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HTTP status cats for WordPress (aka Custom Error message plugin)

We are, as an organization, a little too obsessed with kitteh pictures, so these HTTP Status Cats (via BoingBoing) completely rocked our world.

And, of course, after much rofling, bahahas and alike, we thought – heck this needs to be a WordPress plugin!

So we made it, just for you, a plugin that turns your various error messages into amusing cat pictures… what more could you ask for!

Just give us a like, tweet, plus or similar below and it’ll be available as a free download… we’ll put it as a free project on WPMU DEV shortly too.

You like? We thought you would!


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Good content trumps SEO… I beg to differ, try putting WordPress in your domain name!

I tell you, if one thing riles me more than anything else when it comes to running a web business, it’s the trials and tribulations of SEO.

Specifically, competing with SEO blackhats, when it comes to the position of your business – let’s say, for example this very site – versus various competition.
And, even more specifically, in the face of Google consistently claiming that SEO doesn’t matter, it’s just about the content:

Via RWW (who just sold, woot, congrats Richard!)

As Siobhan pointed out, this is a seriously scary area, and that’s not down to good content, it’s down to simple blackhat SEO.

Post titles for SEO

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Getting your .com – how we picked up and

Via HN, I just read How we got the domain, over at the blog and was pretty impressed with how they operated.

The fundamentals they followed were not that dissimilar to the ones I’ve used over time, getting (and the .com and .net), not to mention and a few other choice bits of internet real estate.


Believe that you can actually get a great domain
Then persevere, for as long as it takes, don’t give up
Don’t insult the owner too, especially not with a low ball offer


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My Favorite WordPress 3.3 Feature… The Menus!

You know what I really, really, like about the upcoming WordPress 3.3 release.

The fact that it fixes the bloody menus, finally, yay!

Check out the (admittedly quite extreme) 3.2.1 and 3.3 menu examples below:

Now, if you work with WordPress a fair bit, you surely have to like that :)

Have you played at all with WordPress 3.3? If so, what’s your favorite improvement?

WordPress 3.3 Flyout menu

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Support? Annual Security Check? 1 Days Training? That’ll be $250k please…

‘Barely-for-profit’ WordPress parent company Automattic has just released a new product, VIP support for web hosts.

RWW reports that the new offering will provide:

better support for major infrastructure
annual review of clients’ entire WordPress hosting stack
an annual security audit and review of best practices
and a one-day onsite training of clients’ WordPress-focused staff

Starting from, you heard me right, $250,000 / year, per seat.


It's all in black, so it must be important

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Gah, Unaligning Thunderbolts

So, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t very happy with my swanky new desktop setup :)

That’s a nice new iMac with 27″, 3.4Ghz i7 & 8GB RAM of hotness, along with two x 27″ Thunderbolt Displays.

Yum :)

But, but, but I’m not happy with one little thing, the Thunderbolts are a good inch and a half lower than the iMac, and as far as I can see there’s nothing I can do about it.

Apart from working out the exact difference, and getting some stands made… maybe using same wood as the desk, but still, annoying.

Anyone got any other suggestions?


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Reasons to, and not to, donate to Diaspora

I’ve been watching Diaspora with interest for a fair while now – and it looks like they’ve just (or about to) run out of cash, as they’re asking for more.

For those of you that haven’t heard of the project – Diaspora is essentially an open source Facebook alternative you get to host yourself, which arose pout of the (now much forgotten) great FB privacy hoohaw of a few years back.

Diaspora front page pic

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