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The WPMU DEV Blog provides WordPress news, tips, tutorials, and reviews.

We’re the content arm of WPMU DEV (which provides WordPress plugins, themes, and support). Both sites are owned and operated by Incsub. In addition, Incsub owns and operates Edublogs.org.

By providing information and how-to’s here, and top-rate plugins and themes on WPMU DEV, our aim is to be “Your WordPress Team” – helping you shape and mould your WordPress site to get it just the way you want it.

What Does WPMU Stand For?

WPMU and WPMU DEV began with a concentration on a type of WordPress site called “WordPress Multi-User” (hence WPMU). WordPress Multi-User allowed you to build and run a network of sites from one WordPress installation, as we did with Edublogs.org.

WordPress Multi-User is now called WordPress Multisite. And we here at WPMU DEV have moved on too. No longer do we focus solely on Multisite installations (though we still do that). We now focus on all types of WordPress sites – from the single installation on a shared hosting account to the million-site network spread over several different dedicated servers.

What Can I Find on WPMU.org?

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Can I Write For You?

We’re always looking for WordPress experts who have an interest in sharing their knowledge. You can find out more on our Write for Us page.

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