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Stopping Manual WordPress Comment Spam – 5 Ways to Help

In order to stop automated spam in your comment section, you have a wide range of plugins at your disposal.

But most of those plugins can’t help you when it comes to manual spam – i.e. actual people taking the time to visit your site to leave links in your comments.

Below we’ll go over five ways that can help combat manual comment spam. Actually, we’ll throw in a bonus sixth way that can help too.

1. Make Users Register


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Free Parallax Slider Plugins for WordPress

If you aren’t sure what parallax is, you’ve probably seen it but didn’t know the name for it.

Parallax, at least for the simple purposes of this post, is when objects suddenly start sliding on or off the page at different times. (The actual technical definition is more involved.)

For example, say you have a headline, an excerpt, and a thumbnail sitting in a slider. Suddenly, the headline shoots off the page. Then the excerpt does the same. The thumbnail is still sitting there, but then that suddenly shoots off too.


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Giving Your Posts Mad Style by Spicing Up the First Paragraph

Giving the first paragraph in a story a distinctive style is something that slick, expensive magazines have done for years.

It not only brings extra attention to your opening, helping to draw readers down into the article, it can also liven up the page aesthetically.

One other thing it does is help reset the reader’s attention when they move off that first paragraph into the second. (Btw, studies have shown that resetting a reader’s attention is quite desirable, as readers often get bored and lose focus easily.)


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Building a Rad Overview Page that Lists Posts for Every Category

When you have a lot of posts on your site, it’s hard for your visitors to get a good bird’s eye view on everything.

Of course they can probably easily see your categories, maybe your latest posts, and other typical navigation you might supply.

But that still doesn’t let them quickly scan down through a much wider range of your content. It doesn’t give them a 40,000 foot overview for your whole site.


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Finally! Getting Images to Sit Side-by-Side in WordPress

Have you ever tried to get two images to sit side-by-side in WordPress? Did it drive you crazy? If so, you’re not alone. It’s driven me crazy a number of times.

The good news is that it might now not be as maddening as it was in the past.

The bad news is that the good news above might not actually apply in your case.

Not to worry though, there’s more good news – we’ve got alternative methods below if the easiest methods don’t happen to work for you.

4 Different Methods for Side-by-Side Images
We’ve got four basic methods for you.


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WordPress Business Themes in 2014 – 60 of the Best, All Free

WordPress now powers almost 20% of the web. And though it’s hard to say exactly how much of that is attributed to exactly what types of users, there’s no question that businesses have been turning to WordPress at a greater and greater rate.

As you might expect, that increased demand has led theme developers to increase choices. And these 60 free responsive business themes below attest to that.

Exactly What is a “Business Theme”?
A WordPress business theme is a theme that generally doesn’t put a blog front and center.


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