7 Solid Plugins For Creating Custom Forms With WordPress

A forms plugin with an easy-to-use interface can make the creation of custom forms virtually painless. Whereas form creation used to require HTML coding experience, now just about anybody can set up even the most complex, multi-part forms. The forms we’ve selected here are some of the major players that support powerful custom form builders within the WordPress dashboard.

Gravity Forms

You can’t talk about WordPress form building plugins without mentioning Gravity Forms. An all-time favorite plugin of WordPress professionals, Gravity Forms goes far beyond your simple contact form. The plugin has tons of free and commercial add-ons that make nearly anything possible, including the ability to create subscriptions, directories, polls, invoices with FreshBooks, integrations with MailChimp, aWeber, Constant Contact and much more.

Ninja Forms

The lite version of Ninja Forms is available in the WordPress plugin repository and includes an easy-to-use form builder, customized field options, entry management and tons of hooks for developers. Users who upgrade to Pro will be able to implement file uploads, front-end post submissions, multi-part forms and the ability to save users’ progress. Subscribers receive excellent support with all requests answered within 12 hours or less.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is another plugin that comes in both a lite and a pro version. Users can easily create forms with a simple drag-and-drop interface. It includes advanced capabilities for users to create posts, pages, and custom posts types with your forms, as well as the ability to manage and edit them from the front-end of your site. Formidable also integrates with reCAPTCHA and Akismet for Spam control.

Breezing Forms

Breezing Forms is a newer plugin that is unique in that there is no lite version. It boasts a surprising number of robust features for free, including multipage forms, powerful conditional fields without need for Javascript, AJAX file uploads with progress bars, and lots more. Breezing Forms has many of the features that you might normally expect from an enterprise-class forms building plugin. Use it to create simple contact forms, feedback forms, surveys, payment forms, calculations or complex forms.

Form Maker

Form Maker is available in a free version from the wordpress.org repository and also a commercial version. This plugin allows you to customize the colors, fonts, submit buttons and the size of the form elements. It also allows for custom CSS and Javascript. The form creator is integrated with the standard WordPress editor. The commercial version allows for unlimited fields and offers integration with Google Maps API.

Contact Form Manager

The Contact Form Manager has a broad appeal and has been downloaded more than 55,000 times with mostly 5 star ratings. It allows you to create multiple custom forms and place them on your site using shortcodes. The plugin includes the ability to send an auto-reply as well as redirect the user upon form submission. It supports all of the most common form elements, has built-in spam protection and essentially includes everything you might want in a simple webform.

Visual Form Builder

Visual Form Builder is a plugin designed to make the form creation process quick and easy so that the user has no need to edit any PHP, CSS, or HTML. You can add form fields with one click and reorder them via drag and drop. It includes a logic-based anti-SPAM system, confirmations messages that you can customize, the ability to manage form entries in the WordPress dashboard and multiple field layout options. One cool feature of the Visual Form Builder is the ability to duplicate forms with one click. You can also embed multiple forms on posts and pages. The plugin also has quite an extensive FAQ section for troubleshooting and customizing. Check it out and download it for free on WordPress.org.

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    Gravity Forms doesn’t allow you to do many things that Formidable Pro does such as editing data already entered and also IMPORTING data like for a catalog from a .CSV.

    Gravity Forms also charges your subscription each and every year while Formidable Pro does not. The 20-year cost of Gravity forms is over $2,000 while Formidable Pro is $57.

    I had some really bad experiences with Gravity Forms support and so I found Formidable Pro and became an affiliate because I love their support and tremendous flexibility of the plugin. Here’s an article on wrote comparing the two: http://meshmarketer.com/internet-marketing-google-adwords/meshmarketer-recommends/looking-gravity-forms-alternative-formidable-pro-is-it/


      Thanks Joseph. I like how easy GF is when creating a form but the editing data part has been frustrating. It should have been part of GF since the beginning. There’s been talk about this being a feature in the next major update of GF. Instead there’s a 3rd Party Directory plugin that has fallen short. It’s been difficult getting it to work for a client and getting support for the plugin. However I didn’t find Formidable easy to to setup when it came to editing and display data. So I gave up. Maybe I’m missing something? Do you have some examples of where you have used Formidable? Thanks.


        Yes, I’ve got a really cool “profile” set up for affiliates where the product link for affiliates matches a form I created. So if an affiliate ID is 12345, the URL for a link in the HTML can be company-com/product?rel=[affiliateID] and when displayed it shows up as company-com/product?rel=12345. There is just no way I can do that with GF. This is because Formidable Pro has a fantastic directory capability as well as individual field data display capability built in and the support is fantastic.

        And just so that you know Dennis, I do think GF is easy to setup but I really don’t think that Formidable Pro is any more difficult to set up. I think if I had started with Formidable Pro and then switched to GF that I would feel that Formidable Pro is slightly better.

        Another great thing about Formidable Pro is that I can set up form templates and share them across a WPMS install. That is a BIG timesaver for each new blog I set up.

        I could just go on and on about the differences that I have discovered, but what really turns me off about GF is having to pony up the fee every year (not with Formidable Pro) and also the horrendous support I got from GF. Formidable Pro is just excellent and costs SO MUCH LESS.

      Samedi Amba

      @Joseph Howdy. Thanks for this. I once thought Gravity is the only form solution out there, after feeling limited by Contact Form 7. But I now know better. Thanks again for the links and advice.

    Juliette RF

    Totally flabbergasted that Fast Secure Contact Forms with its over 2 million downloads is being left out of this listing…

    A lot of the plugins you mention here are premium (paid) plugin if you want any kind of functionality/flexibility. FSCF offers all that and more for free.

    The interface may not be as intuitive as some, but the functionality it offers is everything a programmer could hope for.


      Sarah Gooding

      It’s not a “Top 7″ post, it’s just a few solid plugins that people seem to enjoy for creating custom forms. Certainly there are more out there. ;)

    C Monster

    Breezing Forms looked especially interesting for all its features but I could never get the actual form creation interface to work. I have asked for help along with a few other people within their forum and support site on WordPress and haven’t received any solutions over the past few weeks so we’re looking for alternatives. I’m going to take a look a couple of others mentions in this article and the comments.


    I must admit I haven’t used most of these before. The only ones I did was Contact Form and Gravity Forms which I find the ultimate best form plugin for WordPress so far.

    Not only you can build standard forms, but other stuff too. For example I built a complete Online Ordering Form that they use for the customers to order food online. I recently read someone’s post about building a custom post type code generator. So, it’s definitely my favorite.

    There are a lot of good plugins for Wordress to find on the internet for different purposes. I recently found one that can be used by a basic site owner for easy wordpress design (http://www.jb-webs.com/wordpress-plugins-created-by-real/)


    I have to say that I love gravity forms. I never mind paying for something that adds value. I even use the woocommerce plugin for processing more complicated options on a clothing design site.
    I have a series of quick videos on the developer options I use the most here

    Otherwise i would go for Ninja Forms, with an open source free version, you can easily add any new feature you need, and integrate it easily.

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