4 WordPress Quiz Plugins to Put Your Users to the Test

If you need to put quizzes or tests on your site, then the easy way out is to get a plugin designed exactly for that. Below we’ll go through four that we tested out and that did the job. Ironically enough, a number of quiz plugins we tested didn’t make the grade.

If you know of any others you have personal experience with and would recommend, let us know in the comments.


WatuPro Plugin

The WatPro plugin (commercial – $47 / there is also a free light version here) allows you to create multiple choice or fill in the blank questions. Because it uses the WordPress editor to create questions, your questions can be as involved or as creative as you like, including images, videos, etc.

You can create questions with one or multiple answers. You can also assign different point levels to different correct questions.

The WatPro plugin also lets you require users to be logged in; it lets you randomize questions; and it also lets you give certificates at the end of it all.

Here’s a short quiz in action.

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mTouch Quiz Plugin

The first thing you notice about mTouch Quiz plugin is that it was built to be “touch friendly” for mobile devices. That means big, clear buttons to tap on and easy sliding from one question to the next.

Here are some of its features as listed by the plugin author:

  • specify hints based on answer selection
  • give a detailed explanation of the solution
  • choose multiple correct answers
  • specify when the correct answers are displayed
  • specify if a question may be attempted only once or many times
  • specify point values for each question
  • include customized start and finish screens
  • randomly order questions and/or answers


In addition, it makes use of the WordPress editor for the question, and so you can add complicated question, images, videos, etc.

There are also upgrades you can purchase that allow you to email results and to use a countdown clock.


mTouch in Action

Some Settings

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WP Survey And Quiz Tool

The WP Survey and Quiz Tool plugin actually also offers a poll function as well as surveys and quizzes, but for our purposes, we’re just going to be going over the quiz section.

Here’s a look at some of the more important elements:

  • Unlimited number of quizzes.
  • Unlimited number of sections for quizzes.
  • Auto marking for quizzes with all multiple choice questions.
  • Ability to limit quizzes to one submission per IP address.
  • Ability to send customized notification emails.
  • Ability to send notification emails to a single email address, multiple email addresses or a group of WordPress users.
  • Ability to have notification emails only be sent if the user got a certain score.
  • Ability to have quizzes taken by registered WordPress members only.
  • Ability to have quizzes and surveys with or without contact forms.
  • Ability to have custom contact forms.
  • Ability to export and import quizzes.
  • Ability to have PDF certifications.


Quiz and Results

Let’s take a look at a short quiz and the results page.


And here’s a look at some of the setting available.


In order to insert a quiz into a post or a page, you must insert a shortcode. It took some digging around in order to find that information, so it would help if that were more obvious. But it takes the following form:

[wpsqt name="Quiz Name" type="quiz"]

So, for example, the shortcode for my quiz titled “Capital Cities” looked like this:

[wpsqt name="Capital Cities" type="quiz"]


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The WPQuiz plugin is a very simple, easy-to-use plugin that may suit your needs if you don’t need anything too complicated. It does NOT save scores of users; it simply presents them at the end of the quiz.

You insert your quizzes into your pages or posts by using a shortcode with the ID number of you quiz, for example: [wpquiz id=2].



The Quiz

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Photo: Quiz! 1 from BigStock.

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    • Hi Les – Thanks. Glad it helped. … As for other reviews/plugins, there are lots. I can’t even remember, to tell you the truth. :) … You can click on my name at the top, and it will take you to all my posts.

      Thanks again.

      – Joe

  1. Hi,
    I am using WP Survey And Quiz Tool and ı cant sending results to users who had taken quiz. I think problem is in database.First letter of email capital like this example.

    name and surname : Siyaser ALATAŞ
    Email : xxxxxxxx
    Time taken : 5 Minutes 28 Seconds

  2. Hi

    I’m using WishList Member for my membership site, at the end of a module if the user wants to see next module, it needs to take a quiz, only can have access to the next module if the user have at least the 80% of the questions correct.

    Some suggestion?


    • Jorge – You may need to ask that question to the WishList Member community (or maybe somewhere like the Warrior Forum — where a lot of people are familiar with it). If it turns out that WishList can’t do that, you might look into “education” software/solutions. I’m sure they are familiar with that type of set up.