Sarah Gooding is a partner at Untame, a boutique digital marketing firm specializing in open source content management systems and social networking architecture. She enjoys staying on top of the latest WordPress and BuddyPress news. Get in touch with Sarah on Twitter @pollyplummer

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The Naked WordPress Theme: A Crash Course For Designers

Here’s the scenario: You’re brand new to WordPress and you’ve been asked by your client to use it for their new website. You’ve created a beautiful design but have very limited time to learn about how to theme WordPress. You look to the codex but it has more information than you need and it’s difficult to piece it all together.

When you browse the code in the default WordPress theme, you have no idea what any of it does and you are running out of time. You need a crash course in the worst way. You need the Naked WordPress Theme.

"The solution for designers who don't know WordPress"

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How To Clean Up Unused Plugins in WordPress Multisite

Do you ever find yourself staring at a long list of installed plugins, wondering which ones are safe to delete? WordPress multisite networks can bulk up on plugins fairly quickly. Every now and then a good old-fashioned spring cleaning is in order.

Checking through each site on your network to see what plugins are in use is simply not an option. The task is much too tedious for a busy site admin like yourself. That’s where Plugin Activation Status saves the day. It essentially performs a plugin audit so that you can get rid of any extra baggage.


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Free Global Product Search Widget For MarketPress

We’ve got some great community members at WPMU DEV who are building awesome extensions to our products. The very latest is a free plugin from that provides a beautiful interface for searching and sorting products across a network of stores.

Solid multisite compatibility is one of the reasons that MarketPress is so popular. There is no better WordPress e-commerce plugin for operating multiple stores with one global shopping cart. This new extension compliments MarketPress’ built-in multisite capabilities.

The MP Product Search Widget plugin features:


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Add Privacy Controls To The BuddyPress Activity Stream

New BuddyPress plugins are being released just about every day, and once in awhile there’s one that stands out with the potential to be universally useful. That’s the case with the new BuddyPress Activity Privacy plugin. It gives users the ability to restrict who can see their activity posts.

Once installed and activated, BuddyPress Activity Privacy adds the following privacy controls to the post update box for members:

Logged In Users
My Friends
Admin Only
Only Me


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How To Redirect Nonexistent Blogs in WordPress Multisite

On a very active WordPress multisite network, blogs can come and go. Perhaps a user hasn’t renewed his membership or simply decided to delete his blog. Other sites may still be linking to that nonexistent blog. The default behavior of WordPress is to direct you to a 404 error page when you try to visit a nonexistent blog. Unless you’ve taken great care to make your 404 error page useful and engaging, the visitor has probably reached a dead end.


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The Most Exciting Feature of WordPress 3.6: Native Audio and Video Support

We’re all eagerly looking forward to WordPress 3.6 with its beautiful updates to Post Format UI and bright new default Twenty Thirteen theme. But there’s one feature that far and away surpasses all the others.

The upcoming WordPress 3.6 release will add native support for audio and video files. This one is a real game changer. We’re going to give you a full introduction to the new capabilities and show you how you can use them on your WordPress site. But first, let’s take a look at how we’ve previously been managing multimedia files.

In the old days…

Solid audio/video support means a better experience for both publishers and readers

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How To Quickly Duplicate A WordPress Database

There are many situations where you may need to copy your WordPress database. The most common scenario would be to set up a development site in order to test new themes or features. In the past you may have exported a copy and then re-imported that to a new blank database. If you want to copy your database onto the same server, then this is probably the easiest way.

This quick tip is based on a phpMyAdmin operations feature, so it won’t apply to you if your host is using something else for managing databases.


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How To Display BuddyPress Profile Data On WordPress Multisite Blogs

Displaying BuddyPress profile data outside of the main BuddyPress components is a little trickier than you might imagine. However, this is a common request, especially since many of our readers manage multisite networks. So for this quick tip we’re going to examine a few examples of displaying BuddyPress profile data on multisite blogs.
Basic Example of Displaying BP Profile Info on a Multisite Blog


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Replace BuddyPress Friends Functionality With Followers

Every BuddyPress site has different requirements for how users should be able to connect. The built-in friendship functionality of BuddyPress is not appropriate for every social network. This is especially true for professional networks. In many instances you may want to replace the friendship component with followers instead. Luckily, there’s a plugin that does that for you.


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