6 Simple Ad Management Plugins/Scripts For Your WordPress Site

Perhaps you’ve been working on a pre-existing theme that did not integrate any advertising management tool or perhaps you’re designing a theme from scratch, integrating an ad management tool that’s both easy to use and effective is essential to businesses.

There are many plugins, widgets and exterior scripts which allow users to quickly manage ad banners, monitor its exposure lifetime, view ad campaign reports and view client billing reports. Below are some of the best plugins, widgets and scripts available:

Plugins and Widgets

Simple Ads Manager

Simple Ads Manager Settings

Simple Ads Manager is exactly what the name suggests; it’s a simple advertising manager plugin for WordPress. The plugin is easy to install and provides both simplified and extended functionality to manage your ad banners.

A banner object (or Ad Place, as they call it) can be created on its own and shown through their widget. Additional flexibility is provided through the usage of Ad Zones and Ad Blocks; Ad Zones allow users to determine which ad will be shown on which page and Ad Blocks give users the option of grouping Ad Places to display.

Advertwhirl Advertising Manager and Ad Rotator

Advertwhirl Tutorial Page

Advertwhirl is a little more complex than Simple Ads Manager, however it is still easy enough to use. The plugin can be installed through the plugin area in WordPress. Once installed, you can control the plugin in the settings area where it will provide tutorials to help you create your ad campaign. The plugin allows integration of Google Adsense, Groupon and external advertising campaigns.

Once your ad campaign is created, you can display your ads through widgets. Advertwhirl even provides the functionality to share ad space with your guest bloggers/employees. Ads can also be shown in posts and pages through the use of short codes.

One drawback of Advertwhirl is that it doesn’t provide campaign reports, however if Google Adsense is used, you can access its reports in the Google Adsense backend.

WP Tag Ads

WP Tag Ads Configuration Page

WP Tag Ads is a plugin which takes tags from your posts and pages and displays relevant products auction items found in Ebay through a widget.

It’s very easy to install and configure, however you’ll need to set-up an Ebay Campaign to monetize your posts.

Here’s a tutorial to help you set-up: 


Look of  WP125 in Your Sidebar

WP125 allows management and rotation of 125 x 125 square banners. It’s an easy plugin to install and use and up to eight banners can be displayed in either one column or two columns, however ad banners have to be uploaded externally as the plugin doesn’t provide an image upload functionality. Simple click statistics are provided.


AdRotate can be configured to display one column…

Or two or more.

AdRotate is relatively easy to use and configure. It allows for click and impression tracking and provides both individual ad and global ad statistics such as number of impressions and Click Through Rate and ads can be linked to a particular WordPress user for statistics. Ads can be displayed through the use of widgets.

There are three levels of ads available: individual ads, groups of ads, and blocks of ad groups. Ads can be given weights which will give them more or less priority and visibility over other ads. The number of columns can be set through the use of ad groups and as it’s HTML and Javascript enabled, you can style its display to your liking.

External Scripts

Ad Manager (Free)

Banner List

Category List

Ad Manager is a free PHP ad management script that works with any PHP enabled server. Categories are used to group ads and ads can be created as text (like Adsense), image or external code. Basic statistics are provided such as number of clicks and number of impressions.

The script provides an installation file which will install the script and a mysql tables, so make sure you have a mysql user and database ready for the installation.

To display the ads, you will need to install the WordPress widget My Custom Widgets which allow users to create custom widgets with PHP and HTML code. Once installed you will need to include the functions page adm.php and the following code inside the custom widget:



$result = ADM_Open(‘YourCategoryName’);


echo “<p>”.$link.”</p>”;



There are many other plugins, widgets and scripts available for managing advertisements in your WordPress site, however many of them are complex and difficult to use. The plugins and scripts listed above are among some of the easiest to use, however they may not have some of the functionalities and statistics provided by the more complex systems. If you require basic functionality and statistics from your ad management systems you won’t go wrong with any of the ones listed above.

Do you use any of the plugins or scripts listed above in your WordPress site? If not, which ones do you use?

Feature image courtesy of stallio