8 Superb Mobile WordPress Plugins

8 Superb Mobile WordPress Plugins
8 Superb Mobile WordPress Plugins

In order for a WordPress site to be successful, it must have a mobile presence. Many people search for sites through their mobile phones, and they are quickly becoming a resource for those who are on the go.

In order to reach this audience, a WordPress site must be optimized for mobile devices. Unfortunately, this can be a daunting task, but there are several plugins that are designed to make this task much easier for web developers, both individuals and small agencies.


iThemes MobileThis plugin can be used for several tools, and it creates a webpage that is not only optimized for major mobile devices, but even gaming consoles. It can be customized to fit any developer’s needs.This plugin is recommended for web developing agencies and independent developers who have large websites. The plugin has a high cost in comparison to many others.
WPTouchThis is an incredibly popular plugin. It works automatically in making your website optimized for mobile WebPages. It works with additional features such as Ajax loading articles and smooth effects whenever it is viewed by major mobile devices such as iPhones, iPod touch, Android mobile phones, Blackberry, etc.Recommended for small agencies and experienced independent web developers. There is a Pro version that provides more features.
DudaMobile Website BuilderThis very simple and easy to use plugin quickly allows you to turn your website into a mobile-friendly webpage. It works with all WordPress themes and it automatically synchronizes up with your site.This plugin is designed for independent web developers. It is incredibly simple to use and many of its features come into play automatically. It does not involve a lot of customization, but it does give the user the ability to quickly make their site mobile.
Media GridThis plugin allows you create both responsive and filterable portfolios on your website. It is mobile optimized for responsive themes.This plugin is useful for experienced small agencies. It has several features, and it is updated regularly.
Mobile Smart ProA plugin that has several standard and premium features. These features include mobile device detection, theme switching, and tablet mode. With the premium features, developers also have mobile pages and domain switching.This plugin is recommended for small agencies that want to make use of the premium features as well as the standard ones such as template tags and theme customization.
WP Mobile Splash PageThis plugin works in being responsive. It allows the web developer to have complete control over the look of the mobile page. In addition to this, the webpage loads and moves quickly.Recommended for experienced web developers and small agencies. This plugin is easy to use, but it also gives the user unlimited styling. It will take an experienced developer to make proper use of the plugin.
Wapple Architect MobileA plugin that detects all mobile devices. It moves all themes installed for web over to mobile.Recommended for independent web developers. This plugin keeps everything under the same domain.
WP Mobile EditionA simple toolkit that is designed to quickly mobilize any WordPress site. Some of its features include mobile switchers, mobile XML Sitemap Generator, and themes.This plugin is recommended for beginning web developers who quickly want to make their website mobile. It is easy to use, but it lacks some of the features that many other plugins have.

1. iThemes Mobile

iThemes Mobile
iThemes Mobile

This particular plugin works on multiple devices — not only smartphones. It also makes the webpage compatible with handheld and home video game consoles. It allows for a wide array of customizations that can be changed and adjusted to each device that visits the webpage.

There are also premade themes that the developer can use to quickly make a site mobile ready without having to take the time to create their own theme.


  • Style manager for mobile themes that are designed to be easy to customize.
  • Custom header uploader that is built-in in order to assign specific mobile versions of graphics.
  • Starter themes for mobile devices that are ready to be used. There is also the option of creating your own.
  • Assigning themes specifically to different devices and platforms.
  • Custom menus and navigation that fully supports the WordPress 3.0 navigation means. Existing menus and separate mobile-specific menus are all usable.
  • Premium support and updates are provided over the course of a year as well as all other iThemes plugins.

Despite being a professional theme that includes several features, this plugin can be used by all types of developers. From owners of personal blogs and websites to major development agencies, there are different pricing options that keep things reasonable while still providing the user the ability to make their site optimized for mobile devices. In addition to this, there are also options for both small and large developers depending on how many sites they plan to use the plugin with.

2. WPtouch


This plugin automatically makes your website compatible with mobile devices that are complete with ajax loading articles and smooth effects when it is viewed through major touch mobile devices. Through the admin panel you will be able to customize the appearance to varying degrees and the deliver a user-friendly version of the site to touch mobile visitors. In addition to this, you can use this plugin without having to modify or change any code.


  • Loads pages three times faster than desktop or responsive themes
  • Allows you to set up web-apps for iOS devices easily
  • Private one-to-one support from the in-house time of the plugin developer
  • WPtouch provides 3 new themes to choose from and customize as you see fit.
  • Uses the content on the same URL from the same server for the mobile page
  • Admin panel quickens the process of making the site go mobile

Agencies in web development should use this plugin. The features are useful, but in order to get the most out of it you will have to get WPtouch Pro 3. For an independent developer this can be incredibly expensive and many of its features may be deemed unnecessary for a much smaller webpage. The pro version of the plugin supports several domains and has many additional features that agencies can utilize, especially if they are working with large websites that encompass several domains.

3. DudaMobile Website Developer


The DudaMobile Website Developer plugin works to make it an easier task for developers to convert their WordPress website into a mobile-friendly webpage.  Some of its major benefits is that it is fast as well as free. The plugin allow you to customize your site and pick several features to add to the webpage, which includes things such as click-to-call, mobile, maps, and contact forms. There is also the site editor to help customize other features of the mobile site and add additional things as well.


  • Quickly coverts WordPress website into a more mobile-friendly website
  • Keeps the same look and feel of older WordPress sites
  • Automatically syncs with the your current WordPress site
  • Optimized to operate and function on all smartphones
  • Automatically redirects every visitors from a mobile device to the mobile version of the site
  • Site analytics are available for free
  • Works with both Google Analytics and AdSense
  • No coding necessary to operate and use the plugin

Because it is both simple and free, this is a good plugin for all users. Independent developers can make use of the simple interface to quickly optimize their site and make it mobile ready. The plugin allows for experimentation and it provides you with a preview of what it will look like on smartphones before it is published.

Major web developers and agencies can make use of this plugin as well to quickly optimize several sites or customize a site for mobile use without worry about additional complicated features.

This is a very basic plugin though. For those looking for more tools and resources a premium mobile plugin would be a better option.

4. Media Grid – WordPress Responsive Portfolio

Media Grid
Media Grid

This plugin has received several updates in order to make it work better and be compatible with the latest versions of desktop and mobile services. Through this plugin you are able to create portfolios that are both responsive and filterable. Using a masonry layout, this plugin gives you the ability to change each portfolio to meet a specific situation while also being mobile optimized for themes.


  • Unlimited responsive portfolios
  • Mobile optimized for all types of content, which includes images, audio, and video
  • Unlimited colors and layouts as well as unlimited item options
  • Visual grid builder
  • 1 click setup (with 10 predefined styles)
  • Social media support with Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter that gives users the ability to share.

This is a professional grade plugin that costs a great deal of money in comparison to the free plugins that are available that do mobile optimization. If an independent developer is looking to just make a site mobile optimized and nothing else, then this is not the proper plugin for you and the costs can be avoided. But for a large number of sites that need to have a mobile presence as well as a customized look, then this plugin is a good option. It allows for social networking, something many plugins don’t do. Experienced agencies that are working towards optimizing websites should make use of this plugin since it provides them with limitless opportunities.

5. Mobile Smart Pro

Some settings from Mobile Smart Pro

The Mobile smart Pro plugin is used to allow web developers to easily customize their webpage for mobile devices. Once you have the plugin, each page and post will have the option of being adjusted for mobile pages, and you can add specific content to the mobile version of the page. In fact, you can even take things a step further by adding mobile-specific versions of the theme and mobile-specific menus.


  • Mobile Device Detection
  • Theme switching that moves to a mobile theme specified by the web developer
  • Footer Switcher to switch between the mobile and desktop versions of the website
  • Tablet mode that gives the ability to enable and disable an automatic switch for tablets such as iPad and Android tablets
  • Developer features that include template tags to customize the theme for different devices. There is also the “unstyled” theme to keep the theme the same for different

Premium Features

  • Domain switching that redirects users to the mobile version of your site, which requires you to change some of your DNS settings
  • Mobile pages that give you mobile-specific text content and the same edit screen as the desktop content
  • Mobile menus that allow you to set up mobile-specific menus to make navigation easier

This plugin has two versions and both are useful, but some of the key features of the plugin are only included in the premium version. This means that it has a cost.

For independent developers with very small and simple websites, there is no need for this plugin as the additional features won’t prove very useful. For developers of larger sites or a group of developers, the premium version of this plugin will allow for a greater amount of customization and optimization for a mobile site.

The plugin requires some coding experience and in depth knowledge of things such as DNS settings, so it should only be handled and used by a more experienced developer.

6. WP Mobile Splash Page Editor

WP Mobile Splash Page Editor
WP Mobile Splash Page Editor

The WP Mobile Splash Page Editor gives you unlimited control in terms of styling. There are several options that involve everything from the color to the logo design, and you can easily create a mobile splash page to meet the look and style of your WordPress site. In addition to providing you with a customizable splash page, there is also the dedication towards speed to make the page load quickly, and it also has no impact on your SEO as well.


  • Easy to edit content
  • Unlimited styling
  • PageSpeed of 100/100
  • Optimized for Mobile Internet
  • Native Phone Features Support

This is a splash page editor, which helps the user create an instant page in order to attract more users to their site.

Because a splash page has to have an immediate appeal, the ability to customize and style it with limitless possibilities helps make this plugin useful for any developer, but only those looking to drive more traffic to their site through mobile devices.

Independent developers with this goal in mind can find good use out of this plugin as well as small agencies to help increase the traffic to several webpages.

7. Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin for WordPress

Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin for WordPress
Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin for WordPress

This WordPress plugin is designed to mobilize a blog within just a few minutes. The plugin detects every mobile device that reaches your site, and the plugin tailor makes each aspect of the blog to fit that particular handset. This plugin detects by using Wapple’s web services instead of using a third part tool. Any theme that has been established on your site will be carried to the mobile version in order to keep a consistent look.


  • Keeps the same URL of the site without redirecting to the mobile version
  • Retains SEO for the site
  • Supports characters from multiple language
  • Allows users to comment from mobile.
  • Complete freedom over how the mobile site is styled. A few settings can be edited to adjust the look and style of the site.
  • Every element of the mobile site is controlled from the size of individual images and posts. Tags and categories and even the wording can be changed as well.

This is a free plugin, which allows anyone to download it, but it does have a lot of features to it. Everything is not automatic, but it does provide the user with a good number of features and customization.

In order to fully utilize all of the features that the plugin provides, it is best for a small agency to use this plugin. For independent users there are other plugins that are a good bit simpler to use.

8. WP Mobile Edition

One style from WP Mobile Edition

Fully optimized and made to perform on smartphones such as the iPhone, Android Windows Phone, and Blackberry, this plugin was made to be simple and easy to use. It has a setting page that gives you control over your site and its mobile capabilities. This plugin is designed to work automatically. It has smart formatting that will re-position the site based on the user viewing it horizontally or vertically. There is also a full comment system that can either be wordpressor or DISQUS. The plugin adapts everything on the site, which includes articles, images, and multiple pages to fit on a mobile device.


  • Mobile switcher that automatically checks whether or not a person is using a mobile device to visit the site and switches to the mobile theme
  • XML Sitemap Generator that maximizes the site when mobile searches are performed in major search engines such as Google and Bing
  • There is a mobile theme that is fast and lightweight, but it has a limited number of customizable features
  • The plugin does come with mobile ads, which allows you to put any ad script on the mobile version of your webpage

This is a great mobile plugin for independent developers. Most of its features activate automatically, which means that you do not have to know a wide array of terms to use it. There is no coding required, and there is no need to have any type of Search Engine Optimization knowledge as the plugin will automatically optimize the site for SEO. For developers that do not have a lot of time, this is a useful plugin, but it only has a limited number of custimizations possible.

Know What You Need

There are a number of nice choices above if you’re looking to make your site mobile friendly, but as you can see, you need to know what you need. Is it worth paying for something premium if you’re only looking to do one site? Maybe. But if not, there are free options too.

Any way you slice it, however, the days of ignoring mobile are over.

Image Credit: 10Fold Creative

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  1. Nice article.

    But what about WPMUDEV coming up with something within the membership? Isn’t it important enough for you to have something at the top of the list?


  2. I believe Responsive Theme Design will swamp out the plugins that are doing this. People continue to view websites in very different view-ports and resolutions and its important to implement a solution that your non-desktop users find just as good if not better than the desktop website/application.

  3. I agree the days of ignoring mobile are over. Current methods of mobile site display just don’t seem to me to be a perfect fit yet.

    Dustin’s point that responsive theme design addresses different viewpoints is well taken. But many responsive theme templates seem to just push page elements down into a single column and don’t offer the non-coder any options to which elements should appear in the different view port sizes.

    The mobile plugins and dedicated mobile themes have their limitations also. Many need a separate URL, come with fees and have limited theme choices.

    I am looking forward to see what the future brings in terms of developing sites for mobile and I am prepared to be amazed!

  4. This article may be a bit old, but a comment on DudaMobile: great tool, easy to use, HOWEVER, in the free version, they put a BANNER AD across the top of your page. This is not mentioned anywhere that I saw, and only became aware once I launched the site.

    As soon as I did that and saw the banner ad (for DudaMobile), I went back to the Editing page for the mobile site (on DudaMobile.com’s website FYI), and THEN noticed that the banner was indeed shown in the device emulation screen.

    Shame on the author for not pointing this out, but thank you to the author for the time he did take to compile this info (can’t test everything!).