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Gah, Unaligning Thunderbolts

So, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t very happy with my swanky new desktop setup :)

That’s a nice new iMac with 27″, 3.4Ghz i7 & 8GB RAM of hotness, along with two x 27″ Thunderbolt Displays.

Yum :)

But, but, but I’m not happy with one little thing, the Thunderbolts are a good inch and a half lower than the iMac, and as far as I can see there’s nothing I can do about it.

Apart from working out the exact difference, and getting some stands made… maybe using same wood as the desk, but still, annoying.

Anyone got any other suggestions?


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Reasons to, and not to, donate to Diaspora

I’ve been watching Diaspora with interest for a fair while now – and it looks like they’ve just (or about to) run out of cash, as they’re asking for more.

For those of you that haven’t heard of the project – Diaspora is essentially an open source Facebook alternative you get to host yourself, which arose pout of the (now much forgotten) great FB privacy hoohaw of a few years back.

Diaspora front page pic

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Your Free WordPress Viral Plugin

We think you’re going to like this… a lot :)

How do you think the ultimate social viral marketing plugin would work… maybe something like this?

You advertise a giveaway (like a free ebook, video, coupon, gift… or plugin)
You require a visitor to click a ‘Like’ (or + or whatever) button to get it
This then shares the post with all their connections, who also have to click ‘Like’ to get it
Which shares it with their friends who then… etc.


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Do the new ‘Dynamic Views’ put Blogger ahead of

Blogger blogs have had a pretty dramatic makeover – almost a kind of ‘appification’ – here’s the announcement.

And here are the new looks:

It’s a pretty interesting move by Blogger, a platform that has arguably seen the least innovation in the entire field since it’s acquisition by Google back in the day.

Especially so, from my perspective, as we’ve been having some really interesting internal discussions at Incsub regarding web v app v web app, stemming from this article by Firefox co-creator, Joe Hewitt.

Very much of interest though will be how – or if – Automattic and respond to the move.

New Blogger Dynamic Views WordPress

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WordPress Multisite Essentials Part 1 – Concept, Success & Failure

Over at WPMU DEV a member recently asked if we could give them a rundown of key concepts, tips, tricks and lessons learned in starting up Edublogs – and working with innumerable other folk on their Multisite projects.

Well, here’s the start of a series that I hope readers will find helpful, interesting and be able to add to.

And where better to start than, at the beginning…
The Concept…

There are a whole bunch of reasons that you could be starting off with WordPress Multisite, you could be looking to


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Using the AB Theme Testing Plugin on WPMU DEV (aka eating our own dog food)

We’re having a bunch of fun at the moment testing out some variations of the WPMU DEV theme using the AB theme testing plugin (one of my favorite, but I think our least appreciated, plugins).

What does the plugin do? Well, put very simply it allows you to run two or more versions of a WP theme side-by-side and then, using Google Analytics, Custom Vars track how folk act differently, based on what theme they are using.

AB Testing - this is what came up in CC image search, honest!

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You be the jury, we’ll be the judge :)

Hallo readers,

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be featuring a whole new bunch of posts from new writers… who have expressed an interest in joining the crew here.

And, it’s up to you guys and gals who works out… you are the panel!

What’ll we be judging these new posters on, well:

Quality, interesting, relevant topics – so if you like a post, share it, click on it (that’s you RSS readers out there :) and let us know!
Engagement and comments – get stuck in there with articles that interest ya, we’ll be keeping a close eye on that

Pick your favorite, and be nice :)

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Now *that* is how to run a WordCamp

I’m nothing but impressed by the folk behind the upcoming WordCamp Cape Town – and bloody upset that I can’t make it.

What are they doing right, well, where to start?
Insanely inclusive
There’s no picking favorites here – this is a WordCamp that has reached out to everyone!

I just did a count, and they literally have 32 sponsors – there’s some good work there.

Including WPMU DEV, of course :)
And it’s not just badges
Not only are there great write-ups on each sponsor, but there’s also interviews with them – here’s mine. 2011-9-15 9-34-45

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