Sarah Gooding is a partner at Untame, a boutique digital marketing firm specializing in open source content management systems and social networking architecture. She enjoys staying on top of the latest WordPress and BuddyPress news. Get in touch with Sarah on Twitter @pollyplummer

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WordPress Developer Plugin: An Essential Tool For Theme and Plugin Development

The Developer plugin is a WordPress developer’s best friend – aside from his dog, of course. It’s a plugin developed collaboratively by Automattic and a number of other talented WordPress developers. Created to help you optimize your development environment, the WordPress Developer plugin gives you quick access to all of the best tools for theme and plugin development.

When you install the plugin, a screen will pop up to ask you what type of project you’re working on so that it can tailor its recommendations for you. You’ll be presented with three options:

Plugin for a self-hosted WordPress installation

The WordPress Developer Plugin includes everything you need for an optimized development environment

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How To Limit The WordPress Posts Screen To Only Show Authors Their Own Posts

When working on a multi-author WordPress blog, the post listing screen can get a little bit crowded. Sometimes you have to hunt through many posts that are not your own before locating a draft you’ve been working on.

Here’s a quick way that you can change the posts page to show only the author’s own posts. I found this handy tip over at WP Snippets and have updated it and made into a little plugin.

Make it easy for authors to find their own posts

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How To Create A Totally Custom WordPress Login Page

Let’s face it, in the years since we’ve been using WordPress, the login screen hasn’t changed much. Sure, you can customize it with a logo but beyond that, it doesn’t really offer much variety. In fact, the default WordPress admin login page really breaks the user’s experience when you have a custom theme in place. Going from your beautiful theme to the default WordPress login page is like going from Paris to Siberia in an instant.

Customized WordPress login page

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Use WordPress Shortlinks For Jetpack Sharing Buttons

By default Jetpack uses your permalinks when a user shares your post via the sharing buttons. Wouldn’t it be cool if, instead of posting that super long URL, Jetpack could tap into its own URL shortener to share shorter links?

Plugin author Jeremy Herve has created a quick solution for this with his new Jetpack shortlinks for sharing buttons plugin. It basically gives you the ability to use shortlinks when sharing posts:

Here’s how it works, depending on which shortlink service you’ve enabled for your site:

A Year Later - Your Opinion on Jetpack

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Share Code With CodePen Embed Plugin For WordPress

CodePen is becoming an increasingly popular social network for front end developers. It provides an easy way for members to build, store and share code created with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Individual projects are referred to as “pens”, which include the HTML, CSS, JS and the resulting live demo beneath. It’s essentially a front end developer’s playground for exploring and creating handy, beautiful snippets for the web.


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How to Remove Menus From the WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress codex is full of fun little things that you can experiment with. Have you ever wanted to remove a menu page from the WordPress dashboard? Perhaps you’re building a site for a client who gets confused by the settings menu. Blow the dust off of your handy codex and check out the function references for removing menu pages.

Here’s what you’re looking for:


Replace the menu slug with the name of the php script for the menu item you want to remove.


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Display Your Most Popular WordPress Posts Using Jetpack Stats

Your most popular posts are usually your best work and are likely to attract new subscribers to your blog. If you already have the Jetpack stats module active on your WordPress site, here’s a quick tip for putting your stats to good use on the front end of your site.

Jetpack Post Views is a new plugin that displays a list of your most popular posts based on Jetpack stats. It uses your WordPress API Key to access your Jetpack information and make popular posts available to your visitors via a widget, as seen here.


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Automatically Post Customized Tweets From WordPress to Twitter

The quest for the perfect Twitter plugin can be a long road. There are hundreds of Twitter-related plugins on alone and more available from commercial plugin sites such as Codecanyon and the like. Since we do quite a bit of publishing on, we are always on the lookout for a solid, reliable plugin that will help us manage sending posts to Twitter.

Enter WordTwit Pro…


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