13 Chrome Extensions for WordPress Lovers

Google’s Chrome is rapidly becoming the most popular browser used worldwide, recently overtaking Firefox in global market share. If you’re a Chrome user and a WordPress lover, we’ve got some goodies for you. Below you will find a collection of extensions that allow you integrate your browser with WordPress in unique ways. Add a few new ones to your browser for a quick productivity boost.

WordPress.org Plugins SVN Link

This is an extension that runs only on WordPress plugins pages. It adds a button that links to the plugin’s SVN repo under the .zip file download button. This just makes the button a little more prominent and convenient than the text link.
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Word This

Word This is a cool extension that lets you easily post to your WordPress blog from anywhere on the web. It works with both WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress sites. Word This adds a handy “Press This” bookmarklet to Chrome for convenient posting about the current page you’re viewing.
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Delectable is similar to Delicious in that it allows you to save links to websites that you find to be useful. This extension saves links directly to your WordPress blog. You click on the icon in the toolbar, give your link a title and tags and then it is automatically published to your WordPress blog.
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Search WordPress.org Codex

This extension makes it so that when you type ‘wp’ in the Chrome Omnibox, you can instantly search WordPress.org. You can also select text on the web and click to search it in the WordPress codex.
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WordPress Stats

WordPress Stats is an extension that gives you convenient access to your site’s stats at all times. It saves you the time of having to log into your site by providing real time stats with the click of a button. If you’re addicted to your numbers, then this a must-have extension.
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WordPress Checker

This extension gives you quick access to your site’s unmoderated and spam comments. You can even add multiple blogs.
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WordPress Commentify

WordPress Commentify runs in the background and periodically checks your blogs for comments. New comments are instantly displayed as a pop-up where you can easily approve (or disapprove) them, delete, mark as spam or reply to it.
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This extension does one thing – it lets you quickly search WordPress functions with a single click. You can also highlight text and search the codex via the contextual menu.
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JustWriteBlog is an extension that supports offline blog editing/posting. The interface enlarges the editor for a stronger focus on writing.
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Meta Generator Version Check

This is a simple extension that checks the meta generator tag to see if the web page is generated from an outdated version of web software, including WordPress, Joomla, MediaWiki, vBulletin, Movable Type and more. Find out who’s running the latest version of WordPress and who might be behind on their upgrades. This one is great for snooping!

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Blog Security

Blog Security scans your self-hosted WordPress blog and notifies you of any security vulnerabilities that need to be fixed. Keep your blog from getting hacked or exploited by giving it a quick checkup with this extension. It can continually monitor your site and even automatically fix vulnerabilities.
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ScribeFire is a popular add-on that lets you easily post to all of your blogs, including WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Windows Live Spaces, Tumblr, Posterous, Xanga, LiveJournal and more! ScribeFire boasts a very simple interface with the ability to do all kinds of things within WordPress, such as edit and update existing posts, schedule posts, delete posts, save drafts, upload images and post to multiple blogs at once.
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RemotePress is an extension that aims to get you writing right away. It actually remembers what you are writing. If you want to create a post over the course of 10 minutes, and hour or 2 days, it’s not a problem. The extension will always remember where you left off.
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I hope you found some new and useful extensions to add to your browser today. Let us know in the comments if we’ve missed any that are useful to you in publishing to your WordPress blog.

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  1. Thanks for this extensive list. I have noted a few of the links down and will have a look at them. I’m particularly interested in ‘Blog Security’ as that is always a problem with WP sites. One needs to ensure that your blog/website is secure from hackers. I can remember that my blog was hacked once and it was a nightmare to correct, I do not want to repeat that again.

  2. Nice tips, but unfortunately, from the comments, “Word This” doesn’t appear to be working and “JustWriteBlog” gets an error page and no longer exists.

    That leaves ScribeFire which is looking good so far! Thanks!