8 WordPress PayPal Plugins for Receiving Payments and Donations

Today I’ll be featuring PayPal plugins that have been recently updated for WordPress. These plugins will allow you to easily take donations, implement a simple shopping cart, sell downloadable content, or work with foreign currencies. There are times when you don’t need a fully robust shopping cart and are only interested in selling a few items or receiving donations. In this case it’s better to keep your WordPress site lightweight with a simpler option. We’ve selected just a few that do exactly that.

Fundraising Plugin

From the WPMU Dev laboratories, this plugin gives you a flexible system for accepting fundraisers and donations, and also accept payment in any major currency. It makes the process simple – adding a plugin is as simple as creating a new post on your WordPress blog.

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WordPress PayPal Donation Plugin

This plugin enables you to recieve donations in multiple currencies in one click. It can be used in the sidebar, posts and pages. WordPress PayPal Donations Plugin uses IPN to ensure the values are correct. You can also elect to display your total donations to date.

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Easyfileshop enables you to sell files as downloads. It creates a fully customizable PayPal checkout button for you. The files are stored inside a secure access protected folder on your server. After the payment is verified the buyer receives a customizable email with a personal download link.

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Senzoo Donation Widget

The Senzoo widget makes it simple to add a donation form with growl-type notification that includes PayPal, Amazon FPS and Google Checkout on your WordPress site. Visit senzoo.net for a quick demonstration.

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Multi Currency PayPal Donations

This plugin allows you to route different currencies to specific paypal accounts, in order to avoid high fees for cross border transactions. Even if you don’t have multiple paypal accounts this is still a great plugin for accepting donations.

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PayPal Booking Framework

This plugin, while still in Beta, is one to check out if you’re looking for event registration. It has been built to support courses and classes bookings. Payments are done via PayPal IPN. It sends the registrant to your PayPal payment page for online collection of event fees. Events are sorted by date and a short code is provided to display a single event on a page.

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Enhanced PayPal Shortcodes

This plugin allows you to easily embed a fully functional PayPal buy now, subscribe or hosted button using shortcodes. It supports Wishlist Member and provides integration with iDev Affiliate and JRox JAM.

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Are PayPal

This plugin is used to monetize WordPress blog content with PayPal. It is designed to sell your knowledge by restricting content to be shown only to users who have payed to view your blog. Googlebots will still be able to index your content so that searchers will find your site, but they won’t be able to see unless they’ve paid.

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  1. Thank you so much for this list! The Fundraising Plugin is exactly what I’ve been looking for – you just saved me sooo much time and energy (not to mention sleep)!

    Appreciate all that you guys do…