James enjoys working with local businesses using the latest technologies to help them market themselves in an ever changing world. He loves WordPress because it can be configured to accomplish almost anything you want to do.

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Create One Page On Your Website With All Your Social Media Streams

In the years I’ve been working with WordPress and Social Media, I’ve seen applications come and go for managing all your Social Media streams from a single dashboard. Some of these have been pretty decent applications, but I’ve not seen too many of them survive. But, so far, I’ve not seen a system that curates all your Social Media streams into a single application for the world to see. Also, I’ve not seen anything that will bring this into your WordPress website in a presentable manner.

Until RebelMouse

What Is RebelMouse
In the words of the developers themselves:

WordPress RebelMouse Plugin

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W3 Total Cache – Beware The Surprise In This Christmas Gift

Merry Christmas!! Well, Christmas has passed, but on Christmas Eve WordPress users received an early Christmas gift. There is a confirmed security issue with the W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin that can expose your WordPress website to crackers. This issue is a little more serious than most that I’ve seen because it exposes your user passwords in a cache file. First, let’s look at why you might want to use W3 Total Cache and then we’ll examine the vulnerability.
What Does It Do?

WordPress W3 Total Cache Security Issue

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WordPress Updating To The Latest Version – Errors With Automatic Update

When a new version of WordPress is released, it’s always a good idea to upgrade as soon as you possibly can. But, don’t just hit that update button as soon as you see the notice pop up in your WordPress dashboard. There’s a few things that we should always do BEFORE updating to the latest WordPress version. Plus, what do we do if our update fails?

Automatically Updating To The Latest Version


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Portable phpMyAdmin – Unsafe For WordPress Consumption

In June of 2011, my colleague Sarah Gooding wrote about a phpMyAdmin plugin that posed a HUGE security risk. Because of the security risk, this plugin was removed from the WordPress repository and it was recommended that everyone stop using it and remove it.

Now, there’s another dangerous plugin in the WordPress repository – Portable phpMyAdmin.

How Dangerous Is This Plugin?

PortablephpMyAdmin - Unfit For Wordpress Usage

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Make It Easy For Your Readers To Help You Proof Your Posts

I have always believed that you cannot proof your own work; I know that I can’t. We’ve all seen those memes that ask you to see if you can read them. Most people can read them without any issues. Give the following a quick read and see if it makes sense.
You can see the errors, but your mind “corrects” them for you and you can probably read it. But, if you wrote it, your mind usually corrects the errors and you don’t see them. That’s why I contend most people cannot proof their own work.

WordPress Error Reporting - Proofreading - Spelling - Grammar

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It’s A WordPress Christmas – Time To Decorate For The Holidays

It’s Christmas and everywhere we turn people are decorating. Homes, stores, street lights, even cars are decorated in the seasonal splendor. Every house in our neighborhood is decorated differently based upon the taste of the homeowner. And just last night, I noticed they were decorating the huge Christmas tree in the town square getting ready for the Christmas parade and tree lighting ceremony tomorrow evening.

Wouldn’t you like to decorate your website for Christmas as well? Or maybe decorate your client’s websites?

Here’s a collection of WordPress plugins that can accomplish this task quite easily.

Christmas Countdown Clock

WordPress Christmas - Plugins To Decorate Your Websites

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Become A Gravity Forms SuperHero

Be sure to read the entire article to discover a special offer that will be revealed.
If you’re like me, you have tried many different “forms” plugins trying to get forms to work on your website. However, every plugin I tried seemed to be missing one or two items that my client wanted. So I found myself spending an inordinate amount of time searching for the perfect forms plugin for each client.

Then, I discovered Gravity Forms.

Become A WordPress Gravity Forms SuperHero

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Reverse Engineer Any WordPress Website – Discover The Hidden Secrets

Most of my website design work is for other people more than for my own business. Because of that, my first meeting with a client involves getting information about what they like and dislike about their competition’s websites. The answers to that usually end up with several URL’s for websites that have features they’d like to duplicate on their own. For example, a cabinet shop I’m working for liked a carousel image display on one of their supplier websites and wanted something similar on their website.

Sleuth Any WordPress Website - Learn The Secrets

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Stop WordPress Content Thieves From Stealing Your Content – And Your Bandwidth

I’m on a lot of marketing email lists, and I actually read a lot of emails. Recently, I received an email from a marketer and began reading the first line of the email. It read, “I didn’t sleep very well last night. No, it wasn’t because of a barking dog, a crying child, or my WordPress website had been hacked.”

WordPress Thief - Image, Content, Video, and Downloads

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