Seth Czerepak is a WordPress growth hacker, business development copywriter and the CEO/Founder of Penetration Media. Seth specializes in topics on WordPress SEO, WordPress Social Media and Basic WordPress plugin development.
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How to Find and Fix Broken Links on Your WordPress Site

Ever wake up a three in the morning in a cold sweat, wondering if your WordPress site has any broken links? Okay, so maybe that’s just me…but seriously, broken outgoing links are bad for your SEO and they’re pretty embarrassing.

You don’t want your readers clicking a link on one of your blogs and seeing this:

“Oops, that page could not be found!”


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Embed Videos and Media on Your WordPress Membership site

Are you building a WordPres membership site where you need sell access to protected video and audio files? Well if so, have I got the WordPress plugin for you! It’s called WordPress FLV Embed.

I’ve used this on my WordPress sites, including multisite networks, for years and it’s the best plugin for simple embedding of video and audio files that you can:

Host and protect FLV videos AND MP3s directly on your WordPress installation
Change the display size using simple edits in your short code
Give members the option of downloading, but also block downloads if you choose


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How to Add Custom Forms to Your WordPress Posts

If you have WordPress Jetpack installed, you can easily insert custom forms into your WordPress posts or pages. All you have to do is click the “insert image” icon in your WordPress post dashboard to get started.

Check out how easy this is…

…and create your own custom form for your new WordPress post.

You can edit or delete form fields, add your own custom fields and even set up custom email notifications for when your form has been filled out. Look at how easy WordPress makes it for you:

Install the free WordPress Jetpack plugin and try this out on your next post.



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How to Customize Your WordPress Navigation Menus

Ever found a fantastic WordPress theme but wished you could make a few minor tweaks to the navigation menus?
I have. I’ve noticed that some WordPress themes have navigation menus which display post categories rather than displaying your pages and that some of them don’t give you the option of tweaking this from the admin area.

For example, when I discovered the slick, professional “pixel” theme in the WPMU DEV “Farms 133 Pack,” I was frustrated to find that the navigation menu at the top was displaying post categories instead of my pages. Check it out:


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Ditch AWeber and Integrate Your Autoresponder with WordPress

If you’re a WordPress user who is still paying money for AWeber or some other email service you’re in luck. Now you can integrate a far superior, free, email marketing service called MailChimp with your WordPress installation.

I’d also like to share with you a few WordPress autoresponder plugins which I’ve tried that might suit your needs if you’re not interested in MailChimp.

Frankly, I used AWeber for years, and I’ve also used Mailchimp, GetResponse and Constant Contact. While all of these are great in their own way, there are a few reasons I believe Mailchimp is a better service:


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How to Change Your WordPress Admin Username

Hi admin!

Just kidding. That’s not your name is it? Then why keep using it as your WordPress username? Not only is it boring, imagine how easy it is for hackers to guess your admin username.

Well, good news, changing your WordPress admin login username is easy. First, go to your”wp-config.php” file (in the root directory of your WordPress install) and find the name of your WordPress database. It’ll be defined in a line of code that looks like this:

/** The name of the database for WordPress */

define('DB_NAME', 'database_name_here');

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Two Free PHP & Javascript Libraries for WordPress Developers

Hey WordPress developers.

How would you like to code less and spend more time building client relationships and working on your own projects? If this sounds like a plan, I’ve got two FREE open source code libraries that have saved me thousands of hours in PHP & Javascript coding.

#1: Free PHP open source Library at

#2: Free Javascript open source code library at

Both sites are free and if you’re familiar with object oriented programming, you can easily adapt these scripts for building kickass WordPress plugins.


Seth C


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The Quick and Easy Way to Make Money With Adsense & WordPress

If you know how to do a simple WordPress installation and you’re not afraid to do some work to get started, I’m about to share with you one of the easiest ways to create multiple income streams online.

This is already being used by a lot of WordPress bloggers who are replacing part time incomes or even full time incomes by following a few simple steps:

Creating a WordPress site that gets a lot of traffic
Selling ad space on that site using Google adsense or by simply charging people to advertise on their site.


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Troubleshoot Your WordPress jQuery Code FAST!

Hey WordPress developers. Want to get better at jQuery? How about saving time on your jQuery development and troubleshooting? Well I’ve got a simple and FREE tool for you to check out.

It’s called

Check it out in action…

You just code your html in the upper left box, your jQuery on the bottom left, and you see the result on the bottom right hand side, just like in the graphic above.


Once you get your jQuery and html working how you want them, just drop the code into your WordPress plugin!


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How to Change the Name of Your WordPress Database in Less Than 5 Minutes

Want to change the name of your WordPress database?

If you’ve got more than one WordPress install on your server, of if you’re anything like me, you’d rather not go to your PHP My Admin and see database names that look like this:


It gets a bit tricky to keep track of things when you can’t tell which database belongs to which site. Not to mention that if you make a modification to the wrong database, you could end up having to back trac and end up creating a problem on  your live site that takes you some time to patch up.


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