Add Sliding Tabs to Display Social Media on Your WordPress Site

Displaying recent posts from your various social media outlets can take up quite a bit of real estate within your sidebar. A tabbed display has long been one of the best ways to maximize the content you can include on one page and now you can make use of tabs for your social accounts with the new Social Media Tabs plugin.

This plugin essentially gives you a widget, which adds sliding tabs, each with a social network profile or media feed. The tabs can be added to either a widget area or set to slide out from the side of the browser. Visitors will be able to view all of your social media feeds from one compact with smooth slideout transitions.

This is one highly configurable widget:

  • Custom Icons – To change the icons used for the facebook, google, rss and twitter tabs enter the full URL to your new icon image in the text boxes. The current active icons will show in the right-hand column.
  • Default Skin – Check this box to disable the default skin that comes with the plugin.
  • Open Links In New Window – Check the box if you wish all links within the media tabs open in a new browser window.
  • Google +1 Options – Add Statistics – Check the box to include statistics about your google profile at the top of the tab. The statistics panel is provided by
  • Twitter Options – Show Replies – Uncheck the box if you do not wish replies to be included in the list of tweets

On top of those options available in the plugin’s settings, you also have more in the widget control panel. These options enable you to easily change the height and width of the widget, choose between static or slide out tabs, change the slide out tab location, offset, auto-close, load options, default open tab, and much more.

View the live demo on the plugin’s homepage to see it in action.

If you’re a fan of sliding panels, then I highly recommend the Social Media Tabs plugin for a slightly more interactive approach to displaying your feeds. Download it for free from the WordPress plugin repository.

Comments (9)

  1. Nice plugin. However the default settings are completely broken on my site. I could see if I tweaked the settings or CSS myself and it didn’t work, but it doesn’t render properly out-of-the box, for me. Hopefully I can get get it working or an update will fix it. :)

  2. Sarah – thanks for the review :)

    @Rone – there may be problems with jquery errors, which will affect the set up of the tabs. If you want to contact me via the plugin site I can take a look at the problem

  3. @Sarah Thanks! But I’m actually using the “static” layout.

    @Lee, I’ll contact you via the plugin site after I have reactivated the plugin, so you can see, live, how its rendering in my site’s sidebar.

    Thank you both for the speedy response.

  4. Eureka! Lee thank you so much for your assistance with my awkwardly coded theme. I truly could not have done it without your assistance and guidance. The plugin is truly awesome.

    One other thing I wanted to throw out there for the plugin is the ability to use “wildcard” icons. Say I want an icon that when clicked goes to a specific URL. I think that would be highly useful. For instance I’d like one that was an email icon that took visitors to a email subscrition page. That level of flexibility and customization would only propel this plugin further imo.

    Just a thought.

    Thanks again!