Add a Pinterest Button to Your WordPress Posts

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing, addictive social bookmarking sites on the internet right now. If you know how to promote to Pinterest, then you can drive loads of traffic to your website.

Now there’s a WordPress Pinterest plugin called Pin It On Pinterest that makes it easy for WordPress sites to add a “Pin It” button to the end of posts. As I am a huge fan of Pinterst, this plugin immediately caught my attention.

Pin It On Pinterest allows you to tailor the pinning process by including the option to predetermine the image and text that gets pinned to Pinterest.

Here’s how it works:

Install and activate the plugin and then you’ll be able to tailor the “Pin It” button on a post-by-post basis. It will add a box to the post editor for you to fill in the description of the pin and assign the image you’d like for it to pin when the button is clicked. The button will then be added to the end of your post with a little tracker to show how many pins your post has received.

When the button is clicked, you’ll get a popup that is identical to the behavior of the “Pin It” bookmarklet:

It automatically populates the box with your description and image. Of course, the user can still edit this information.

Your image, text and the link to your site are then automatically sent to Pinterest, giving you another avenue to gain valuable traffic from visitors who are genuinely interested in your content.

Want to see the Pin It On Pinterest plugin in action? The developers from Flaunt Your Site created this video tour of its features:

If you haven’t checked out Pinterest, you really should. When your content is posted there, you’re certain to get many links back to your site as well as benefit from a significant increase in traffic. This is especially pertinent to sites that post quite a bit of visually appealing content. Maybe it’s time to start focusing on your post images a little more. Download the Pin It On Pinterest plugin for free from the WordPress repository and start getting pinned today!