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Themeforest Updates WordPress Theme Guidelines for Developers

Themeforest, the super successful WordPress theme marketplace run by Envato, has recently set out new guidelines for theme developers. The changes, which are fairly major, have some cheering and others booing. (See the discussion on their forum here.)

As mentioned in the announcement of the changes, theme developers will have eight weeks to get their themes into line with the new standards.

Of course some of those booing the new requirements are developers who have a lot of work ahead of them. Others who may not be so happy, however, are simply people who don’t like some of the restrictions.

Themeforest lays down the law for theme developers.

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3 WordPress Page Builder Plugins for Constructing Unique-Looking Pages

WordPress Pages rock. Don’t get me wrong — Posts are cool too. But to me, Pages are the heart and soul of “WordPress as a CMS.”

For most people, unless you’re dealing with post formats, Posts are going to be pretty much all alike. Of course the content may make them different, but when you boil it down, they’re usually going to be fairly similar. And that’s the way it should be.

For Posts, there should probably be some sort of predictability. You don’t want to make your visitors constantly reorient themselves when they’re reading through your posts.

Making unique-looking pages requires a little hammering and sawing.

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Let Your WordPress Visitors Collect Favorite Posts on Your Site

If you’ve ever wanted to let visitors to your site save their favorite posts to an area on the site for later perusing, then the WP Favorite Posts plugin is just what you need. While super easy to use, it adds a level of functionality to your site that many visitors expect only from sites with lots of cash behind them.

Let’s first take a quick overview of some of the things it will let you do:

Let both registered users or non-registered users save posts
Control the position of the “save to favorites” link
Control the icon of the “save to favorites” link

If your visitors love your content, let them save their favorite posts.

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How to Reorder or Add WordPress Admin Menu Items

The default order of the WordPress admin menu may be essentially fine, but it’s not custom built for your preferences. Maybe you have a site that rarely uses Posts, and so instead of having the Post button at the top of your menu, you’d rather have Pages at the top.

Or maybe there are menu items that you basically never use, and so they just clutter things up and get in the way. Why not hide them?

Or maybe you’d like to create new menu items to suit your particular situation and link it wherever you like.


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Managed WordPress Hosting Company Page.ly Acquires BlogDroid

The world of managed WordPress hosting seems to be getting more crowded by the day; however, it recently became a little more consolidated as Page.ly announced it has recently acquired BlogDroid in an all cash purchase.

BlogDroid, based out of East Berlin, Connecticut, started in 2012. Page.ly is based in Chandler, Arizona and was started in 2009 by husband and wife team Joshua and Sally Strebel.

The Page.ly front page.

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100+ New WPMU DEV Videos Added to YouTube in 6 Months … More to Come!

As part of our on-going effort to produce more, better, and easier-to-access support material at WPMU DEV, in the last six months alone, our crack video team has been somewhat quietly but very diligently hard at work — adding more than 100 new videos to the WPMU DEV YouTube channel (Subscribe!).

First up today (there’s more below — including an invitation for your suggestions), we’d like to announce the latest videos in that effort – a step-by-step tutorial series for our Appointments + plugin.

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Free WordPress Drag and Drop Themes to Make Life a Little Easier

There are many more non-coders out there using WordPress than coders. For us non-coders, we often think, “Why isn’t arranging elements in my theme easier? Why can’t I just drag stuff and drop it where I want?”

Well, with a number of the more sophisticated premium themes these days you can. But there are also a few free themes out there that let you do the same thing.


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