AlienWP Merges with DevPress for New WordPress Theme Partnership

AlienWP has been cranking out some awesome free responsive WordPress themes lately and people have been taking notice. Galin Simeonov of AlienWP was asked by Tung Do to join DevPress as an equal partner. DevPress launched last year with its famous $5/yr membership club but its previous partners disbanded to pursue other projects.

What does this mean for DevPress members?

DevPress has added the themes available at AlienWP and will offer support and updates for them within the theme club membership.

Now when you visit AlienWP you’ll be greeted with the message:

AlienWP is now a subsidiary site of DevPress. Details and more exciting news coming soon…

With more hands on deck, the future of DevPress is much brighter than before. Take a minute to join today. After all, it’s only $5/year and you’ll get access to all of their themes and support in the forums. You can count on the DevPress team to release some exciting new WordPress and BuddyPress themes in 2012.


Comments (4)

  1. DevPress is moving!
    DevPress is moving to a new hosting environment to improve the experience for everyone. Hopefully, there will be no more error messages and slow loading pages.

    Weird. It shows that error on chrome, FF, and Safari, but Camino is the only one that didn’t have an issue loading it. It’s the first time I’ve looked at the site, too, so, it’s odd why these three browsers aren’t rendering it properly.