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How to Build a Private Custom Help System for WordPress Clients

If you build or maintain WordPress sites for clients, then one of the challenges you’ve probably faced is that they often need help or reminders about how to do certain things.

To complicate that even further, you may have to build instruction pages specific to their particular site.

Of course you’re going to want finding those pages to be as easy as possible, but you probably don’t want those pages visible to the public.

These solutions below are at least a few ways you can solve those challenges.


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How to Hide Media or the “Add Media” Button in WordPress

When you give users access to your site’s editor, whether they’re freelancers, lower level team members, or even the general public, it might come at a cost.

One consistent concern in these situations is giving users access to the media library, or even allowing them to upload media at all.

Below we’ll go over a few ways to remedy those issues.

First, we’ll hide the “Add Media” button from lower level users altogether. And then we’ll go over a solution that will let users upload media, but they won’t be able to see or access media uploaded by others.


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How to Create an Awesome User Account / Profile Page in WordPress

Some sites revolve around their visitors much more than others. For those where visitors register for one reason or another, there may be a need show them their account information.

Not long ago we went over pulling a logged in visitor’s info into the front end of the site.

In this post, we’re going to go over setting up a complete profile page/account page for logged in visitors.

Only logged in visitors will be able to see their own information on this page.

If someone is not logged in, they will see links to either log in or register for the site.


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7 Terrific Free WordPress Tab Plugins

Tabbed sections on a website can be very convenient. They allow you to break up a lot of information and put it into one small space. Readers are less overwhelmed that way and therefore more likely to hang around and check out what you have to offer.

The easiest way to get tabbed content in WordPress is with a tabs plugin. Below we will go over the seven best plugins we found to get your content tabbed up.

Comparison Table
While there aren’t a lot of features to compare, a few of these might make a difference for you.

Who Wins?


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13 Free Medium Inspired WordPress Themes — If You Dare!

Medium is a blog publishing platform that has grown by leaps and bounds over the last year or so.

Its design is simple yet attractive, making sure to put a great deal of the focus on the site’s content.

Both of these things have led some in the WordPress community to pay attention. And as is often the case, when something new arises and becomes popular in the web publishing space, many WordPressers look to either integrate it or take inspiration from it.

If You Dare
And that leads us to the “If You Dare” part of our title.


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5 WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins to Whet Your Appetite

Restaurants have been around since at least the time of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, when they were called thermopolia — or literally “a place where (something) hot is sold.”

And you can be sure that even from the earliest days, the question, “What’s on the menu?” was primary in most customers’ minds.

If you’re building a restaurant website, no doubt you’re going to have to answer that age old question.

One of these five plugins below should help you do that. We go over each in detail and take a look at their pros and cons.


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5 WordPress “Tweet This” Plugins Worth Tweeting About

“A book that furnishes no quotations is no book – it is a plaything,” said English novelist Thomas Love Peacock.

Of course it’s not fair to always hold blog posts to such a standard. But if you can come up with something quote-worthy, then you make it easier for your visitors to spread your message on Twitter (where pithy quotations shine).

In this post, we’re going to be looking at some plugins that help you do just that — spread your quotations on Twitter.


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Personalizing WordPress: Show Avatars, Profiles, or Facebook Info to Visitors

If you have a site where your visitors need to register for one reason or another, then it’s good to remind them that they are part of your community.

You can do that in very large ways, like installing a complete social system such as BuddyPress, or you can do it in more subtle ways, like greeting them by name on the sidebar when they’re logged in and showing their avatar.

In this post, we’re going to go into the subtler ways.


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5 Beautiful WordPress Video Players

“Every video I’m in,” says Lady Gaga, “every magazine cover, they stretch you; they make you perfect. It’s not real life.”

No, m’lady, it’s not.

But that’s the curse we publishers suffer — we’d like to make things look better if possible. (And just as a side note, not to be picky, but the word “perfect” may have been a stretch there.)

Anyway, with that in mind, in this post we’re going to review and compare 5 WordPress video player plugins that are meant to make your videos look better.

Perfect? Maybe not.

Better? Hopefully.


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