21 E-Commerce Plugins and Shopping Carts for WordPress 3.0+

Want to start the new year off by turning your WordPress website into a full-fledged online store? You’re in luck – WordPress has a wide range of options available. We’ve put together a list of e-commerce plugins and carts that work with WordPress 3.0+, as well as a short introduction to each to help you narrow down your options. These are in no particular order. Some are free and some are premium, but what they all have in common is that they’ve been fairly recently updated for the latest version of WordPress.


MarketPress is the only e-commerce plugin designed from the ground up for seamless integration with WP Multisite and BuddyPress, enabling you to create a single store or a network of stores. It’s packed full of features so that you can manage everything related to your transactions through the WordPress dashboard.

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WP E-Commerce

This free plugin is used by thousands of WordPress sites. It’s a shopping cart that lets customers buy your products, services and digital downloads online. Premium upgrades are available for additional features beyond what the free version offers.

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eShop is a free plugin available in the WordPress repository and is fairly regularly updated. It is Multisite-compatible and includes several merchant gateways right out of the box: Authorize.net, Paypal, Payson, eProcessingNetwork, Webtopay, iDEAL and Cash/Cheque. Despite it’s lack of screenshots, the plugin is packed full of features worth checking out.

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ShopperPress is a premium cart for WordPress that comes with 20+ to choose from and 20+ built in payment gateways. The software boasts one-click setups, personalized user accounts, easy management tools, detailed sales tracking, promotional options, a variety of product import tools, and many more features.

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PHPurchase is a premium solution that allows you to sell digital and physical products, collect recurring payments for subscriptions, memberships, and payment plans.

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StorePress is a premium WordPress theme, fully coded and packed with scripts that will allow you to transform your WordPress blog into a veritable e-commerce virtual store.

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Shopp is a premium plugin that adds a feature-rich online store to your WordPress-powered website or blog. Gateways and shipping options are also available as premium add-ons.

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YAK for WordPress

YAK is a free, open source shopping cart plugin for WordPress. It associates products with pages or posts and handles different types of products through categorization. Purchase options include cheque or deposit, basic credit card form, basic Google Checkout integration, standard PayPal integration, PayPal Payments Pro, and Authorize.net.

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Dippsy stands for DIgital Products PayPal Store for You. Use it to sell music, e-books, software, pictures, videos or anything that can be stored digitally. Read more about the plugin in our recent review.

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WP Auctions

WP Auctions is a free plugin which allows you to host auctions on your blog or website and to sell products. It uses an attractive AJAX powered popup and setup can be accomplished in just a few minutes.

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WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart

If you need a simple shopping cart with PayPal for taking payments, then this may be the plugin for you. It places an ‘Add to Cart’ button on any posts or pages. It also allows you to add and display the shopping cart on any post or page or sidebar.

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Ecwid Shopping Cart

Ecwid is a free full-featured shopping cart and an e-commerce solution that can easily be added to any blog or Facebook profile. “Ecwid” stands for “ecommerce widgets”. The most notable thing about this shopping cart is that it has AJAX everywhere and supports drag-and-drop.

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WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin

This is a premium plugin that comes with a wide variety of features that seamlessly integrate an online shop with a fully functional shopping cart interface into any WordPress website.

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Interspire and BigCommerce

This is a free plugin that allows you to integrate the Interspire Shopping Cart & BigCommerce hosted ecommerce shopping carts into your WordPress site. It allows you to easily find and link to your Interspire or BigCommerce products from within WordPress.

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This is a free e-commerce plugin for FoxyCart to easily add items to your WordPress posts or pages. Add items through the WYSIWYG Editor or shortcode.

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wpStoreCart is a free, open source, and full featured e-commerce platform built atop of WordPress. It is easy to use, lightweight, heavily supported and constantly updated with new features.

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This plugin allows you to easily link to and display your Volusion products from within WordPress.

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Wazala Ecommerce Store & Shopping Cart

Wazala is a hosted ecommerce and shopping cart solution. This plugin facilitates the integration of your Wazala store within your WordPress site. The plugin adds a simple and beautiful store button to your website. When clicked the customer will have a shopping experience right within your own site.

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LBAK Google Checkout

The LBAK Google Checkout plugin is aimed mainly at small projects that just want to sell a few things on their blog through Google Checkout and don’t want too much else apart from ease of use.

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Image Store

Image Store is an image gallery and store plugin for WordPress with a slideshow and PayPal integration. This is a nice simple solution for photographers or anyone strictly selling images. It includes easy FTP folder import, watermarks and dynamic generation of several photo effects along with the e-commerce functionality.

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Prospress gives your WordPress site its very own auction marketplace. Registered users will be able to post auctions, place bids, provide feedback and make payments.

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Comments (39)

  1. Might you have a preference or two among all these? Are they all solid and reliable? Which have the most intuitive and easiest to configure interfaces, in your opinion?

    Thanks for the extra feedback.

  2. Thanks for the list, quite exhaustive. As it was mentioned in the comments, picking “the best” cart really depends on the niche we’re in, or the products we sell. In my case (selling digital products, mostly SEO/Social Media/PC Security/PC repair manuals) the quest goes on.
    I’ve been looking for a good cart plugin for months now and it seems that even the premium carts don’t offer a serious product. I’ve tested most of the carts listed in this post, and sofar I find that for digital products, it’s close to impossible to land a good cart. The DukaPress seems close to a good cart and the support team is great, but I don’t like the way products are managed and it doesn’t allow for any customizations (scrapping the Insert Shipping Address, more intuitive product management, GUI integration in WP’s post/page editor etc). I did contact them with a long list of suggestions and if DukaPress comes through, it will be the best ever cart. So we’ll have to wait and see.
    From the premium carts I tested Tribulant, ShopperPress, WP Ecommerce… and am not pleased as they don’t really offer anything profoundly different from free carts. Sofar I find that the WP Sales Automator, the cart I use on my site, has the best product management system (ability to assign pre-uploaded files, single page product creation, GUI integrated product inserting), but it falls short in being a full CART, with an Add to Cart option and a display of all products with thumbnails and ability to sort by category, price etc. Sofar it’s just a Buy Now Paypal cart with a nice twist, but it still needs work. I contacted the dev team too so in my eyes it’s now a race between the DukaPress and WPSA teams for possbily the best cart for digital products.
    Unfortunately none of the carts utilize any cors sell and upsell options out of the box, and this is very important to increase the final sale. Very few allow for using uploaded files as products, thus limiting us to web-uploadable digital products so they have to be less than 10MB in size. Hardly any of them supports multiple downloadable products as upsell options (eg. some cheap Report, with dropdown/checkbox upsell options for a full scale ebook, audio book and video tutorial on the same subject), and none that I found has an integrated Related Products generator that would generate a thumbnail and an Add to Cart button for easy and quick shopping experience.
    My guess is that the developers should remind themselves that WP attracts non tech people and low budget firms. For such demographics, editing PHP and CSS is not as easy, and hiring developers is a distant dream.
    So, it remains for all of us to see a full fledged cart that will offer all the mechanisms for maximizing web sales.

    • Hi Gustavo,

      I’m looking for the same than you, did you find any plugin for quotes? I found a Quote Cart for wp but the creator is not giving more suport … Thanks for answer me!

  3. I’m running my site medusa-art.com through magento, it is packed with problems since we altered the code significantly to the point where updating to newer versions of Magento is disastrous… Therefore, we’re switching to WordPress.

    My question regards integration of a cart with WP for my needs:
    1. All orders are processed manually through a terminal. Therefore, we need the cart to validate the credit card entry and information.
    2. Accepts Paypal and google checkout.
    3. Accepts payment by check.
    4. And, the option of payment plans, where customer can make monthly payments through a determined monthly payment amount or payment %.
    5. I would like to add a new product and list all cart information on the same page.

    Presently, we installed Cart66 but I don’t like it because it is not fully integrated on the same page as Adding a Product.

    Basically, I would like to be able to add a new product on WP with adding price and all related cart options on the same page. Not having to upload a new product than copy the title/product number in another page to list all the price/cost related info.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  4. I tried to use Foxypress, but you have to pay for the service of the site. It’s not free, unless I don’t understand it completely. It was a little confusing to get into.

  5. Greetings Aaron,
    Sorry that this wasn’t clear. The FoxyPress plugin itself is free, but FoxyCart costs $19 a month. Hopefully this helps. Feel free to post in our forum or send me an email if you have further questions.

  6. This is a great list. I’m wondering if anybody knows of a cart that allows for the price of a product to be totally dynamic, so I can pass the product price to the cart when the customer clicks Add to Cart?

    I have a client that needs the cost of a product to be based on measurements entered by the customer. The customer enters length, width, height, and select a few other criteria and a price is calculated based on those entries. This means the cost for a product will be unique to each customer, so I need to calculate it and pass it to the cart as a unique price, not something pulled from the database.

    I appreciate any suggestions.

  7. I was hoping one of these plugins would finally work for me so I could sell downloadable items from my site. I went through them all and still haven’t found one that works right.

    A few seemed to have potential but the setups were like trying to build a nuclear power plant. I thought that eshop was the one for me until the setup tug of war started between the plugin and PayPal. Trying to set up the two of those combined to work together caused severe aging and loss of hair so all I gained from that attempt was way more wasted time than I had to spare.

    The Dippsy plugin had good potential too but it wouldn’t produce a way to download the product after payment was made and we all know how disastrous that would be.

    Anyway, maybe something is telling me to just be Mr. Generous and set the items up as free downloads for any and everybody that wants them.

  8. Thanks Sarah, this is a very best commented-listing of WordPress e-commerce plugins.

    Let me spend some words about my personal experience with Shopp:
    is usefull, speedy and almost complete plugin.


    This is a terrible limit, don’t you think?
    I mean: in Shopp you can install the language you want for the management panel, and you can use translate a whole Shopp like how it showing to consumers.
    It’s impossible to set up Shopp to let the customer CHOOSE his language.

    Just for informations.

    Good job,

  9. ya, seems like some major ones are missing. WooCommerce at that point was a big one?

    now there are many new ones out as well, including the new one by level four development at http://www.wpeasycart.com.

    from what I gather, these new breed of shopping systems are really good. Perhaps there needs to be an updated revised list of the shopping systems as many were lacking 2-4 years ago, but now many ecomm systems are coming up to par and working well over this platform.