Thord Daniel Hedengren is addicted to words, which is fortunate since he's a writer. TDH the author has written books on WordPress, Tumblr, and the Sega Dreamcast among other things. TDH the freelancer is a regular contributor to Web Designer magazine and occasionally appears on Smashing Magazine. He blogs at and tweets under @tdh.

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The Less Is More Post

Clutter. I hate it. Crap everywhere, post-it’s, scribbles, hamburger wrappings, fiftythree beer cans, a broken pencil, an iPhone charger, USB cable for unknown peripheral, a hand out from the local Thai place, two printed quotes, a dirty espresso cup, napkins, some coins, two iPads, a pen for the Wacom board nobody uses, and so on. Clutter. I really do hate it.

Tons of menu items and unnecessary options. I hate that too. Option pages for themes and plugins that are just over the top, settings for everything which leaves the end-user staggered and with nothing that truly helps.

Clutter, gaaaah!

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Blogging with WordPress, really?

Did you know that WordPress used to be a – wait for it – blogging platform? Not a CMS, not an alternative for the mammoth sites of today, but a blog platform. Some will call it the good old days, which would be a lie wrapped in cuddly pink nostalgia fluff. Because let’ get something straight right away: WordPress has never been as good as it is today.

Again: WordPress has never been as good as it is today.

Yet there still are competitors, and new ones appear every now and then. What’s up with that?

Doom & Gloom

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Who Buys Who In The End?

What would be the equivalent of Facebook buying Instagram in the world of blogging platforms? This is seriously a thought I’ve been wrestling with for a little while now, which probably marks me as slightly more disturbed than most of you actually thought, the Editorial Overlord Monsters included. I don’t care, I get paid in chocolate kittens.

Credit cards mate!

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Stop Writing Stupid Tutorials

I’m going to start you guys off with a quote today, signed the always excellent Konstantin Kovshenin:

Is it considered “cool” to copy/paste all my plugins into my theme’s functions.php file?

Now why would he write something like that? It is part of a paragraph (obviously) that makes fun of all these “paste this code into your theme’s functions.php file” tutorials out there. Sarcasm all around, and you all know how I love that shit. And irony, irony is also great fun. Ironing, not so much.


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Are You Keeping Up With The Alternatives To WordPress?

Amidst the good and the bad things about WordPress, it is easy to forget about the fact that there are other things in the world. I know, chocking right? What else could there be but WordPress?

Besides sex, booze and not getting up before noon, that is.

Rock n’ roll lifestyle aside, it is easy to forget about the alternatives to WordPress. The platform’s competition if you will, although that is a boring way to look at it, I must say.


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7 Bad Things About WordPress

Last week I did something awful, namely a list post. Luckily it wasn’t one of those linkbaity things that way too many blogs publish to get some extra eyeballs, but still. It was a list and therefore I loathe myself right now.

And I will continue to do so, because this week we’ll, or more accurately I will, talk about what’s bad with WordPress. Last week was apparantly TDH is being nice week so those of you who thought I was replaced by a doppelgänger at the office (is there one?) can rest easy. Your favorite asshole is back.


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7 Good Things About WordPress

Sometimes I come across as a negative bastard, always bitching about what’s wrong with the world today, or WordPress at least.

And you know what, that’s true, I do point out a lot of messed up things in our ecosystem. I do it because I care, and because I’m paid to raise as much hell as possible. Which isn’t exactly true, but wouldn’t it be grand if it was? I’d expose you all as open source hippies, for smoking too much pot, and for being whiny little bitches.

Good times.

WordPress is this cuddly

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Is It Time For A New WordPress Admin Interface?

Perhaps you already knew this, but Tumblr, the hosted blogging platforms come social network that “inspired” the post formats for WordPress, have recently seen a number of updates to its interface. Someone told me Tumblr only employs one (1) designer to fiddle with these things, which I won’t bother to fact check but just leave there for you to stare incredoulysly at, given how design-focused Tumblr is and all.


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Would You Dare To Hand Over Your Blog For A Week?

There really is just one good thing about being sick, and that is that it gives you time to read and think. That’s basically what I’ve been doing the last couple of days, finally coming down with whatever it is I have, the doctors are not quite sure so they just gave me a truckload of pills to kill it off. And as I’m writing this I’d like to say that it seems to be working, so I guess that’s good.

Sweden is badass

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