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2 Easy Steps to Giving Images in WordPress a Circular Look with CSS

While not new by any means, circular images definitely seem to be in style these days. Wherever you look, it seems circular images are all around.  … But then again, what else could they be? :)

Step 1 – Insert Code in CSS File
If you’d like some of your images to take a circular style (as above), it’s not so hard to do. You’ll just need to add a few lines to your CSS file, and then you’ll just need to apply a little bit of code to whichever images you’d like.


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6 Impressive WordPress Job Board Solutions You’d Want Working for You

If you’re looking to run a job board with WordPress, then we have some good news for you. There are a number of nice solutions out there that offer a range of impressive functions and designs.

As always, of course, you might not get everything you’re looking for in one solution. You might think one has everything you want, but then you start looking at another, and you see something that you didn’t think of before. And having seen it, you decide you have to have that too.


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How to Center a Video in WordPress

Frustrated that you can’t get your videos centered in your WordPress posts? Maybe you have a post that looks like this:

This quick tip will help you.

With WordPress, you can go to a place like YouTube, copy the URL, put it into your post, and your video will show up automatically.

With this little trick, however, you will need to get the full embed code (not just the URL).

Once you have the embed code, go the TEXT tab in your editor, and put the your embed code in the middle of the following snippet of code where it says “embed-code.” (*Code updated.)


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70% of People Have Never Heard of WordPress

The title says it all. In a recent survey conducted by WPMU, 70% of more than 1,500 respondents from the general population in the U.S. said they had never heard of WordPress. Of course that means 30% had.

Here are a few more quick overview stats:

35-44 year olds were the group with the highest rate of recognition at 37.1%
32.1% of males said they had heard of the platform while 28.1% of females said they had
34.8% of urban populations, 26.6% of suburban populations, and 23.6% of rural populations had heard of WordPress


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WordPress Tip: Easy to Remember Admin Access

This is just a quick little tip to make things a little easier for you—and maybe more importantly, for your clients.

If you’ve ever found yourself logged out of your site, and you don’t have a link to the admin area on the front end, then of course you can just type in the following to get to the backend.
While that’s certainly easy, there’s an even easier way. And, again, maybe more importantly, this will be easier for your clients too. For someone not familiar with WordPress, the “wp-admin” part is hard to remember and even looks messy and complicated.


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Are We Crazy to Continue Updating Our WordPress Autoblog Plugin?

Although the wordpress.org directory doesn’t like our Autoblog plugin (they won’t let it in), we sure do. That’s why we continue to work on it.

We’ll get into the deal with the wordpress.org directory at the end; for now, however, we’ve got some good news for those of you who do appreciate what a powerful, easy-to-use tool it is.

In addition to some tuning up, Autoblog recently received several new add-ons. (Add-ons are like plugins for a plugin. You can activate them or not, depending on what you need.)

Append Text to Post Add-on

Automatic is a good thing -- like the Autoblog plugin.

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