoom In

    Basic is just that—basic. But that’s a really good thing, especially if you’re just starting out with WordPress. The layout is super simple, which gives you the freedom to customize the look and feel using the Themify options panel. This theme is responsive and includes a lightbox gallery, RSS, social icons, footer menu, 5 theme skins, child theme support, and more.

  • 14. Theme Hybrid — Live Wire

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    Designed with mobile in mind, the Live Wire theme includes support for Gravity Forms, Hybrid Tabs, post formats, and more. You can also customize several elements including the background, menus, layouts, and CSS. It also includes breadcrumbs, featured images, sticky posts, theme options, and is translation ready.

  • 15. Theme Hybrid — Path

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    Setting up a magazine or multi-author blog? Then you’ll love Path. It’s totally responsive and offers support for post formats, multi-column layouts, and theme customization, as well as support for numerous plugins like Co-Authors Plus, Social Path, Gravity Forms, Smart Archives Reloaded, and Display Authors Widget.

  • 16. Theme Hybrid — Cakifo

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    Built on the Hybrid Core theme framework, Cakifo is a great starting blog theme. It’s simple enough to use right away but offers just enough customization to keep things interesting. Take control over things like a content slider, post formats, backgrounds, logos, and fonts. Add a custom header, menus, and page templates and make use of the robust theme options panel.

  • 17. Theme Hybrid — Uridimmu

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    If you plan on making customizations to your theme—as in building a child theme—you might want to try Uridimmu, parent theme for bloggers. It supports navigation menus, multiple widget areas, per-post layouts, and more. It also allows for custom backgrounds, page templates, featured images, threaded comments, and more.

  • 18. Theme Hybrid — Unique

    theme-hybrid-uniqueZoom In

    Here’s another magazine theme for you publication-happy folks out there. This theme comes with custom widgets, custom page templates, post format support, and the Flexslider script. It’s perfect for multi-author sites and gives you the control you need to build something people will actually read.

  • 19. Theme Hybrid — Sukelius Magazine

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    Keeping with the magazine trend, Sukelius Magazine will let you build a hyper-modern blog or news site filled with interactive content. It comes with a content slider, footer widgets, several layouts, two menus, five widget areas, and social profile support.

  • 20. Theme Hybrid — Adroa

    theme-hybrid-adroaZoom In

    Adroa is a simple, elegant theme that puts the emphasis on photography more than anything else. It’s perfect for photobloggers and includes support for breadcrumbs, custom backgrounds, headers, and menus, along with support for multiple layouts.

  • 21. Theme Hybrid — Chun

    theme-hybrid-chunZoom In

    Build an eye-catching portfolio with Chun. This theme is built on HTML5 and CSS3 and supports all post formats. It also lets you pick from a ton of color, font, and layout options in the theme customizer. Support for the Custom Content Portfolio plugin is what makes it a standout, however.

  • 22. Theme Hybrid — Socially Awkward

    theme-hybrid-socially-awkwardZoom In

    I can’t imagine a better theme for social media lovers than this. Socially Awkward lets you display your social content using custom-tailored post formats. You can easily display video, add your social profile links, share music, add photo galleries, and use the Custom Content Portfolio plugin.

  • 23. Theme Hybrid — Cycnus

    theme-hybrid-cycnusZoom In

    If you love Socially Awkward but want something a little bit lighter on the eyes, the child theme Cycnus ought to do nicely. The color scheme is light and airy and the theme adds support for a custom background.

  • 24. Theme Hybrid — Stargazer

    theme-hybrid-stargazerZoom In

    Stargazer is a feature-rich theme built on the Hybrid Core framework. It comes with a robust theme customizer, a visual editor, and a responsive design, giving you greater control over how your content looks. It also plays nice with multimedia, which is a notable bonus.

  • 25. Theme Hybrid — Alice

    theme-hybrid-aliceZoom In

    Bring over all the features of Stargazer just swap out the look. Alice is an attractive child theme that gives you another view of what its parent theme could look like. And it’s really pretty nice, I’ve got to say.

  • 26. Theme Hybrid — Dancing in the Moonlight

    theme-hybrid-dancing-moonlightZoom In

    Dancing in the Moonlight is another Stargazer child theme that offers more of a subdued appeal. Hey, you can use it for the upcoming holiday season if you want!

  • 27. Theme Hybrid — ArtCity

    theme-hybrid-artcityZoom In

    Still another Stargazer child theme is ArtCity. The design is supposedly inspired by the author’s time in Spain and features high quality images you can use for your own site thanks to the GNU General Public License.

  • 28. Theme Hybrid — Warm Memories

    theme-hybrid-warm-memoriesZoom In

    Man, Stargazer really gets around, huh? In any case, the Warm Memories child theme features softer hues and a nice fall leaves header image to entice your readers into sticking around for awhile.

  • 29. Theme Hybrid — Kepler

    theme-hybrid-keplerZoom In

    Can you say simple? But that’s precisely what makes this Stargazer child theme so attractive. Kepler is great for blogs and includes all the awesome features we mentioned earlier so it can be extended easily to suit a variety of needs.

  • 30. Theme Hybrid — Illumination

    theme-hybrid-illuminationZoom In

    Stargazer strikes again! This time with Christmas in mind. The Illumination child theme lets you deck the virtual halls then switch to another Stargazer child theme once the holidays are over. It comes with two header images and three background images.

  • 31. Theme Hybrid — Spring Song

    theme-hybrid-spring-songZoom In

    Nothing like keeping your site in with the current season, right? And the Spring Song child theme is particularly stunning. The shadowy bird and tree are offset by bright pink flowers, making it an eye-catcher for sure.

  • 32. Theme Hybrid — Twiggy

    theme-hybrid-twiggyZoom In

    It’s simple, sure, but the Twiggy child theme gives a more delicate take on the Stargazer theme. Not only does it sport a thinner font; it also features additional backgrounds and a different color scheme just to keep things interesting.

  • 33. Theme Hybrid — Ex Astris

    theme-hybrid-ex-astrisZoom In

    What makes the Ex Astris child theme so stunning is that it really takes Stargazer in a different direction. It’s built on the same framework and sports the same features but it gives you a completely different look. And you can add a custom header and background, too.

  • 34. Theme Hybrid — Ugallu

    theme-hybridugalluZoom In

    If a brown and tan look is more to your liking, then you’ll love the Ugallu child theme. It’s soft, subtle, and absolutely perfect for use on a personal blog. It’ll complement your content without overshadowing it.

  • 35. Theme Hybrid — Ravel

    theme-hybrid-ravelZoom In

    Now here’s something a little different. The Ravel theme from Theme Hybrid follows the minimalism trend but offers a textured background and nice details that help it to stand out from the pack. It comes with a custom page template, the Custom Content Portfolio plugin, a custom tabs widget, social profile links, and so much more.

  • 36. Theme Hybrid — Saga

    theme-hybrid-sagaZoom In

    The Saga theme is perfect for telling stories. You can customize it to include whatever colors you want and it works with the Custom Header Extended and Custom Background Extended plugins. It has a special social media menu, high-quality typography, and it lets you feature large images for added effect.

  • 37. Theme Hybrid — Sahagin

    theme-hybrid-sahaginZoom In

    This Saga child theme gives you the best of photoblogging and writing in one easy-on-the-eyes package. It’s yet another way to tell your story, and that’s certainly not a bad thing.

  • 38. Theme Hybrid — Vaaka

    theme-hybrid-vaakaZoom In

    Vaaka is another Saga child theme that adds a bit more of a professional edge to that whole “telling your story” thing. Feature a custom background image, media files, and use all the standard WordPress post types to get your message out.

  • 39. Theme Hybrid – Yarn

    theme-hybrid-yarnZoom In

    As its name suggests, if you want to spin a yarn, the Yarn theme is a good choice. It comes with a pink and brown palette but you can change it up if you want. Change the background and header and offset your in-depth posts with stunning photography, too.