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PageLines: Interview with Andrew Powers

Today I had the opportunity to chat with Andrew Powers about the new version of PageLines.  PageLines has been around for quite a while now and I had worked previously with their theme framework for some clients over a year ago.  I got to take another look at their product while attending WordCamp New York this summer and was very impressed with what they were making available to developers right inside the WordPress admin.  They’ve just announced the latest version and it’s by far the best work they’ve done yet.

Let’s get straight to it, shall we?


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PSA: WPMU DEV will NOT support the Salutation Theme

Update: To clarify for future generations, this post is in regard to Salutation Theme versions up to 1.5.  We’ll update again when/if this issue is resolved by the theme developers.

Update #2: As of Salutation 2.0 this theme is remarkably more compatible with custom post types and WPMU DEV plugins.  We’re stoked to see the developers respond for the betterment of all customers.  The article and instructions below are no longer relevant and we’re seeing folks have positive results with this theme.  Thanks.


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WPMU DEV – now with more LIVE

Hiya friends, quick announcement!

We’re working hard behind the scenes to bring some very exciting stuff to everyone, but we felt like it was time to go ahead and revamp our live chat schedule over on WPMU DEV in advance of these improvements.

What’s that? Live Chat?  Oh yeah, members at DEV can drop in during weekly, scheduled times and chat with a developer, designer, or member of our support staff.  It’s pretty fantastic – especially if ya get stuck and really want someone to walk you through a particular element.


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WPMU DEV Member Highlight: Jim Nelson

This month’s featured spotlight is really awesome.  Yeah, I know they are all really awesome (check out last month’s here).  But this one is.  Promise. Jim’s been a member at DEV for quite awhile  – actually he joined as a member on April 12, 2009 – exactly 10 days before I did :)


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WPMU DEV Member Highlight: Mustafa Uysal

Hiya folks!

So we discuss a wide variety of topics here on and from time to time you’ll hear an announcement about a new product or addition to the team over on our sister site, WPMU DEV.  That’s really where I spend a majority of my time, and I gotta tell you, it seems every day some new idea, tool, snippet or site comes across my screen that is downright impressive and brings a smile to my face.


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Interview with Brad Markle of the Memory Viewer Plugin

It’s no secret that we’re fans of killer tools that help WordPress users be more efficient.  We’ve already mentioned the new(ish) plugin, Memory Viewer, here on and even recommend it to members over on WPMU DEV.

So we were stoked to sit down and discuss with Brad Markle of Inmotion Hosting (virtually via email of course) and gather some of his thoughts behind this handy plugin.

First off, Brad tell us about your Memory Viewer in your own words.


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WPMU DEV 2011 – A look back and a sneak peak into the future

Whew, it’s been a whirlwind of a year on WPMU DEV.  As we all look to celebrating the holidays it’s also a good chance to look back and reflect on what’s been accomplished. Grab a cup of eggnog (or beverage of choice) and reminisce with me on some of the high points of 2011 and get an exclusive sneak peak at what is coming 2012.


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