Hi. I'm Clifford Paulick, doing cool things with WordPress, photography, and videography @TourKick. I provide web and technology consulting services at TourKick.com and am a Tulsa real estate professional.

I particularly enjoy security, optimization, organization, and media topics. What good is a WordPress site if it's unusable? Additionally, I enjoy reviewing premium and free WordPress products and services, looking for high value and a smile-worthy experience.

I resigned from writing for wpmu.org in December 2012, to focus on my own businesses. I hope everyone enjoys my posts here for years to come. Thanks for the good times!

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Convert WordPress Pages to Posts or CPTs

There may come a time when you’ll want to convert a WordPress post to a page, a page to a post, a page to a Custom Post Type post, or some other option. Maybe you’re getting posts more organized or changing themes that have CPTs that you don’t want to disappear. This is easily and quickly accomplished with the help of a WordPress plugin.
Understanding Post Types

WordPress Change Convert Posts to Pages and Custom Post Type conversions

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Visually Test Your WordPress Rewrite URL Rules

With functions like add_rewrite_rule(), WordPress allows you to create your own URL rewrite rules via the WP Rewrite API, of the WP_Rewrite Class.

If you’re not sick of the word “rewrite” yet and that gobbley-gook sentence interests you, read on… :-)
Adding WordPress Custom Rewrite Rules
I can’t help you write your custom rewrite rules, but I can point you in the write direction (get it?) to make sure they work as desired.

Once you have your rewrite rules in you plugin or your theme’s functions.php, you then need to:

Visit your Permalinks (just visiting the page is supposed to flush rewrite rules)

WordPress URL Rewriting

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wpCasa Real Estate Theme Framework

As a WordPress guy and a Tulsa REALTOR®, I’m happy to introduce you to wpCasa. The wpCasa WordPress theme framework has been in development for several years, created by the ThemeShift team (featured on last year’s Niche Showcase: WordPress Themes for Real Estate). wpCasa is flexible enough to handle the unique needs of a demanding real estate website. (FYI: I, Clifford, am not from ThemeShift. I’m just introducing you to the new wpCasa real estate theme framework.)
Distinguishing Features
If you’re looking for a dynamic, all-around great WordPress real estate theme framework, you’ve got to consider wpCasa. It’s got so much to offer.

Responsive design

wpCasa Theme Framework

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Round 2: Comprehensive Review of 6 More Popular WordPress Premium Theme Frameworks

Last updated: 11:35 am Eastern Time on October 18, 2012

About this Theme Review
This is the much anticipated Round 2 of the WordPress Premium Theme Framework Comparison, which has dozens of valuable comments appreciating the WPMU DEV review, correcting errors (that I then updated in the post), telling me how I skipped that person’s favorite one, and asking for additional insights. That’s exactly what I want this one, Round 2, to be.

To be clear, my goals in comparing themes in this table format are to:

WordPress Premium Theme Framework Review - Round 2

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How To Duplicate WordPress Custom Menus

WordPress Custom Menus allow us to customize our site navigation area(s) with drag-and-drop ease and plenty of customization options.

But there’s a gap in the usability department — cloning an existing menu.

Having the ability to “copy and paste” WordPress menus is smart for several reasons:

Make a backup copy before adding customizations
Use slightly different menus (maybe off by just one navigation item) for different pages or theme areas
Create several versions of a base menu to test and see which version you like best

How To Duplicate an Existing WordPress Menu
The appropriately named Duplicate Menu plugin is simple and straight-forward.

Duplicate WordPress Menus

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The Ultimate Site Finalization Checklist for Professional WordPress Websites

How often do you do create a new website for yourself or someone else? Do you just dive in and start working your WordPress theme, plugin, and settings magic? I’m guessing most of us do this and could benefit from having a checklist to guide us through the website finalization process. A checklist will remind you of important settings to configure and help you to not forget the little things.

I’ve created a long list of items to be completed after getting the general site design approved by your client (or yourself if the site is for you).

WordPress Website Finalization Checklist

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Free Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for Your WordPress Sites

Does your website have a Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?
It really should.

Do you recommend your clients create their own, but they say they don’t want to?
Now it’s easy to get a generic (but customized) Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Why You Should Have Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Pages
All of your and your clients’ sites should have these legal documents publicly posted for several reasons:

Best Practices
Required if you create a Facebook App (e.g. to integrate your site with Facebook)
Establishes credibility with visitors, even if they don’t click on or read them
Protects you and your business

WordPress Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

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Enable or Disable All HTML Tags in WordPress Author Biography Profiles

By default, WordPress strips some (but not all) HTML tags. You’re able to type all the HTML you want into the About Yourself –> Biographical Info text box for each WordPress profile, but HTML tags like p (new paragraph) and br (line break) get stripped once you click to save.

Because of this, longer bios look like one big, chunky paragraph instead of being split into several cleaner-looking paragraphs.
Enable all HTML Tags in Profile Bios
To disable the default WordPress HTML tag “sanitization”, you can add this snippet to your theme’s functions.php file or in your own separate plugin:


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Cover Flow your Featured Images and Podcasts

The new Message Flow WordPress plugin displays your Featured Images in a Cover Flow-like format.
All the Features
Using the ContentFlow script, the Message Flow plugin can display a Cover Flow for a variety of content sources:

The most recent posts, displaying the featured images
The most recent posts of a specific category, displaying the featured images
Items from some types of RSS feeds, displaying only the plugin’s default image
Podcasts from the Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin, displaying the iTunes image and integrating an audio player so you can listen right from Message Flow

Cover Flow WordPress podcast plugin - Message Flow

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Secure all WordPress logins with HTTPS even if you don’t have your own SSL certificate

If you’re unable to install an SSL certificate on your web server or are just too cheap to buy your own ($10+ per year per website), you can still force all WordPress logins to use the secure HTTPS protocol.

Note: If you already have your own SSL certificate installed, all you need to do is use the FORCE_SSL_LOGIN wp-config.php constant. You don’t need this plugin.
How to setup the Https-SSL-free plugin

Install and activate the Https-SSL-free plugin.
Upon plugin activation, it will change your WordPress Site URL setting from http://example.com to https://example_com.1.com.ar and log you out.

The Https-SSL-free plugin

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