Add a Smooth Slide-Out AJAX Contact Form to Your WordPress Site

Finding the perfect contact form plugin can be a time-consuming task. Some of them end up looking clunky and need serious CSS revisions in order to be decent. Who really enjoys styling form elements? Wouldn’t it be so much better if you could find a contact form plugin that works smoothly and has a decent design right out of the box?

I’d like to introduce you to the DynamicWP Contact Form, which just came on the scene this week. You may have seen some of those fancy side tab sliding contact forms floating around the internet. Now WordPress has its own easy-to-use plugin to create the same effect. Check out the plugin page demo.

Features of DynamicWP Contact Form

  • Easy to install
  • AJAX contact form
  • Social link button integrated
  • Beautiful design
  • WordPress 3.0 compatible

The developers are also planning to add spam protection features to the plugin in the near future.

It’s been quite some time since WordPress has had a truly easy-to-implement contact form plugin. Many of the leading plugins practically need a manual for you to know how to set them up. DynamicWP Contact Form is simple, elegant, and easy to set up. Just install the plugin and activate it. It will immediately appear on your sidebar. You only have to enter your email address in the plugin’s dashboard options. If you want to add links to your social networks, just paste them into the options and you’re good to go.

This is a jQuery contact form that you can be proud of. Download it from the DynamicWP website and let them know if you have any suggestions.

Comments (14)

  1. Hare – Where did you download it from? I don’t know if they’ve updated it in the repo yet, because that’s an old bug. Download it from the plugin developer’s site directly and you should find the most recent version.

  2. Ah, thanks for the quick response! Yes, I downloaded it from the wordpress repo. I’ll try the site.

    ( BTW, do you know of a good tool/plugin, to block access to given parts of the admin page for wordpress 3 multisite users? I want to customise it, and remove chunks of functionality that they wont need )

  3. Hello Sara,

    Excellent post, but I still have two problems in cormulario;

    1) when I click the button opens the contact form and it gets under my slides.

    2) when clicking the submit button I get a white page with number 1 at the top left of the screen.

    Can you help me with some procedure for Acetar this detail.

    Sergio Araujo – Brazil

  4. I want to do the same thing for normal text. basically I need a same kind of button that will slide open and show my testimonials. Is there any plugin for this..?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Hii Sarah, thanks for this plugin & great support. I want to know how to add this contact form to all wordpress posts & contact query goes directly to author of that post….is it possible to do that…please help me on this