Geoff Staples has been in the computer industry since 1973, which is longer than most readers of this website are old. He missed the punched card era by about 6 months. Geoff thinks he's learned a few things over the years which may sound totally ridiculous to you. He owns a web hosting company and has a cat named Luigi who deigns to live with him. Back in the stoneage, Geoff was a computer science professor and programmed Skinner boxes to teach chimpanzees language at the Yerkes Primate Institute Lana Project.

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What’s a QR code and why would I want one?

If you search for WordPress plugins that support QR codes, you’ll find over 30 of them actually have “QR” in the plugin name and over 70 that do something related to QR codes. In fact, right here at, there are numerous posts pertaining to QR codes.

Unfortunately, it’s really easy to do silly stuff with QR codes, but to get real benefit from them requires time, effort, and creativity.
What is a QR code and how is it used?


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What are subpages and why would I use them?

Word-Press has a built-in subpage feature allowing you to organize pages in a parent-child-sibling tree and place them on the menu. What are sub-pages, why would I use them, and what plug-ins are available to use and enhance them?
Why use subpages?
The subpage feature should not be used to paginate a long page. If you simply have a long  page, use the  nextpage tag which paginates a long page or post. Please note that Thord thinks Pagination Is Evil and no one wants to incur the wrath of Thord! That’s not what I’m talking about.

what are subpages and why would I use them featured

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