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10 WordPress Plugins for More Powerful and Flexible Scheduled Posts

Some of us are more organized than others. Some have our future posts already written and scheduled out a month in advance.

While I can’t claim to be one of those, here at WPMU DEV, we do use the scheduled post option in WordPress quite a lot. In fact, it’s rare that any post here will be written and then published straight away.

I’d say that about 98-99% of the posts you see here have been scheduled to publish. And so we surely appreciate that function.

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Creating Categories and Tags for Your WordPress Media

The media system in WordPress has come a long way in the last few years. It’s seen many welcome improvements.

As usual, however, it could probably be a little better. And one obvious way would seem to be adding categories and/or tags to media.

This would allow for easier management and even a little creative curation.

With that in mind, we’re going to go over a few ways you can assign categories or tags to media (such as images), and also how that might help.


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How to Hide or Highlight the Screen Options Tab in WordPress

The Screen Options tab at the top of pages in the WordPress admin section often goes unnoticed.

For some admins, that’s a good thing. For whatever reason, they don’t want users that have access to the backend playing around with it, and they hope it continues to go unnoticed.

For other admins, however, the very opposite is true. They actually WANT users to notice it. They feel it will help them do what they need to do more easily.


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How to Make a WordPress Blog Completely Private

Although it’s easy to make individual posts private or password protected in WordPress, what if you wanted your whole blog to be private?

We’re not talking about partially private here. We’re talking about a blog that’s completely off the grid except for those who have access.

We covered this topic a while ago, and at that time it took a combination of several plugins to make a site completely private.

Since that time, however, some plugins have upped their game, and really you only need one.

Private Only Plugin


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How to Massively Reduce Your Images for a Faster WordPress Site

Page speed is often an issue for WordPress users. Many are often looking for a way to increase it.

Not only does it affect your users, it also affects your SEO (because it affects users, of course).

Large images are often one of the worst culprits when it comes to slowing down pages. And so we’re going to talk about a way to massively reduce the size of your images (both on the page and on the server).


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Embed Tweets, YouTube Videos, and More into Text Widgets with a URL

In a WordPress post, you can simply place the URL from a YouTube video or tweet into your editor, and the video or tweet will automatically be embedded.

You can also do this with media from a number of other sites such as Flickr and Vimeo and Slideshare. (See the entire list here.)

Trying to do that in a text widget, however, doesn’t work.

But there’s a way around that.
Code Snippet for Embeds in Text Widgets
As you’ll be changing your theme for solution, you should probably consider either creating a child theme or making your own simple plugin to use.


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Setting an Animated GIF as a Featured Image in WordPress

If you’ve ever tried to set an animated gif as a featured image in WordPress, you’ve probably discovered that you can’t.

The reason why is pretty simple. Your theme grabs a resized version of the featured image you upload. And in the case of an animated gif, that means it’s not grabbing the original gif image, and so you end up with a static image.

The Solution


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The Best 7 Free WordPress Audio Player Plugins

Maybe you’re a musician looking to sell your music. Or maybe you’re a podcaster looking to engage your audience in interesting topics. Or maybe you’re a modern day storyteller turning to cutting edge audio techniques to tell your stories.

Whatever your relationship with audio, you’re going to need an audio player to broadcast your work to the world.

Below we look at 7 free WordPress audio players and see what they have to offer.

Don’t forget to check out the ratings at the end.

Comparison of Features


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Put Your WordPress Related Posts on Steroids & Boost User Engagement

Greater user engagement should be at least one of the goals you have for your site. Not only will more engagement help you with SEO, but more importantly, it will build a stronger relationship with your visitors.

If visitors are checking out more of your content, it’s a sign that they’re interested.

Of course you need interesting and relevant content. And many sites have that. But one thing they often lack is a successful strategy to help users find more content that will be of interest to them.


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