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Launchpad, Free Landing Page Plugin for WordPress

Setting up a new blog, or website? Want to create some buzz around it before you go live? Of course you do! Your pre-launch is almost as important, if not more, as your actual launch.

Starting a new site, or launching a product online is hard work and the worst thing you can do is not capitalize on the initial interest. This is the perfect time to grab email addresses, provide interested users with teasers or just put up a simple landing page in anticipation of launch day.


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What’s In The Showcase: 20 Sites You Just HAVE To See!

The WordPress Showcase is a great place for getting to know who’s using the platform, how they’ve used it and to be inspired. Not too mention finding sites you never thought existed!

Here’s a list of 20 sites on the WordPress Showcase that you have to checkout, simply because they are awesome.

20. FatSmack.org

Fat Smack is a simple, CMS-style website that features a jQuery slider and integrated media, making it a hub for the Boston Public Health Commission’s campaign.

19. JamesCarterLive.com


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Supercharged Pages: 5 Code Snippets for Powerful WordPress Pages

Pages are one of the defining features of WordPress. Not just because they are different from Posts, which are category and tag based, but also because you can feature a Page as your sites front page. With the added functionality that templates provide, the sky (metaphorically speaking) has become the limit for theme designers and developers.

Here are five code snippets you can use to enhance what you can do with a Page!


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Style Your WordPress Menus With Custom CSS

WordPress offers you a lot of styling options for your menu right out of the box. By default, the menu comes with a ton of CSS classes applied to it already, which gives you immense control on styling it.

Here’s a full list of all the CSS menu classes:

.menu-item – This class is added to every menu item.
.menu-item-object-{object} – This class is added to every menu item, where {object} is either a post type or a taxonomy.
.menu-item-object-category – This class is added to menu items that correspond to a category.


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To Bundle Or Not To Bundle WordPress Plugins? That Is The Question!

I recently came across an article by Alex King regarding the “right way” to include a plugin into a theme. In it, Alex integrates a plugin called Social, available here, into a theme they sell called FavePersonal. I understand they want to provide a great user experience out of the box, but rather than integrating a plugin, why not just direct their user to install it from WP.org? You could even use conditional statements to limit certain functionality till it’s installed.


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Customize Your Visual Editor With A Simple Function

Did you know that you can easily edit your Visual Editor to look exactly like your published article? All it takes is one simple piece of code in our functions.php file.

Customize Your Visual Editor
Open up your themes functions.php file and add this snippet of code anywhere, preferably near the top:


This tells your Visual Editor to load by default an editor-style.css file, if it’s present. If it does not find it within your theme files, it won’t load anything.


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What’s The Next Big WordPress Powered Idea?

Once upon a time, everything connected to WordPress was free. The only thing you had to pay for was hosting and a domain name, i.e if you did not use WordPress.com. The 5 minute install was all you needed and a theme, if you really wanted to go crazy you would get a theme that supported sidebars! Yes, there was a time when a widgetized sidebar was an amazing thing.


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Crowdfunding + WordPress, Kickstart it Yourself!

It’s the talk of the town interwebs, crowdfunding is in! People are opening up to new ideas and actually investing in them via online portals, donation widgets and sites dedicated to a cause/product.

By the time this year is up it will be known as the “Year of the Fundraiser”. While the concept is not at all new, the way it’s being done online, where the investor/donator has never met the benefactor, is a completely new phenomenon. And, that’s a good thing. Because, seriously, why can’t we all just get along and benefit from great ideas?!


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Food Blogging, Tips To Make Your WordPress Blog Look Yummy!

I find food blogs amazing, sometimes even a bit more than food itself…well, hmmm…nah..scratch that…where was I? Yes, food blogs! They truly are a breed off their own and give the viewer so much too desire, because…who doesn’t eat?

If you are thinking of starting a blog on anything food related, here’s some tips to making your blog look yummy!
The Right Theme
Practically EVERYTHING depends on this! Your best bet is to choose a theme which was made for photography and/or portfolios. If the theme was made specifically for food blogging, even better!


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