6 Impressive WordPress Job Board Solutions You’d Want Working for You

If you’re looking to run a job board with WordPress, then we have some good news for you. There are a number of nice solutions out there that offer a range of impressive functions and designs.

As always, of course, you might not get everything you’re looking for in one solution. You might think one has everything you want, but then you start looking at another, and you see something that you didn’t think of before. And having seen it, you decide you have to have that too.

In any case, whether you’re able to get everything you’re looking for or not, hopefully the rundown below will help you decide which will suit you best.


Job Board Comparisons

We’ll start with a comparison table of features, and then we’ll go over each in more detail.

Job RollerWPJobBoardNine to FiveWP Job ManagerJob EngineJobBoard
Expiration Datesyesyesyes (set by employer)yesyesyes
Featured Adsyesyesnonoyesyes
Mark Jobs as Newnoyesnononono
Paid Listingsyesyesyes(addon - £5)yesyes
Multiple Payment Levelsyesyesnonoyesyes
Coupons/Discounts(addon - $29)yesnono(addon - $19)yes
Ad/Adsense Integrationyesnononoyesno
Job Moderation/Pendingyesyesyesyesyesyes
Resume Featureyesyesnonoyesyes
Charge for Resume Accessyesyesnonono - comingno
Relist Same Jobsyesnononoyesyes (recurring charge)
Contact Employer Linksyesyesyesyes (email links)yesno
Job Types (full/part-time, etc.)yesyesyesyesyesyes
Different Themes/Colorsyesyes (plugin)yesyes (plugin)yesyes
Layout Optionsyes (hide sidebar)yes (plugin)noyes (plugin)yesyes
Social Media Integrationyesnononoyesno
Mapsyesyesyesyes (links to offsite map)yesyes
Custom Post or Regularcustom custom regular custom custom custom
Email Sent to Employersyesyesnonoyesyes
Payment GatewaysPayPal, Bank Transfer, more with addonsPayPalPayPalPayPal, (Stripe -- with addon)PayPal, 2Checkout, Bank TransferPayPal, Authorize.net, Wordpay, 2CO, Bank Transfer, C.O.D.
Job Alertsyesyesnono(addon - $14)no
Price$99 $97 $40 Free$129$49

These are listed in no particular order.

1. WPJobBoard

Download | Demo

Price: $97 Personal / $199 Developer

WPJobBoard is a feature-rich job board solution that is actually separated out into a plugin and theme. The main part of the WPJobBoard solution is a plugin. But there is also a very nicely done theme that’s included with it.

While the theme that comes with the plugin doesn’t have styling options, you can change anything and everything by simply going with a new theme.

Let’s take a look at this solution and the job theme it comes with.

Here’s a look at the homepage with the theme that comes packaged with the plugin.


Here’s a look at a single job page.


Setting Up Job Plans

This is a look at a few different pricing plans set up for users to choose from. You’ll notice there’s also a spot for a coupon code there.



There’s also a resume section. You can search or browse resumes.


And here’s a look at the single page for a resume.



There are a number of widgets to use.


Company Profiles

There are also nice-looking company profiles, something that should make the employers using your site happy.



Here’s a look at some of the basic settings.



As mentioned, one nice thing about this solution is that because its functional aspects are separated out into a plugin, you can use any theme you like with it. And that ends up being a big advantage. A year or two down the road, you may decide you want a completely different look. With WPJobBoard, getting that different look is as easy as getting a new theme.

2. Jobroller

Download | Demo

Price: $99 Personal / $159 Developers

The Jobroller theme from AppThemes is an attractive, very well put-together job theme that has a number of nice options that aim to give you control over your job site. In fact, its options are one of its main strengths. It lets you set up a variety of different payment plans (more on that later), and it was one of only two solutions here to have built-in ad spots for things like Adsense or banner ads.

Let’s take a look at some of what it offers.

Here’s a look at the homepage.


Here’s a look at a single job ad.


The Jobroller theme also comes in seven different color schemes

  • Default (off-white/gray)
  • Basic (white)
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red

There are also child themes that can be purchased at an additional charge.

Setting Up Job Plans

Jobroller has a very nice feature that lets you limit the number of times a user can submit a job with a certain level. For example, you might let users submit three free jobs, but after that the free job option isn’t available to them anymore.

In fact, of all the solutions, Jobroller would appear to offer the most control in terms of setting up different plans.


Here’s a look at a few settings for setting up job plans.


Once plans have been set up, users will have a choice between the different plans you’ve set up.


*Note: Although there is no coupon/discount support, there is an addon that says it will do this. (Currently priced at $29.) You can also purchase more payment gateway options from their marketplace.

You can see more info about setting up pricing plans on their site.


Another nice feature about this solution is that is comes with a number of different widgets – even a Facebook and Twitter widget.



Clicking on an employer’s name will bring up all their other job postings.



Here are some of the general settings to give you an idea of some of your options.



There are addons and other themes available for addition cost in the appthemes marketplace.


One of the strengths of this theme is options it offers for more control. While it doesn’t overwhelm the competition (most cover the basics), it does offer a few things that you might consider essential for your particular site (such as offering a limited number of jobs for free).

3. Job Engine

Download | Demo

Price: Base price is $129. There are other addons that range from $9 – $29

The Job Engine theme from EngineThemes takes a lot of care with its design. While a number of the other solutions also have nice design elements, it seems that Job Engine takes the attention to design just a little further.

Here’s a look at the homepage.


And here’s a look at the single job page.


Setting Up Job Plans

Employers posting a job will be impressed with the professional look of the different plans.



Clicking on the name of a company will bring up a list of all their ads.



Here’s a look at the resume section where you can browse or search.


And here’s what a single resume page looks like.



There is a very nice set of styling options available to Administrators via a button on the front end of the site. Here’s a look at the options.


This theme focuses on quality design, and even the settings pages are an example.


Payment Gateways

Job Engine gives you a convenient option to put in a bank account where payments can be sent to. The message that the job seeking sees (which is customizable) allows you tell them how to proceed with this type of payment.



One of the main strengths of this theme, as mentioned, is its attention to design. While the competition has some nice designs, the Job Engine theme seems to go just a little bit further.

4. Nine to Five

Download | Demo

Price: $40 Personal Use

WARNING: DO NOT install this theme on a site that already has content on it that you want to keep. This theme places job ads as regular posts, and it will delete any previous posts you have in your system.

OK, it’s a little odd to start with a warning, but with this theme it seems appropriate – otherwise you might find yourself in a lot of trouble. That said, if you have a fresh install, or you don’t care about the posts you already have published, then publishing job ads as posts is not necessarily such a big deal.

In fact, publishing job ads as posts ends up making this theme work essentially like a plugin. If you decide to move away from this theme one day, you will still have your jobs in place. You also can avoid issues such as getting your job ads into your RSS feeds, etc. Regular posts are easier to manipulate out of the box than custom posts. And so for some, it may even end up being an advantage.

Let’s move onto what else it offers.

Here’s a look at the homepage.


Here’s a look at a single job page.



These are the widgets.


Job Submissions

Here’s a partial look at the job submission page.



It comes with several styling options.


*This theme does not come with a job alert function. However, because it uses regular posts, you could use something like the Subscribe2 plugin to achieve the same ends. Again, there’s an advantage to making the jobs regular posts.


One of the strengths to this themes, as mentioned, may just be the fact that it makes jobs regular posts. Therefore, though it only comes with a few widgets of its own, you have thousands of widgets that can help you manipulate regular posts — i.e. the job ads in the system.

(It also comes with an area for blog posts.)

5. WP Job Manager

Download | Demo (no demo)

Price: Free

WP Job Manager is a plugin. It does not come with a theme. As this is a plugin, your theme will determine a lot of the look.

Here’s a glance at the homepage using the default WordPress Twenty Twelve theme. Using a different theme can change the look of this dramatically.


And here’s a look at a single job page.


Job Dashboard

The job dashboard allows users to edit, delete, or mark jobs as filled.


One nice feature of this plugin is that it gives you a way to quickly view and then approve jobs.



There’s only one widget with the plugin – a recent jobs widget.


A Few Things to Note

Clicking on the location in the job ad takes the user to Google maps itself – i.e. the user is taken offsite.

Another thing you may want to be aware of with this plugin is that when a user submits a job, they are taken to a page that lets them review the job before final submission. As the button for final submission is so subtle and located in an non-obvious spot, you may run into a problem of users thinking they’re done and not actually submitting the final version of the job.


Addons & Other Info

Currently, there is only one addon for this plugin – a payment solution that lets you charge for ads. It costs £5.

In order to see how to set things up, what shortcodes to use, etc., you will need to go here.


The biggest advantage that this solution has going for it is that it’s free. And if you want to charge for ads, the addon is only £5. You can also easily change the look of the ads with a different theme. And so if you don’t need a job board with a lot of bells and whistles, this one could be an option for you.

6. JobBoard

Download | Demo

Price: $49 Personal / $99 Developer

The Job Board theme from Templatic is a robust job board solution that aims to give you control over the different aspects of your system, especially with their easy-to-understand custom fields settings (i.e. boxes/info that employers must fill in).

Here’s a look at the homepage.


And this is what a single job page looks like.



Here’s a look at browsing resumes.


And here’s a look at a single resume page.


Custom Fields

There’s a custom fields section that lets you edit current custom fields or add your own (i.e. add other types of information that employers must submit). While this isn’t the only solution that has this option, it certainly seemed the easiest to manage.


You can do the same with user profiles – edit them or add to them.


Advanced Search

Advanced search, a nice feature, lets you search by categories and more.


Navigation Settings

As mentioned, one of the nicest aspects of this this theme is that it looks to give you lots of control. Here’s but a small look at some of the settings you can expect.


Other Features of Note

Below are a few other features of note:

  • It also gives you the ability to block IP addresses.
  • It gives you the ability to sell subscriptions to job posters. In other words, a poster can buy a subscription for a certain amount of time and then post as many job ads as they like.
  • The email notification system is quite extensive with no less than nine different messages you can customize, along with a set of variable placeholders (e.g. [#site_login_url#], [#payable_amt#], etc.).


The Job Board theme shines with its easy-to-edit custom fields settings. This allows you to easy control the interactions between you and your users (i.e. employers/recruiters posting jobs). It also has several other features that aim to offer you control.

Which is Best?

Of course there’s no clear answer to that question. While a number of solutions cover quite a lot of anything you might want in a job board, each one seems to offer something that sets it apart from the rest. And so those few things that set them apart may be what draws you to one over another.

Is that thing design, flexibility, a certain function, price? That’s for you to think through, and something only you can answer.

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    • I think it really does depend on what’s most important to you.

      Personally, I like the options for job plans that Jobroller gives you. But I also like that WPJobBoard is a plugin. I like the easy control over custom fields that the Templatic theme offers. And I like some of the design of the Job Engine theme (look at the resumes section, for example — very nice).

      Therefore, my favorite would have to be determined by which “strength” I needed most for a particular project.

  1. Fantastic job on the review, Joe. There are certainly a lot of strong options for people who want to start a job board website.

    We know JobRoller isn’t for everyone but it’s worth a look if you’re starting a job board. We continue to add features to the theme and our Marketplace provides a lot of options to extend the look and feature set of JobRoller.

    Thanks again for including JobRoller.

  2. Hey Joe
    Just wanted to say thanks for including our JobBoard theme on the list. Custom fields are our core feature across multiple themes, glad to hear you found it so useful.

    If you’ll want to review any other Templatic theme contact me directly at any time ([email protected])

    Vedran from Templatic

  3. Thanks for including JobEngine in your review, Joe. Great work writing up such a helpful article for everyone to figure out their favorite!

    Just an update: The charge feature for viewing resumes will be included in our update next week. ;)

  4. Hi Joe,

    Do you know if any of those job boards can work together with WP plugins. I’m trying to build sites with Themer and i’m going around asking if it works with different WP themes etc…


      • Hi Joe, I know this is an old thread. I’ve been looking for the best Job board to suit my needs, my main focus is being able to look at job data and manage applications. Which is the best solution in regards to this? Basically I want to be able to view all applications in wordpress and sort and export them to a csv etc. Cheers