7 Free Twitter Bootstrap Themes for WordPress

Like it, love it or hate it – the Twitter Bootstrap craze is in full force. Bootstrap is a complete kit of HTML, CSS, and Javascript for some of the most common user interface components and interactions. It’s built on HTML5 and LESS and is now fully responsive, supporting a range of resolutions and devices. Many are heralding Twitter Bootstrap as a frontend developer’s dream come true. It’s a completely open source toolkit, free for anyone to use.

If you want to get in on the action while running on WordPress, you’ll be glad to know thatTwitter Bootstrap themes for WordPress are now popping up everywhere. Here’s a list of a few of them, all of which are different, despite the fact that many share the same theme name.

Bootstrap for WordPress

This is a basic theme developed developed by @Facens at iubenda. Check out a quick demo and download it for free on Github.

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BootstrapWP is a base WordPress theme powered by Bootstrap. It was created by Rachel Baker and is one of the more complete Twitter Bootstrap themes for WordPress. Use it as a solid base to create custom themes quickly and easily. You can customize and override any of the styles when developing your own theme.

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Bootstrap for WordPress

This theme is from Envex Labs and is a basic starting point for your development projects. Download it from Github.

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Bootstrap for WordPress

This theme is a very rough port of Twitter Bootstrap into a WordPress theme. The developer admits that it still needs quite a bit of work and welcomes contribution to the project on Github.

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WordPress Bootstrap Theme

This Bootstrap WordPress theme was released by Brag Interactive and has a few more features than some of the more basic themes. It includes widget areas for the homepage, footer, and sidebar, custom menus and breadcrumbs. It enables you to use all the forms, layouts, tables, alerts, javascript, and everything included in the Bootstrap toolkit. In the next release they plan to put all of the Boostrap features into shortcodes for ease of use.

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320press WordPress Bootstrap Theme

The WordPress Bootstrap theme is built on top of the Bones theme framework. It includes a Homepage template, Standard page with right sidebar, Page with left sidebar and a Full width page. They’ve also built in an options panel and shortcodes so that you can easily add UI elements found in Twitter Bootstrap.

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Roots Theme

The Roots Theme is a well-supported and widely used framework that runs on HTML5 Boilerplate and Bootstrap from Twitter. It includes a number of unique features, such as cleaner WordPress code output, extremely clean URLs, multilingual ready, widget areas and more.

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What do you think about Twitter’s Bootstrap? Will you build something with it this year? Do you think it makes development more efficient?

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  1. Great compilation, thanks for putting this together!

    I’ve been playing around with bones and 320press kit for a few weeks now and it sure seem promising. It definitely makes life easier for any custom wp theme developer and saves a whole lot of time from doing all those repetitive tasks that you’ll end up doing in almost every theme project. Definitely recommend trying one of these out if you’re a developer!

  2. These all look great. I just wanted to drop in a plug our Twitter Bootstrap WordPress plugin.

    We’re trying to stay on top of each of the releases and last week we release our final release for Twitter 2.0 so that it supports both the new and the old versions.

    If you’re interested, the release notes and announcement is here: http://bit.ly/wLkYjf

    Would love to hear any feedback from people that use it or would like to see anything in particular added.


  3. Twitter Bootstrap rules and WordPress rocks, I was a very happy boy when I discovered the existance of Twitter Bootstrap themes. The only problem is, now I gonna test all of them to find the best one for me.

  4. Thanks a ton for this great list, they’re popping up like mushrooms currently, so many cool bootstrapped projects launching.

    I’d love to know what your guys thoughts are on the cleanest method of registering bootstrap js and css into wordpress themes. I know there are plugins and some pretty crazy advanced approaches but am looking for something elegant and simple enough for beginners to grasp for some tutorials I have planned.