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By Request…Farms 100 big ones theme pack review for Your Help Site!

Our WPMU DEV Premium members have been asking if they can repost my Edublogger review of the Farms 100 big ones theme pack on their Help sites.

Understandably they’d rather customize and keep users on their own site.

So here you go!  I’ve re-worked my original post — hopefully you like the new format?

You are free to repost all (or any) of the following onto your site to help your users choose their next theme.

And yes, I would love you to credit me as the original source (if you want) e.g. content provided by Sue Waters (WPMU DEV Premium).

Please note:

Example of Three Column theme

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Looking for help for your blog users?

If you’re looking for ideas for support material for your WordPress  MU users I recommend you take the time to check out the new Getting Started With Your Blog I’ve been writing for our Edublogs Help and Support site !

Sure a few sections, such as Signing up for your blog and Logging into your blog dashboard, are specific for Edublogs and Edublogs Campus users but the rest apply to any blog powered by WordPress.

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Need WordPress MU Support? Here’s Where You’ll Find it!

If you missed it, Donncha announced that WordPress MU 2.8.2 has just been released which you can download from here.
Support Material for WPMU
If want support material for your WPMU installs here is where you can find our resources so far:

Site Admin user manuals

Edublogs Campus Site Admin Manual – WPMU 2.8.1
Edublogs Campus Site Admin Manual – WPMU 2.6.5
The WordPress MU Site Admin Guide – WPMU 2.7 Site Admin manual – WPMU 2.7.1

WordPress MU manual – for installing WPMU
Here on where we are serialising The WPMU Manual. Posts to date are:

Choosing a domain name and hosting service

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The secret of building a WPMU community

WordPress MU is not about WPMU!

Why? Because building a site doesn’t make people use it. But support, service and working with your community will. Here’s my tips on WPMU community building based on supporting Edublogs and

While supporting your users keep reminding yourself that “Users don’t know what you know.” While you might like to think being a blogger and how to use a blog dashboard is obvious, it isn’t. For most new users it’s all incredibly frightening.

Image of support material requirement

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