Seth Czerepak is a WordPress growth hacker, business development copywriter and the CEO/Founder of Penetration Media. Seth specializes in topics on WordPress SEO, WordPress Social Media and Basic WordPress plugin development.
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Create Your Own Custom WordPress Forms

A big part of success is being able to do things easily, efficiently, and well. Long gone are the days of needing to know complicated html in order to get sophisticated forms onto a website. I don’t know about you, but I’m quite happy that this is the case.
Formidable Forms is a simple, WYSIWYG style form builder that allows you to drop and drag form elements to create custom forms. The plugin includes templates that let you avoid the customization process, if you only need a very basic type of form, such as a ‘contact us’ form.

filling forms-fi

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4 Brand New WordPress Themes Released

It’s that time again. Maybe it’s something in the air or the change of the seasons, but there are some new, cool WordPress themes up for grabs. These four themes offer a little bit of something for everyone, adding to the variety pool of themes to choose from.
First up is a WordPress theme that might appeal to gamers. With a sleek and dark design, GamePress has all of the space needed for screenshots and other gaming goodies. What gamer doesn’t like a good, clean design that is reminiscent of blood on dark granite?


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How to Shorten Your WordPress Post Links

Need to shorten the links to your WordPress posts?

It’s easy with the free WordPress jetpack plugin

A lot of spammers and malware creators use long links, and I’ve noticed a lower click through rate with long links, probably because of this. Thankfully WordPress has the solution built right into the post editing dashboard.

All you do is click that little “Get shortlink” option, as in this screenshot…

…and you get an instant short link for your WordPress post:

Try it out next time you’re in WordPress


Seth C


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Display BuddyPress Content Anywhere with This Simple ShortCode Plugin

Want more control over how to display the content on your BuddyPress site?

Now you can show BuddyPress content anywhere on your site using simple shortcodes. Bowe Codes is a free plugin that allows BuddyPress users to display BuddyPress content wherever they can copy and paste a shortCode.

Bowe Codes currently has ten available ShortCodes :

Member / Members
Group / Groups
My Friends / My Groups
My Messages
Multisite Blogs / Multisite Posts


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How to Get Rid of “Howdy” in WordPress

Howdy Pardner!

Tired of seeing that every time you log into your WordPress admin? The WPMU DEV Ultimate Branding plugin let’s you replace that annoying word a custom greeting of  your own. Check it out, just go to your WordPress admin menu and select the “Text Change” option under the Branding plugin menu:

Once you’re in there, it’s as easy as the “find and replace” option in MS Word, like this:

That’s not the only thing the WPMU DEV Branding plugin does, you can also use it to completely rebrand WordPress with your company credentials. Check it out below.

WPMU DEV Ultimate Branding



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Easily Track Your Social Media Success with WP Social Stats

You’ve put in a lot of effort on your site. Your WordPress posts are ready to be visited by the visitors in the wilds. Your content is perfect for your target audience.

Why, then, aren’t you getting traffic?

We’ve all been there, and it is frustrating. Everyone wants to succeed, but sometimes, making the pieces all fall together is difficult. Fortunately, there is a way to increase traffic to your site, and it is surprisingly simple.

Understanding where your traffic is coming from is important. Getting your content to go viral is a must if you want your WordPress site to succeed.


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Protect Your WordPress Blog with this WordPress AntiMalware Plugin

Hopefully, you’ve never had your WordPress site or network hacked. Take my word for it though, you need to be ready because all it takes is one hack to put you out of business. For a long time, I wasn’t a cat that was big on WordPress security, mainly because I didn’t think anyone had reason to mess with me and I figured my hosting company and WordPress had that figured out.


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Finally, the WordPress Google Analytics Alternative!

Tired of logging in to the Google analytics dashboard to see what’s going on with your WordPress site?

Well now you can see exactly what’s going on with your WordPress site, without having to fumble through the complicated settings in the Google analytics dashboard or relearn it very time Google changes the layout.

I’m talking about a FREE, real time analytics WordPress plugin called Wassup.

Okay, so maybe the plugin name is a little “Generation x,” but check out what this plugin does and I think you’ll be ready to download is and see Wassup for yourself.
No Kidding, REAL TIME WordPress Visitor Statistics


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