Seth Czerepak is a WordPress growth hacker, business development copywriter and the CEO/Founder of Penetration Media. Seth specializes in topics on WordPress SEO, WordPress Social Media and Basic WordPress plugin development.
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Get More Done in Less Time with WordPress Quick Post Management

With Quick Post Management, you can stop wasting time trying to manage your WordPress pages and posts.  This plugin has many uses for managing your blog more efficiently.

Note: Users with WordPress 3.4.2 may find that the plugin does not integrate with their themes and templates or that they need a second user with Editor privileges to view the links once the plugin is installed.


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How Long do Your Users Spend Reading Your Content?

We all know that the longer a user lingers on a page, the higher the chance that they’ll purchase goods or services from you. If they stick around reading, you have them right where you want them.

The question is, how long does it take for your readers to read one of your posts and pages? When dealing with users with less than five minutes of attention span, you need to make certain that your message reaches them before they lose interest!

book reading-fi

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5 Dropbox Plugins for WordPress that Actually Work

It isn’t often that I can’t find many good things to say about a plugin, but Dropbox Upload Form left me scratching my head and wondering just how this plugin managed to stay in the extended listing in WordPress’s plugin manager.


There are many problems with this plugin, but the most notable ones include lack of updates, lack of functionality in the latest updates of WordPress, and old API integration for Dropbox.


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Create Simple WordPress Terms of Service With This Plugin

We all want to succeed at our businesses. We want our customers to trust us, and we want them to come back in the future. We want to make a good, lasting impression on them.

At the same time, your business deserves solid legal protection. Without a valid Terms of Service agreement, you may be left liable should a customer have a complaint. Having clearly defined terms of service on your website is also a good move if you’re trying to win the trust of everyone’s favorite search engine (that would be Google BTW).


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Know Your Traffic Simply and Easily with WP Slim Stat

Knowing your traffic sources at your WordPress site is absolutely vital if you want to succeed at having a business or a blog. WP Slim Stat offers you comprehensive data on your traffic sources in an easy-to-use interface.

Step 1: Install
It’s simple. Click Plugins -> Add New and search for Slimstats. The result will show as WP Slim Stat. Install and activate, and you’re ready to use it.
Step 2: Check your Stats
You’ll find Slim Stat as a part of the Dashboard. You have the following data sets to work with:

Right Now
Traffic Sources
World Map
Custom Reports


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Increase Your Site’s Social Media Exposure with ShareThis

If you lack exposure on social media networks, you’re losing out on 100s of millions of potential customers. ShareThis is a tool that allows your users to easily share your posts and pages to the major social media networks.

Step 1: Install the Plugin
ShareThis is extremely easy to work with. Just click Plugins -> Add New and Search for ShareThis. Install and activate.
Step 2: Configure the Plugin
From Settings -> ShareThis change the settings for the social media networks that you want to share with. It is strongly recommended you include the following networks:


social network-fi

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WP-Invoice: A Direct Billing and Invoice Solution for WordPress

Invoicing in WordPress need not be a nightmare any longer. With WP-Invoice by Usability Dynamics, your business can invoice clients directly from the WordPress dashboard quickly and easily.

There are very few solutions for invoicing in WordPress. Maybe people don’t think to fully monetize their blogs, or they use custom-built platforms, but in either case, the offerings for a solid invoicing solution have been few and far between.

WP-Invoice is a solution that can help your business fully utilize the power and customizing power of WordPress.

Let’s take a quick tour on how to make this plugin work for you, shall we?


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Build Amazing HTML Email Campaigns With WordPress

Using HTML templates in conjunction with your WordPress plugins and site can significantly strengthen your site’s long-term performance. While there are hundreds upon hundreds of different plugins that you can choose from, sometimes there are tasks that are simpler to perform with HTML.

Knowing how to integrate HTML templates with your WordPress site offers you the ability to work outside of the box and create something new and unique for your WordPress site. There are two ways that you can integrate HTML templates with WordPress: Through manual insertion and with plugins.

Before We Begin


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Enable Google Analytics for Your WordPress Site with Dashboard Statistics

For those using WordPress 2.8.0 to 3.3.2, Web Ninja Google Analytics offers a full-service Google Analytics plugin that allows you to enable Google Analytics for WordPress pages and sets up a Dashboard widget for simple and easy Google Analytics tracking and statistics.

Step 1: Install the Plugin
Click Plugins -> Add New and search for Web Ninja Google Analytics. This plugin is available through the standard plugin management system in WP.
Step 2: Configure the Plugin


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Integrate Google Analytics with Your WordPress Dashboard

Take advantage of the full power of Google Analytics with Google Analytics Dashboard to unleash your site’s full potential. The WordPress Plugin is easy to setup and start using.

You will need:

A Google Analytics Account
Google Analytics Dashboard Installed on your Site

Step 1: Configuring Google Analytics Dashboard
After installing the plugin, click Settings -> Google Analytics Dashboard. This will take you to the configuration process, as shown below.

man with stats-fi

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