9 User-Friendly Featured Content Slider Plugins for WordPress

Featured sliders are all the rage right now, because they provide an easy way to showcase your best content and keep keep your visitors interested with instantly changing images. When searching for a plugin to handle your site’s featured content and/or images, it can be completely overwhelming, given the vast number available. Who knows which are any good? I want to save you an hour of research with this post.

I’ve selected some of the easiest to use and most recently updated slider plugins for WordPress to help you narrow your search. Each slider listed has a screenshot and a link to its demo, so that you can quickly sift through and find the perfect slider for your WordPress site.

Easing Slider

The Easing Slider comes with various options that allow you to choose different sources to get the images from and also multiple styling options so that you’ll never have to edit any files directly and with ease.

Download Plugin | View Demo

Content Slider by SlideDeck

The SlideDeck WordPress slider plugin allows you to easily create a content slider widget or slideshow on your WordPress blog without having to write any code.

Download Plugin | View Demo


iSlidex is a WordPress Plugin that will showcase images taken from posts in a specific category. The plugin is completely automated once you set the number of slides you would like to feature, the size and the category from where iSlidex will pull the images.

Download Plugin | View Demo

Coin Slider 4 WordPress

This is a plugin for creating an image gallery with unique transition effects for featured posts. You can choose between three types of transition effects: random, swirl and rain. Also, you can set width, height, delay time, number of posts etc.

Download Plugin | View Demo

Meteor Slides

This plugin makes it simple to manage slideshows with WordPress by adding a custom post type for slides. The slideshows are powered by jQuery Cycle and have over twenty transition styles to choose from.

Download Plugin | View Demo

WP Slideshow

WP Slideshow displays unlimited Posts with Images (from Custom Fields). With a nice Javascript Effect and a modern Button Navigation, WP Slideshow will fit all your needs.

Download Plugin | View Demo

Dynamic Content Gallery

This plugin creates a dynamic gallery of images for latest and/or featured content using either the JonDesign SmoothGallery script for mootools, or a custom jQuery script.

Download Plugin | View Demo

NIVO slider light

The NIVO slider can be used to create a simple gallery in your articles. It does not modify any other images or galleries.

Download Plugin | View Demo

WordPress Content Slide

Content Slide is used to create fully customizable jquery Fading image slideshow anywhere within your WordPress site. Custom options include slideshow size, color, style and more.

Download Plugin | View Demo

Comments (15)

  1. Sliders look slick and cool when you first see them, but the novelty soon wears off. They are fine for showcase sites where you are unlikely to revisit very often, but non-user initiated slider and transition effects can be quite annoying and distracting.

    However, slider effects which are initiated upon user action, such as clicking a link – in those cases it is not intrusive and probably the most user friendly method.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Though all plugins listed in the post are perfect since you did not include Nivo Slider, one of most favorite free jquery slider plugin that is awesome. It’s true it is a little harder but offers multiple options to control the sliding effects and images, posts, etc.



  3. I’ve used Smooth Slider, Meteor Slides and SlideDeck all with success. however, I now need something different. Does anyone know of a slider that will allow the transition of images one by one rather than in a group? Let me explain. I’ve got a slider that has dimensions of 900 x 200. There are approximately 50 thumbnail images with a link for each to a certain page that I’d like to show. The problem is the dimensions only allow for the display of 10 at a time. So I need a slider that will transition thumbnails individually. So when a visitor clicks the “Next” arrow button thumbnails 1 through 10 now become thumbnails 2 through 11, then on the next click of the arrow thumbnails 3 through 13 & so on. Here is a website with what I’m talking about on the front page – http://BlackmonMooring.com

    Thanks for any tips anyone can give ahead of time.



    • Technically, you can do this with jQuery Cycle, but most slideshow scripts aren’t very well suited to this, what you want is a carousel script instead.

      I don’t know of a good WordPress carousel plugin off-hand, but I’m sure there is one. For carousel scripts, I like jCarousel, maybe try looking for a WordPress plugin that uses that: http://sorgalla.com/jcarousel/