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Make a WordPress Menu that Stands Out From the Crowd

Create a truly unique WordPress menu
This little tutorial will show you how easy it is to create an image-based custom menu for your WordPress site or blog, similar to the screenshot below (taken from the Twenty-Eleven theme with header image hidden for clarity). It only works for a menu with top-level items only though; sorry, no sub-menus. I haven’t yet figured out a way to do this with drop-down sub-menus; when I do though, I’ll definitely do another write-up!

WordPress Menu Images - A tutorial to add custom images to your WordPress menu

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How to Create Awesome Lists Using Your WordPress Media Library

Your WordPress Media Library can be one of your greatest allies when it comes to creatively displaying lists in your pages, posts and widgets.

Lists can be one of the most efficient ways of conveying information to users of your WordPress site. We all use ‘em (some sparingly, some extensively) to highlight important elements in the body of our posts and pages.

WordPress Media Library Lists - Create awesome lists with your media library!

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How to Add Custom Styles to WordPress Widgets

WordPress widgets; ooh… we love ‘em, don’t we?

The functionality and flexibility that WordPress widgets can add to our blogs and sites is unmatched (imho) by other platforms. Just do a quick search of the WordPress repository for widget, and you’ll find over 1000 plugins that can include a new widget for your blog!

But, regardless of the quantity and quality of WordPress widgets available, every once in a while, we install a WordPress plugin with a widget that doesn’t quite fit the look and feel of our site. Sometimes, (sorry designers), the built-in styling looks just awful.

WordPress Widgets - Tips for adding custom styles to any widget

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Simple CSS Web Design Tweaks for Your WordPress Theme

Do you just want to tweak your WordPress CSS web design a bit, but don’t really know how?
This post is intended to help you do just that by providing a few basic examples (don’t expect anything complicated). Aimed at WordPress beginners, and those who really aren’t that familiar with CSS, these are basic “fixes” that you can apply to almost any theme to give it a bit of personal flavor.

CSS Web Design - Simple Tweaks for Your WordPress Theme

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Why Adding Custom Styles to WordPress Plugins is a Bad Idea

“What? I can’t style my WP plugins? Oh no!”
Depending on how you go about it, adding custom styles to WP plugins can lead to a real clunker of a site. But don’t fret, although it is a bad idea to add styles to the plugins you have installed on your WP site, there is a better way. Let’s take a look at why you shouldn’t, then we’ll see how you can.

Reason #1

WP Plugins Custom Styles - Adding custom styles to WordPress plugins is a bad idea (6)

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How to Build a Popup Help Center for Your WordPress Site

Have you been wishing for a way to give users of your WordPress site easy access to all the help and support they need to fully appreciate everything your site has to offer? Well, you can start smiling now, ‘cuz your wish just came true. This tutorial will show you how you can truly enhance their experience with a cool popup help center. Once we finish this project, your users will be able to…

pop open your help center by clicking a link or button that you can make as prominent or as discrete as you like

WordPress Site Popup Help - How to Build a Popup Help Center for Your WordPress Site

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How to Display Blog Archives in Grid Format

“How can I display my WordPress archives in a grid format?” That’s a question I see asked over and over in various forums. Usually, our first impulse is to start scoping the WordPress plugin repository for a ready-made solution. We may even get lucky and actually find a plugin to help us get the job done. Here are a few examples I found on a quick search…

Grid Archives
Featured Posts Grid
Category Grid View Gallery
Post Tiles
… and probably more still

WordPress Archive Grid - Break away from bland lists

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1) Create Front-End Profiles, Forms or Courses… 2) Smile.

Have you been looking for a WordPress user plugin that can enable your users to enter and update data from the front-end of your site? You can stop chasing your tail and start grinning now, ‘cuz the User Meta plugin has got you covered!
Download from | More Info at
Let’s start by having a chew on one of the main features of the User Meta plugin, then see what other cool stuff we can do with it.
Update user profile info from the front-end


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This WordPress Sidebar Plugin Stickies Your Sidebar When Scrolling

If you’ve ever visited the forums at, you’ve likely noticed a really cool effect added in the 2012 site redesign: the sidebar that floats on your screen as you scroll through the page.

Just seeing that coolness got me bit excited the first time I saw it… little things like that can get my synapses firing in all directions!

Recently, I wondered how I could achieve a similar effect on a site I’m building. Well, guess what? I found a WordPress sidebar plugin that does exactly that!
The Strx Magic Floating Sidebar Maker

Download | More Info | Video Demo

WordPress Sidebar Plugin - Keep your sidebar on screen even when scrolling to the bottom of a page

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