Craig is a recovering engineer and avid tech writer. His sites and provide resources and tutorials on how nonprofits and politicians can turn their plain websites into web destinations! When he's not writing he enjoys riding motorcycles and playing guitar - though not at the same time - that's just dangerous.

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Project Management in the WordPress Dashboard

A good project management system lets you keep track of (and manage) projects within your organization. It lets you relate and assign tasks to contacts, set milestones and goals, and it provides an easy to use interface for messaging other members of your team.

Every organization has unique needs, which means no project management system is perfect for every situation, but the WP Project Manager plugin is a great place to start if you want to bring simple project management functionality into your WordPress Dashboard.

Business word cloud for business concept, Project management

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Royal Slider – A King-Sized Responsive Slider for WordPress

Royal Slider has been a popular premium slider plugin for a long time, and the all-new version of the old favorite is a good option for your WordPress sites. It is fully responsive, gives you the ability to add multiple animated HTML blocks, and has almost a dozen templates for adding things like thumbnail navigation, deep linking, video, and more.

Adding Slides with Royal Slider

Video Slider with Side Tabs

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Turn Your WordPress Website Into a Lead Generating Machine

Your fantastic website runs on WordPress and your CRM of choice is Salesforce, but you just can’t seem to get the two applications to play nice together.

Fret no more, in this daily tip we’re going to show you how to integrate WordPress and Salesforce, and turn your website into a lead generating machine!

A note before we start: We’ll be using the Web-to-Lead feature of Salesforce, which requires you to be using their Group Edition platform, or higher.
Why Integrate WordPress with Salesforce?

CRM, Customer Relationship Management

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2 Plugins to Put Your Site in the Fast Lane

Page load speed is not only a major factor in how many people find and stay on your site, it’s also a factor in how much revenue you can earn. In Greg Linden’s short (but famous) article, he writes about internal tests at Amazon that showed mere milliseconds of delay in page load time cost the company substantial revenue.

Even Google experienced similar results, citing 20% less traffic to a page when it loads just a half second slower.

Above red line

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Add a SlideShare Presentation to Your WordPress Site

Slideshare is a popular online presentation viewing service. Members can upload presentations in multiple formats, host them in the cloud and deliver them through Slideshare’s viewer. You can also use the company’s built-in WordPress shortcode feature which embeds your slide show right on your WordPress site.

What you end up with is a picture-perfect slide show presentation viewer like the one shown below, and it was added with one simple line of code.



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Add a PayPal “Buy Now” Button to WordPress

Adding a PayPal button to your site is one of the easiest (and fastest) ways to take payments or collect donations with your WordPress installation.

In today’s Daily Tip, we’ll show you how to quickly add a PayPal button to your site using the standard post/page editor.

To start, you’ll need a PayPal account. You’ve got one of those right? If not, head over to PayPal and get started – it’s free!

BuyNow Big PayPal

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WPMU’s Best in WordPress: Dec. 3rd – 9th

We’re down to only a few weeks left in 2012, and the last one gone by has been a great source for some fantastic WordPress goodies.

This week on WPMU’s Best in WordPress, we bring you information on the new WP 3.5, web analytics and SEO, some responsive CSS, and tips on how to get more involved in the WordPress community. Enjoy!

1. How to Become a Top WordPress Professional: SmashingMagazine


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Cleaning Up WordPress Menu Admin with Screen Options

If your site uses a few custom post types and those custom post types are viewable in the WordPress menu area, your admin panel can get messy quickly; making it hard to find categories or tags you actually want to include in your menus.

Of course you could alter your custom post type code to remove them from the menu item screen, but the easier solution is to use the SCREEN OPTIONS tab inside the menu admin area.


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Managing Images in WordPress with the Media Attacher

There are 2 ways to upload images into your WordPress site – through the post/page image uploader or through the media library.

Both place images into your overall media library; and both give you the ability to drag and drop upload multiple images at once.

So what’s the difference and which one should you use? Good questions.

Most people add images into a post using the Add/Insert button located just above the post/page editor. This gives you the ability to upload files from your computer, a web url, or from inside your media library.


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WPMU’s Best in WordPress Nov. 26 – Dec. 2, 2012

In this week’s episode of Best in WordPress, we bring you a variety of posts, including a tutorial on theme creation, turning RSS feeds into content, official WordPress news, and a cool new way to add pull-quotes in your articles.

So let’s get started, shall we…
1. A Quick Method for Creating WordPress Themes (
This post from WPHub gives you a great checklist for the required items of creating a new WordPress theme – including all the files you need to create, and the ones you don’t.
2. Turn Your RSS Into Content (SpeckyBoy)

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