5 Photo Plugins that Will Pull Creative Commons Images into Your Site

Everyone knows that livening up a post with images helps a lot. But searching for images that have the right Creative Commons license can be a pain. These five plugin will help ease that pain. They all work from the comfort of your visual editor. Just click and search, and you’ll have a good photo in no time.


Photo Dropper (DOWNLOAD)

Photo Dropper is a service as well as a plugin. One nice aspect to this plugin is that it downloads the photos to your server. It inserts a link for the credit and also a link back to the Photo Dropper website.


Here’s their sales video.


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Picture Finder (DOWNLOAD)

The Picture Finder plugin doesn’t really offer any options in terms of choosing which types of licenses to search for. It automatically searches for CC-BY licenses, which allow you to copy, share, and make commercial use of the work. (There is an advanced version of the plugin that does offer you a number of options; however, I couldn’t get it to work. You might have more luck.)

It also doesn’t link back to the original site; however, it does place a credit under the photo in a somewhat unattractive black bar (unfortunately).

This plugin downloads the photo to your server.

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Compfight (DOWNLOAD)

The Compfight plugin will find photos that you can safely use for commercial purposes. This plugin does NOT download the photo to your server. It pulls it in from Flickr, and so a user clicking on the photo is taken to its original Flickr page.

It also puts a credit link back to Flickr as well as a link back to Compfight.

Flickr Photo Post (DOWNLOAD)

The Flickr Photo Post plugin searches for images with the following licenses: Attribution License , Attribution-ShareAlike License, and  Attribution-NoDerivs License.

It does not have it’s own button on the visual editor. You will need to click your normal media uploader button, and then you will see a tab for Flickr. This plugin does NOT download the images to your server. It calls them in from Flickr.

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Flickpress (DOWNLOAD)

Flickpress gives you a number of options to find photos on Flickr. You will need to register for an API key in order to use the plugin. Also, this plugin does NOT download the image to your server. Clicking on it will take you back to its original home on Flickr.

This plugin leaves two credit links – one to the original page of the image and another to the owner’s Flickr account.

Do You Know of Any Others?

And so that’s our run-down. There were a few we tried that didn’t seem to work. But maybe they’re working for you. If you know of any other plugins that do the job of pulling in Creative Commons photos into your site, let us know in the comments.

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Photo: sphere with many pictures over a white background as concept for digital tv – new media from BigStock.

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  1. Thanks for including Photodropper in this round up of great plugins! Drop me a line if you ever have any questions or suggestions about how we can improve the plugin.