9 New BuddyPress Plugins That Kick Ass

BuddyPress developers have been plugging along, writing some excellent extensions for the platform. I’ve rounded up 9 of the newest, most exciting plugins created for BuddyPress so far in 2011.

BP Tweet URLs

This plugin works with YOURLS and BuddyPress to create your own URL shortening service for tweeting items from the activity stream.

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BuddyPress Mandatory Groups

This plugin lets site administrators lock users into BuddyPress groups. Mandatory group membership can be handy when you want reserve a group for support information, announcements, or simply to place your users into assigned sections.

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Anti-Splog is the best way to stop and kill splogs on your BuddyPress site. It implements four layers of protection to outsmart the bots that keep bombarding your BuddyPress site with spam users. It is most powerful when you enable the highly intelligent and ever-learning Anti-Splog API.

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YD Profile Visitor Tracker

This plugin tracks and displays who has been visiting your profile or other personal pages on a BuddyPress website. Check out the plugin’s homepage for advanced usage and customization examples.

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WordPress Chat Plugin

The WordPress Chat plugin lets you easily run as many live chats as you want on your WordPress, Multisite or BuddyPress site. A user can log in with WordPress, BuddyPress, Twitter, or Facebook. The plugin includes gravatars, emoticons, logs and many more customization options for your site.

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Newsletter Sign Up

This is a great option for getting your BuddyPress users signed up to your newsletter. It integrates an opt-in checkbox with your comment forms or registration form and supports several major newsletter service providers, including Aweber, Mailchimp, iContact, PHPList, Feedblitz.

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BP Unread Posts

Every forum should have the ability to show unread posts. It makes navigating forum post much less overwhelming. Your users will thank you for installing this plugin.

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BuddyPress Docs

This is a seriously kickass plugin that brings collaborative work spaces to your BuddyPress community with wiki-style document editing. Features include group-specific documents, taxonomy, fully sortable and filterable doc lists, TinyMCE front-end document editing, and much more.

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BuddyPress Privacy

Right now this is the only real option for getting privacy capabilities added to BuddyPress. There’s currently no other plugin like it and until the project decides to include some form of privacy in the core, you’ll need to use a plugin. This one does the job, although it’s not currently under active development. However, a great deal of work went into the creation of BuddyPress Privacy, and it’s an excellent starting point for adding your own custom privacy options.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these Buddypress plugins, I’m especially keen to try the anti-splog one as I had lots of problems with spammer registrations in the trial Buddypress installation I setup months ago.

    I would recommend changing the title of this post to not include “kick ***.” I know you want to get people’s attention with a headline but that is not language we’d consider appropriate on a blog for school. As a result I’m unwilling to retweet the post with this title.

    This may seem like frivolous moralizing, but the words we choose to use and the modeling we do for others are quite important. Please consider changing your post title to something more appropriate. You have great info here and I’d love to share it with others. :-)

  2. Some nice plugins there well done, though I didn’t get excited enough to want to kick my long-eared, slow, patient, sure-footed domesticated mammal (Equus asinus).

    Though I can see how other people may be worried about the potential of animal abuse that could be caused by the title :)

  3. How to customize the home page in Such a way that it shows your stream. And How to customize the names of default tabs, like Activity, Members etc. Also is there any plugin so that people simply can post Forum threads without having to join a particular group.