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5 International Newspapers That Use WordPress

It’s obvious that at WPMU.org we’re WordPress crazy. We advocate the use of WordPress, and are delighted when large corporations decide to take advantage of the power and flexibility provided by WordPress.

It may seem obvious that more and more media and news corporations are starting to use WordPress as their CMS given that more and more plugins, themes and developers have started to develop on this system, but there are still many big news corporations who use other CMS or proprietary systems.

We will show you some European and Asian news corporations that are run either completely or partially on WordPress.


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6 Simple Ad Management Plugins/Scripts For Your WordPress Site

Perhaps you’ve been working on a pre-existing theme that did not integrate any advertising management tool or perhaps you’re designing a theme from scratch, integrating an ad management tool that’s both easy to use and effective is essential to businesses.

There are many plugins, widgets and exterior scripts which allow users to quickly manage ad banners, monitor its exposure lifetime, view ad campaign reports and view client billing reports. Below are some of the best plugins, widgets and scripts available:
Plugins and Widgets
Simple Ads Manager

Simple Ads Manager Settings


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5 Plugins for Magazines and Newspapers

Are you starting your venture in the online newspaper or magazine world? Already setup with one of the many great WordPress magazine themes? There are many plugins out there to help you style your posts to replicate physical newspapers and magazines articles.

The standard font provided by the WordPress text editor is plain old Arial and only basic typographic and styling options are provided, however if you would like your online magazine or newspaper to look a little fancier, then you’ll need to install some plugins or change your CSS file.


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iOS6 to Support Media Upload

Apple’s update of their operating system, iOS6, will allow upload of files through their native web browser Mobile Safari.

This will mean when users of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch update their operating system, they will be able to upload images and video files to their posts on their WordPress site from their library of photos using Mobile Safari using a standard HTML form input.

The current version of Mobile Safari does not allow for image or video upload through html forms; this however can be done using the WordPress for iPhone app.


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Premium WordPress Themes: Are They Worth The Money?

WordPress originally began life as a blogging platform but has grown to be a Content Management System (CMS) and is now so popular, that it is now used by thousands of companies and corporations.
Many thousands of free themes of differing purposes and quality have been released to the public, but yet during the last few years more and more developers have popped up selling premium WordPress themes, but are they worth the money?

Personal Users vs Business Users




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7 Web Tools to Help You Cross-Browser Test Your WordPress Theme

Testing your WordPress theme across different browsers can be a daunting task. You may have the latest versions of most of the most-used browsers on your computer, however it is worth testing previous versions too.
Traditionally you would have to use a different installation of an operating system on a virtual machine or another computer in order to test; these were inconvenient methods. There are now other methods to test different browsers effortlessly.

Web-based Solutions


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