Siobhan McKeown is a big fan of words, and of WordPress, which works out pretty well since she runs Words for WP, the only copywriting service dedicated to WordPress service providers. You can find her on her personal blog,twitter and occasionally hanging out on G+.

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10 WordPress Plugins that will Actually Increase Your Productivity

I’ve been on a bit of a productivity kick recently, trying to get my life organized. I’ve been reading books like “Getting Things Done” and trying to sort myself out with Remember the Milk. Not got anywhere so far….. To celebrate my almost-productive-life I thought I’d take a look for some WordPress plugins that increase your productivity. I started where I always do with a showcase and looked to Google. I searched for “WordPress productivity plugins” and came up with lists that included Google Analytics and SEO Plugins. Wtf? How do they increase your productivity?

Eg Attachments showing files

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Migrating WordPress to a New Server

Somehow, I have ended up with my WordPress installations scattered over three different hosting accounts. This has been bothering me for a while, as I’m paying for three separate hosting accounts and I only need to be paying for one. To start the process, and as a form of catharsis, I thought I’d write a tutorial about how to migrate from one host to another. That way I feel like I’m doing something useful while actually I’m doing something boring.


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Themecredible Enters into the Commercial Theme Market

It wouldn’t feel like a week in the WordPress community without the launch of a theme club – this week’s launch is Themecredible. Themecredible is a theme shop offering commerical WordPress themes to the world. It was launched by the guys running Padd Solutions, who have been producing free WordPress themes for four years. You’ve probably seen some of their themes about the place – they’ve been featured on places like Smashing Magazine and Specky Boy.

In such a competitive marketplace I wondered what makes Themecredible stand out. Here’s what Dulce Rose Lada, head of the development team, had to say:


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Monetize your WordPress Multisite Network with the WPMU DEV Pro Sites Plugin

The WPMU DEV Supporter plugin has now become the WPMU DEV Pro Sites plugin. It’s got loads of new built in features making it the number one plugin for monetizing your WordPress network.

Ever wanted to create a monetized network like It’s a great model – create a network, give a away a free blog and then charge for extras.


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Massive Changes As WPMU DEV Supporter Plugin Becomes Pro Sites

The WPMU DEV Supporter plugin has long been one of our most popular plugins. It lets you easily monetize your Multisite network so that you can create your very own Freemium network like Edublogs or

We’re really excited to announce a major update to Supporter, and are relaunching it as the WPMU DEV Pro Sites Plugin. With Pro Sites you can set up your network and charge for Premium services like:

Ad-free blogs
Bulk upgrades
BuddyPress Features
Limit publishing to paid members
Pay to blog
Set Post &/or Page quotas
Premium Plugins
Premium Themes
Premium Support
Set upload quotas
Restrict XML-RPC and Atom Publishing
Set unfiltered HTML permissions


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8 Free Twenty Eleven Child Themes

It’s been a few months now since Twenty Eleven launched with the release of WordPress 3.2. As child themes are all the rage these days, I thought I’d take a look around the net and see what free Twenty Eleven Child Themes are on offer. There’s surprisingly few! I had planned to write about 20 Twenty Eleven Child Themes, then dropped to 10 Twenty Eleven Child Themes, but I’ve only managed to find eight to share with you. Methinks I sense a gap in the market.
Demo | Download

Demo | Download

Demo | Download


Blue Splatter

Twenty Eleven with Sidebar in Posts

Demo | Download


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Automattic Strikes a Deal with Federated Media to Bring Adverts to users will soon be able to monetize their blogs after a deal was struck between Automattic and Federated Media. Of course, us WordPress self-hosted folks have long be knowledgeable on the dark arts of blog monetization but this announcement clears the way for bloggers to start making some hard cash out of their efforts.


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Provide Integrated Video Tutorials with this New WPMU DEV Plugin

We’re really excited to launch a new WPMU DEV plugin which lets you integrate white label video tutorials right in your WordPress website. Video tutorials are a great way to learn and to provide support to your client and network users. The Integrated Video Tutorial Plugin from WPMU DEV lets you embed our white label videos in your site. This includes your dashboard, your Help menu, just about anywhere you want. You can check out all of the videos that are available right here.


Over 40 unbranded support videos that are automatically updated with each new version of WordPress


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Getting a 404 Error with Vimeo on WordPress? Get the Solution Here

WordPress users who embed Vimeo videos with oEmbed came across a frustrating problem last week when their videos stopped working. It turns out that it’s a simple problem, with  a simple solution, but no doubt it has been causing Vimeo users hours of frustration.
The Problem
WordPress Core registers Vimeo as this:

‘#http://(www.)?*#i’ => array( ‘{format}’, true ),

However, the Vimeo API for oEmbed has the URL without the www. So this works:

but the former doesn’t.

The Solution
There are two solutions to this problem with Vimeo which should get you back on track.


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