Christien Paul, also known as the WP Chef, is a freelance WordPress developer based in Toronto, Canada with a passion for music. He is also the founder of, a WordPress platform designed for bands and festivals. Connect with Christien on Twitter @christienpaul

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How to Setup a Sponsors/Clients Page Using the Link Library

If you are hosting an event with sponsors or even a service provider who wants to showcase clients, I would recommend using the Links Library. It is a native content type to WordPress and for the non-bloggers out there it’s rarely put to use. Using this method allows you to template the Links Page as logos with perfect spacing and consistency. If you try to do it with a bucket of images within a page or post, it gets rather cumbersome to edit and aligning things can get messy.


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3 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Festivals

I have been working with festivals throughout Canada for nearly 5 years now and set them all up with WordPress websites. I find it’s best to power the site with WordPress as much as possible. This includes the use of the WordPress user base to process submissions/applications from performers seeking to play the festival. To do this I have a few methods but the most simplified approach is done with the following three plugins;
1) Members List

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3 WordPress Plugins for First Impressions

If you have a website for your business there are a few plugins I think you should have no matter what your goal is (make contact, make a sale, etc.)

To start, contact forms will always make you look more professional than using a naked email address, especially if it’s with gmail or hotmail (get email on your own domain).

Aside from the impression someone gets from your website, there’s the impression they get on the search engines that list your website.


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How to Optimize the WordPress Front-End for Speed

Let’s set a few ground rules. The speed of your website (also known as load time) depends on 4 things.

The server hosting the website
The visitor’s internet connection
The DNS configuration of the domain for the website
The file size and file structure of the website

The first three items of this list we can assume are optimized or perhaps not within your control. That leaves you with optimizing the website which is 9 times out of 10 what needs to be “fixed”. Please also note that each page is unique and must be diagnosed separately. How do we diagnose the page?

Screen shot 2012-07-04 at 10.30.06 PM

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To Link or Not to Link, That is The Question

There are different types of links in the world of SEO; Internal Links (links within your site that land on pages within your site), External Links (links within your site that land on pages on other websites) & Inbound Links (links from other websites that land on your website). As always, I’m going to recommend quality over quantity especially when it comes to link building.

Thumbs-Up Thumbs-Down

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Keywords vs Keyphrases and Quantity vs Quality

There are keywords and keyphrases. Keyphrases are 3 words or more such as “Condos in Toronto” or “Condos For Sale”. The methodology to search engine optimization is to target “long-tail keyphrases” which are actionable, i.e. a call to action. Optimizing for words such as “Toronto Condos” may yield more traffic but the quality of said traffic may not convert into a qualified lead but rather attract buyers who are not yet ready to buy.


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Benefits of WordPress for Musicians and Bands

Are you a musician? Perhaps in a band or organizing a music festival? You might want to consider WordPress as your platform over services like Bandzoogle, FourFour or HostBaby because unlike these platforms, WordPress is an open-source platform that is free to the public. That means nobody can hold it ransom as they do not own it ;)


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