25 Stunning Parallax WordPress Themes to Inspire You

Parallax scrolling is hot right now. First popularized by Nike, the number of site’s featuring the dynamic technique has exploded.

The parallax effect, or parallax scrolling, in web design features layered images that move at different speeds, creating the illusion of depth as you scroll down the page, kind of like a faux-3D effect. Usually the background moves slower than the foreground. The technique uses scrolling to reveal new content and works similar to one-page sites where all the content is on a single page.

It’s a cool effect that can turn an otherwise boring looking website into something fun and exciting – and even a bit sexy.

The term parallax is derived from the Greek work parallaxis, meaning alteration. Nearby objects have a larger parallax than more distant objects when seen from different positions, so parallax scrolling can be used to determine distances.

I’ve put together a list of premium parallax WordPress themes – with a few free ones thrown in – that will transform your site. Check them out – you’ll be impressed.

Happy scrolling!

P.S. If you’ve seen any parallex themes in your interweb travels that have impressed you, share them in the comments below.

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1. Parallax


A responsive theme that features two color variations and is widget-ready. Parallax is visually beautiful and ideal for showing off your images.

Parallax WordPress theme

2. Harmony


Harmony has been designed especially for bands and musicians and includes the ability to play songs, handle events, upload photo galleries and sell merchandise. It features big background images and is easily customizable.

Harmony WordPress theme



A single responsive and minimalist theme ideal for promoting your business. It is easily customizable and includes lots of shortcodes.

SCRN WordPress theme

4. 907


907 is a beautiful and visually eye-popping responsive theme that makes use of custom post types and offers many widget options.

907 WordPress theme

5. Mercurial


Mercurial is fully-customizable and includes beautiful typographic effects and the ability to insert portfolios, skill bars, clients logos, social sharing icons, sliders, pricing tables and build up team pages. It is perfect for freelancers, businesses, events and photographers.

Mercurial WordPress theme

6. SlideOne


An awesome one-page theme that is customizable and includes more than 350 fonts and the ability to feature unlimited contents in the sidebar.

SlideOne WordPress theme

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7. Pulsar


Pulsar is fully-responsive with five parallax sections and is designed for creative types who want to make a portfolio in minutes.

Pulsar WordPress theme

8. Minimum


A high quality and professional theme for businesses, which features three fluid AJAX animations. You can create unlimited parallax pages and add unlimited sliders and slides.

Minimum WordPress theme

9. Montreal


Montreal is perfect for creative agencies or freelancers keen to showcase their work. It features a fullscreen slideshow, six different portfolio versions, a great blog layout and a project planner.

Montreal WordPress theme

10. Status


Status is a modular and responsive theme suited for business or portfolio sites and includes customizable features.

Status WordPress theme

11. Balloons


A cute theme for bloggers wanting to add a personal touch to their site. Balloons is a one-column, minimalist theme with a touch of quirk.

Balloons WordPress theme

12. QuickStep


QuickStep is a responsive one-page theme for creative portfolios with AJAX page loading, unlimited color options and sliders, along with custom page backgrounds.

QuickStep WordPress theme

13. Dynamo


A clean and fully-responsive theme with a featured slider, 10 page templates and unlimited color options.

Dynamo WordPress theme

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14. Tokyo


Designed as a modern take on the concept of corporate websites, Tokyo is a responsive theme with unlimited styles, custom layouts, shortcodes and easy translations.

Tokyo WordPress theme

15. Creative


A beautiful, fully-responsive and easily customizable theme perfect for a new business or an old one looking to refresh its website design.

Creative WordPress Theme

16. Pen and Paper


Pen and Paper is a fully-responsive, one-page minimalist theme that’s great for personal sites and portfolios.

Pen and Paper WordPress theme

17. Parallax


Parallax is visually stunning and ideal for creatives wanting to showcase their work. It features a fully-responsive layout, a portfolio custom post type.

Parallax WordPress theme

18. Persona


A beautiful and responsive theme perfect for a creative portfolio, personal website or a designer’s profile. It is fully-customizable.

Persona WordPress theme

19. Surreal


Surreal features the ability to embed video and includes a masonry portfolio, contact form and CSS3 animation.

Surreal WordPress theme

20. Kula


A beautiful, simple and visually stunning theme, Kula is perfect for freelancers and creative agencies wanting to show off their work. It features beautiful typography and iconography as well as CSS3 effects.

Kula WordPress theme

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21. Tharsis


A single, responsive theme ideal for designers who want to promote their work. It is responsive and minimalist.

Tharsis WordPress theme

22. Impress


A bold design that makes good use of images, Impress is fully-customizable and includes shortcodes, sticky navigation and is responsive.

Impress WordPress theme

23. Reason


Reason is an eye-catching and stylish theme ready for mobile devices and includes shortcodes, an icon menu and an AJAX contact form.

Reason WordPress theme

24. Ego


Ego is sleek and bold with a beautiful fullscreen slider and features a blog, an AJAX portfolio and custom captions.

Ego WordPress theme

25. Camara


Camara has been designed for creatives to showcase their work and is responsive and bold.

Camara WordPress theme

Comments (19)

  1. Really awesome themes. I checked some of them. And whichever I checked that was awesome. When are you going to launch these themes for download. Please make it soon.

  2. The parallax scrolling effect is really kinda mesmerizing. Once I land on such a design, I stay for a few minutes at least. Scrolling back and forth. So, it’s a hell of a website gimmick. :)

    I’m just not sure how one page WordPress themes are designed. I’m confused because WordPress creates pages dynamically. So, it’s pretty much the same page but with different content.

    Now, if it’s a one-page site, it means that all its content (images, texts, videos, etc) is loaded to that single page. Doesn’t that make the site heavier and loading time slower?

    Plus it raises a whole lot of SEO-related issues. For starters, if it’s one page, you can optimize just one page on your site. And you’ll have to use one keyword tops. That’s because there’ll be one website URL, title, heading (H1 tag). All those site aspects should have your keyword.

    Theoretically you can dynamically load content from other sites on your site with the help of PHP or jQuery, but it’s my understanding that it’ll just complicate things even more.

    • I don’t know how every theme does it, but the Five3 theme mentioned above loads multiple pages into one page, basically every ‘section’ is a child page to the parent. Technically yes it would hurt performance, but it wouldn’t be much different than loading up the ‘blog’ page of a site that may have 5-10-15 pages of info being displayed.

      The bigger performance concern is how HUGE the pages can get. I played with Five3 with just 3 pages, but in order to make the images look good on big screen monitors they have to be big (you can only stretch so much), but with 3 images that were ridiculously optimized, a logo all the usual scripts/css/etc and some text the page was already close 1MB in size. So it can get crazy pretty quickly, I love a beautiful site as much as anybody, but not if I have to wait 5-7-10 seconds just to get something on the screen.

      My plan was to basically still link each major ‘section’ of the page to some other content, so the SEO side wasn’t as much of a concern, but for just a single page site I think that would be a concern, and I don’t see single-page sites catching on enough to have Google make adjustments for it.

  3. Wow, some really great themes here so it’s extra flattering to see that Ego made the list. Thanks Raelene! : )

    A thanks goes out to Joshua too for pointing out Ego as his favorite! : )

    Best Regards,

    Farid Hadi

  4. Awesome list.

    You might like to add one more to the list “Vizard” : http://goo.gl/lakkF

    Great design and awesome features, specifically “in page menu” besides the main menu. Header with transparent navigation & Footer parallax were the feature i was looking for but could not find before i hopped on this one. I am setting up my site on Vizard, will surely post my link once it is done.

  5. Fantastic collection! I was just going through checking them out, and realised that ‘Dreamer’ actually isn’t a WordPress theme…

    Which is a shame, cause it’s amazing :)