Sarah Gooding is a partner at Untame, a boutique digital marketing firm specializing in open source content management systems and social networking architecture. She enjoys staying on top of the latest WordPress and BuddyPress news. Get in touch with Sarah on Twitter @pollyplummer

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Organize WordPress Posts in the Dashboard with Post Status Colors

If you are a power-posting WordPress administrator or blogger, it can get confusing to look at the post listing page in the dashboard and see posts of every possible publishing status sharing the same space. Seeing everything tossed into the same bin can get absolutely maddening for organized personalities. If you are the type of person who enjoys organizing and keeping things nicely arranged in your work space, then you will want to add today’s featured plugin, Colored Admin Post List.


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Create a Dropbox Clone with BuddyPress and BuddyDrive

DropBox has exploded in popularity, offering users the ability to put their files in the cloud and share them with other DropBox users, where everyone can download, access and edit them on the go. Now you can harness this same kind of file-sharing power for your own BuddyPress site, with your very own file upload, management and sharing system.

Introducing BuddyDrive, a free plugin that lets you turn your BuddyPress site into a powerful cooperative community.

Effective team collaboration with BuddyPress


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7 Clean and Inspiring WordPress Admin Themes

We may not all use the same plugins and themes, but everyone of us who uses WordPress sees the same dashboard. For some, seeing the same old dashboard every day can get stale and demotivating. The WordPress admin isn’t a very inspiring place to work. Today we’re going to review some plugins that can provide you with a brand new way to experience your admin area. Despite the fact that it’s called a theme, most admin themes come to you in the form of a plugin. With a simpler, cleaner view, you just may find yourself more inspired and productive.


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WordPress and Beer: 5 Plugins for Brewers and Beer Enthusiasts

If you are among the millions of beer drinkers who get excited at the thought of suds, this blog is for you. There are many ways that you can tie your love of carbonated swill into your WordPress site. We are going to be looking at a few plugins that can help you search for beers in your area, review your favorite beers, locate other aficionados and their favorite dives, recommend your own, or explore beer recipes. Why would you want to incorporate beer into your WordPress blog? Because beer is awesome, that’s why! So pour yourself a pint, have a comfortable seat, and check out these brew-oriented plugins.


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How To Display Google Trends Graphs in WordPress

Google Trends is a very handy tool for finding out what people are searching for around the world. Enter any search term and you’re instantly presented with the data for how often it is searched for, relative to the total number of global searches. Generally, this service is most often used for comparing the volume of searches between two or more terms.

Charts displaying comparison data make excellent fuel for conversation. Since Google loves for you to embed their products everywhere, it’s actually quite easy for you to get this data and display it within WordPress posts and pages.


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Support System Plugin Now Available For Single Site WordPress

Since the initial release of our Support System plugin, our members have downloaded it over 18,000 times to provide their WordPress multisite communities with FAQ and user ticketing support.

This week we’re excited to announce that Support System is now compatible with single site installations of WordPress. This means that you can use it with any site running on WordPress. You can even use it with BuddyPress to provide a support system for your social network. The plugin makes it easy for anyone to submit a ticket with its user-friendly interface:


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How to Bulk Delete Users in WordPress

A WordPress site that’s overrun with spam users is something like a den of cockroaches, especially if you’re running BuddyPress. Spam updates flood your activity stream and the dashboard slows to a crawl. The spammers’ prime objective is to seize control of your WordPress site and drain your server of resources in order to illegally promote products. As soon as you notice this happening you’ll need to find a way to quickly delete all of these spam users.


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Free Twitter Bootstrap Admin Theme For WordPress

It’s not very often that I come across a WordPress admin theme that doesn’t make me want to poke my eyes out, but this one caught my attention.

Our very own @aristath has created a plugin that brings Twitter Bootstrap styles into your WordPress dashboard. Bootstrap Admin is a clean, minimalist administration theme that totally changes the look of your dashboard with new icons, colors and Bootstrap as the backbone.

After you install and activate Bootstrap Admin, your WordPress dashboard will be transformed to look something like this:

So far Bootstrap Admin includes:

General styling of the WordPress admin area


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What’s New In BuddyPress 1.8

In case you missed it, the first beta of BuddyPress 1.8 was released this week. BuddyPress 1.7 introduced theme compatiblity and a host of other exciting features. Although 1.8 has had a shorter release cycle, it’s still packed with some very cool new features and improvements.

Here’s a little bit of what you can expect from BuddyPress 1.8:

BP_Group_Extension Rewritten
Many BuddyPress plugins interface with the groups component. The BP_Group_Extension has been rewritten to make it faster for plugins that depend on it. The new changes will make writing group extension plugins much easier than before.

Improvements to Group Administration Panels


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